The Full Moon at 1°Taurus13’ perfects 9:45am PST on October 24th.

Full Moons mark culminations. Arrivals. They emerge, unseen on the map until the wild nature planted inside us blossoms in one fell swoop to full radiance. They are a moment when our worth flings itself at us like a long lost love. Predictable in their cycles, yet inherently unexpected in all the emotion they offer. 

Full Moons are for reverence. For praise of work hard-worn and acclaim well-earned. They are a time for honoring everything we did well and for shedding the shame of anything that won’t shift because it’s not supposed to. They help us recognize and release the need to control something that isn’t ours to cure. 

Sitting in crazy company with Uranus, early in Taurus, this Full Moon will share with us the great element of surprise. Remember that astonishment, shock and awakening are not inherently good or bad. Its quality shakes but you have a say in how it shifts.

This Full Moon sits opposite Venus, still retrograde in the early degrees of Scorpio, anticipating her conversation with the Sun later this week. Not far behind, the asteroid Ceres makes her way through the last degrees of Libra. In mythology and astrology, Ceres represents a core aspect of the Venus archetype. As a co-ruler of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity, Ceres is an integral element to understanding this moon cycle and the energy with which we are being asked to work.

the Teachings of asteroid goddess ceres and her daughter persephone

Sometimes known as Demeter, Ceres is the goddess of worth and fertility who blessed the land with agriculture. In this way, Ceres teaches us about the work we do to nourish and sustain our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 

But Ceres is also the mother of Persephone. The two roamed the earth together, bound by the grand distinction of unconditional love, refusing Persephone’s many marriage proposals, for they wanted to remain entwined in their bliss. So Ceres also teaches us about our attachment, about the love between the nurturer and nurtured, and the sacred value of relationships between women. 

One day, Persephone, roaming alone was enticed by the beauty of the narcissus bloom which she plucked from the ground. The earth opened up, swallowing her into a trap created by Pluto, god of the Underworld. Ceres searched fanatically to find no sign of her daughter. Turning to the Sun god, she learns of Persephone’s abduction. In the pain of her loss, Ceres wraps herself in mourning and turns to wander the earth. So Ceres teaches us too about the grief and powerlessness over love and about surrender and humility.

In the town of Eleusis, appearing as a humble servant, Ceres comes to care for a young prince. She raises him as her own and attempts to anoint him with immortality but is caught by the queen holding the babe over the fire. Thwarted and angry, Ceres unveils her true identity and demands a temple be built in her honor where humans can worship and learn her sacred rites. Still in mourning and rage at the loss of her daughter, she strips the land of its bounty, leading to a severe and harsh year for humanity. So Ceres teaches us about the confusion of grief, about owning our anger at what is unfair, and setting boundaries that restrict to protect.

Humans, desperate for nourishment, prayed to the Sun god to intervene. Realizing there were be no-one to worship him if humanity became extinct, the Sun god sent a messenger to bring Ceres up to the heavens. Ceres, still in her suffering, refused the summons. She would go only if her daughter were returned. So the Sun god commanded Pluto to release Persephone. In her own sorrow, Persephone had fasted, but just before her freeing Pluto persuaded her to consume seeds of the pomegranate and their marriage was rendered resolute.

In the wake of their joyful reunion, Ceres learned of her daughter’s consumption and, realizing Persephone was still bound to Pluto, refused to lift winter’s curse from the land. The Sun god, seeking to save humanity, decreed that for each seed eaten of the Pomegranate, Persephone would spend one month per year in the Underworld. When Persephone descends, we fall into winter. When she rejoins her mother, blessed spring returns. So Ceres teaches us about compromise and sharing, cycles and seasons of change, death, and the renewal of nurturing.

Taurus is traditionally ruled by the Cerean aspect of Venus that blesses the earth with beauty and bounty. It is the sign of the moon’s exaltation, a fortress for the first feminine archetype. Scorpio, by contrast, is the sign of death and depth. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio teaches us the power of merging with our own underworlds. With Venus opposite this moon, conversing with the Sun (see a theme here?) and pending a reunion with Ceres, this lunar cycle is profoundly connected to our attachments, to our sense of worth, the pain of our grief, and the power that renewal will bring when Venus stations direct in a few weeks.

These horoscopes are not quite horoscopes. Rather, they are descriptions and affirmations of our worth and way of loving, as seen from the perspective of your Venus sign. Your personal Venus sign shows how you give affection and want to be loved, how you form attachments and stabilize relationships. It also instills your sense of self esteem, and what you might consider to be worth your time, energy and work. In a moment when so many are experiencing pain, it is important to honor our grief while also filling our cups with love for ourselves and amongst our beloveds. When we connect with all aspects of our Venus, the wild nature of our love returns us, embodied in a sense of renewal, ready for growth.

If you know your Venus sign, read that first. If you want to know your Venus sign, you can look it up here. You can also read your Moon sign, Rising sign, and Sun sign for an intimate look at how you might feel secure, orient yourself in this retrograde season, and replenish energy respectively.

Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider becoming a member to receive monthly New Moon Manifesto writing tools.

venus in aries

I will own the archetype within me that is authentically wild. That loves without abandon. That instigates a chase. I relish the twists and turns and even red herrings, from the highs of expression to the depths of heartbreak. I will remember that there is a sexy quality to my pain when alchemized to my awakening.

Any act of creative expression is an affirmation of my appeal. I will honor my authenticity. Arouse my inspiration. Ignite the light inside me that can grow to awesome proportions if given the right kind of electricity. I will remember that this initial flame is my own torch to bear, regardless of who spirited the spark. I will confront the fire that is my own.

I will love with all of my ferocity. I will not apologize for the power of my affection. I will not tie my lucid love in chains to anything that declines to dance with it. I will not waste my time waiting for something that has proven it will not work. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is to wait. 

To have Venus in Aries is to be impatient. Is to assert the advantage of jumping right in. Is to never pine or yearn for something to arrive in the future when you can feel it here in the present. Is to affirm the value of being first in love.

To love with Venus in Aries is to exalt and acclaim an independence of spirit. It is to cut losses quickly and paint vibrant new murals that help us move on through painful alleyways. I will remember that advancing quickly does not dismiss my need to grieve. I will have the courage to surrender my casualties with compassion as I confront the piece of me that needs to be a pioneer. 

I will kiss my loves goodbye because I owe myself the decency of closure. When my intuition calls, I will take a fleeting moment to look back so I may kindle any fires that were strong enough to survive the inferno. I will thank them for the brilliance they evoked in me and I will use the embers to light the dawn of my new dreams.

venus in taurus

I will honor the archetype within me that feels into every element in the environment of love. The feminine that submits to all five senses. That grows with grace and swells in cycles. That attends with delicate touch and a flavor of fancy.

As one who naturally waxes and wanes, I will remember that when love seems scarce, I am simply ticking through last seconds about to turn. When love is tense, I will recall that I can be both tender and tough at the same time. When love is unpredictable, I am consistent in my own maturation.

I will nurture my great capacity for personal growth. I will remain loyal to the values I love in love. I will affirm that my affection is worth the wait. I will celebrate the seasons of passion and solitude. With Venus in Taurus, I praise patience as part of my process. I will remember that I must give over my grief in order to ground. I will water those roots from which I always have the power to sprout. 

As Venus retrogrades across my underworld opposite, I will uproot any disregard in my relationships. I will affirm that I deserve deference. That I have the power of my preference. That my taste is truer every time I try to love again.

I will allow myself to be held in every sense. It’s okay to be timid as long as I do not silence my need to be touched. To have Venus in Taurus is to be strong and steadfast with an ever-blossoming gentleness. I will unfurl each precious petal at a time, swearing on the softness of their silk that I am loved and when the fit is right, I will be fought for. 

venus in gemini

I am worth every wily word. I create space for connection each and every time I communicate. My reverence for the value of variety in relationships is as real as my need to constantly divine and redefine my ideal norm.

No one can stop me from spinning my stories. No one can narrate my needs better than me. No one can keep me from listening for clues that help me cross the bridge from adulting to child’s play and back again. Because I always come back to me. Because I am blessed with the ability to find meaning in the mirror. Because what is better than the banter that blesses every aspect of a story with its attention?

To have Venus in Gemini is to be inherently able to receive both sides. Is to understand the advantage of assorted perspectives. Is to enhance my relationships with the excitement of role play and the ritual of review. To have Venus in Gemini is to be an active listener if I’m willing to access that aspect of myself. 

As Venus retrogrades back through the guise of the underworld, I will listen carefully for the words not shared. I will refrain from reading between the lines. When somebody shows me who they are I will believe them. When they are present I will take pleasure in the privilege of exchange. When they are preoccupied I will occupy my world with the reputable work of loving myself.

To have Venus in Gemini is to be polyamorous. This does not have to mean that I fore-sake monogamy if it serves me. But it does give me the gift of many amours and the capacity to love multiples. In innumerable ways. Plenty of pleasures. At several points in time. 

I am in love with my curiosity. I am worthy when I am questioning my motives and my mission. I am valuable when I am vibrating at varied frequencies. I am excited by the prospect of affecting all my attachments. At the idea of scratching the surface of intimacy. At the notion of paying a penny and erupting with passion. Venus in Gemini endows me with an aptitude for positivity. I will present this principle as I weave in and out of every partnership whose thread inevitably connects me back to the practice of loving myself. 

venus in cancer

I am worth the work of creating safe space. I merit the magic of maneuvering myself to be whatever I need in a moment. I will feel into the gaps between my toes, underneath my ears, in the creases of my elbow to remind me that security can come in the form of indifference. To teach me there are aspects of myself that are always between the high and low tides. To inform me that I do not have to sit incessantly at extremes of an orbit.

I will heed my homing devices. I will admire the sheen of my shell. I will cultivate the care I must consider when I share it. As Venus retrogrades through the crest of some gnarly waves, I will return to the sand whenever I feel flooded. I will nurse my need to be needed by acknowledging that I need myself desperately. I need this body for feeling every element that ages it. These eyes for witnessing myself. These ears for listening to my instincts. This skin to sink into the sensations of aliveness. I need these hands for holding me gentler than anyone can. I need this mind for knowing me better than anyone could.

I will process the pieces of me that are protective. I will make nice with my inner mother. With my need to nurture. With my proclivity for possession. I will realize that to have something means it can be lost. I will see that to be something means it cannot be taken from me. I will be my own mama, the source of my sanity and the wellspring of my warmth. I will be the love I want to have and receive.

To have Venus in Cancer is to be an ambassador of affection. It is to love through high and low tides. It is to honor intimacy as an ancient rite of passage. It is to offer love as a lucid dream, felt at every level of of perception. It is to be particularly attuned to the nostalgic quality of connection. It is to see that love too, contains cycles and phases, each with a profound capacity for renewal.

I will acknowledge that attachment comes with many gifts and requires considerable caution. I will widen my womb to bear everything I wish for but I will not expect others to know my wants unless I tell them. I will be wise to my will when it wants to hide. I will not cower in self-criticism but I will take cover when a crazy situation is not mine to cure or control. I will affirm the worth of my concern and devotion as a measure that helps gage how purely I can embody love.


venus in leo

I am loyal to my love lessons. Dedicated to the drama of my dawning. True to the treasure I hold in my chest. If my heart is ever in doubt, I will roar to reckon with my romance. If it is ever questioned, I will elicit a lion’s breath that erupts into reveling regard. If it is ever broken I will shake my mane and maintain my right to rage.

To have Venus in Leo is to embody regality in love. Is to dote and be doted on. Is to own a fortune of affection. Is to see love as a place where I can perform for myself. Is to make grand gestures of allegiance, allegory and artistry.

To be loved by a lion is to be held in the highest regard. To bask in the great warmth of passionate eyes. To have your hand kissed as if it were the most perfect thing to have ever existed on this earth. To love a Leo requires great strength of witnessing. Impressive stamina in honor and attentiveness. Awe-inspiring courage in attempting to touch such a true and wildly worthy essence.

As Venus retrogrades back through the early degrees of the Scorpion, I will grant myself the gift of lion’s breath. Of letting loose and shaking away any energy that doesn’t serve me. Of dancing to the decree that determines my freedom.

Under an astrology that is considerably unpredictable, I will take a moment to reflect on what I want to feel. On the ways I need to reveal more relief in romance. On the power I hope to find in partnership. On the parts I play that serve me and the script that has got to go.

I will jump over every fire that warms me with joy. I will consider what it means to perform for and in love. I will honor the royal who loves to role-play but I will not submit to a part that staggers my prowl. I will deepen the dance with which I’m not yet done because I’m the denouement. I am my own opening, every act, and my grande finale. I will have no shame for the experiences that are an extension of my stunning self-expression. 

venus in virgo

I will not wait for affirmation from others to affirm I am worthy. I will not win with wishing the world to be different. I will not whine when I am wondering what isn’t working for me. Because with Venus in Virgo, I am not generally one to complain without cause. 

I have been graced with the gift of humility in love. I see that to be humble is not to be humiliated. Rather, I hear that to be humble means to be mindful of love’s teachings and willing to integrate them. I know that my ability to learn a lesson depends on my inclination to take actions that diversify my experience.

I love to ask questions because they create openings to hear clear answers. I pride myself on the power of planning. On the divinity in my details. On my process of digesting everything before I make a judgement in love. I adore the exercise of analysis because my findings help me survey the scene before I start a search party for an unfit partner.

To have Venus in Virgo is to honor affection with great precision. Is to be a high class lover. Is to be idolized for an innocence we all know the Virgin plays to her strength. To love a Venus in Virgo is to pinpoint love on a map and follow the trail with great devotion. Is to practice the principle of patience along the path to partnership. Is to attend careful critique with considerable compassion.

As Venus retrogrades back towards my sign, I will devote myself to valuing every way in which I am innocent. I will acknowledge every area in which I do not know. I will honor that not knowing indicates an opportunity to learn something I may come to love. 

I am worth the virtue of another’s vigilant care. The esteem of their attentive eyes. The kindness buried in their concern. I will eliminate any voices that highlight my vices without paying tribute to my virtues. I will appreciate the piece of me that can critically separate my bullies from my beloveds. I will meditate on the mantras that remind me of the muscle I find in modesty. And when I am hungry, I will serve myself a nourishing meal of self-love.


venus in libra

I will leave the light on. Each time I go out. I will be able to see when I return because I am the one who illuminates every link in my life. I will find security in the grace of my own consciousness. I will lean into the understanding that my idea of what love looks like is an ideal. As I come to terms with what is real I will honor that something can be real without being right.

My scale for what is fair has honorable intentions. Is filled with integrity. Is defined in the eye of justice and loves to lay down the law so everyone feels liked. But my scale for fair in an ideal world can have disastrous consequences for me in the real one. I will remember that my need for sincerity with myself is as critical as my need for the reciprocity of others. When I refuse to go beyond my fear of what isn’t fair, I decline my right to relieve my love. To enhance my passion for progress. To tip the scales in my favor.

To have Venus in Libra is to experience the exquisite elegance in every abstract. I will bask in the beauty of artistic solutions to real love problems. I will be both creative and conscious. I will affirm that sharing my thoughts on how things could be is a useful investment of my time. I will undertake listening to others’ experiences as another critical contribution. I will remember that my capacity to find a compromise is unparalleled.

When I experience grief, I will dance through it will grace. I realize that for a rhythm to carry me across a room, it must find a common ground with the beating of my own heart. I see that for a song to sing me to sleep, there must be softness in the hands that pluck the strings. I hear that for a love to be life-changing, its harmony must hurry up and slow down over both high and low notes. I will memorize the mantra that I am enough. I will rewind the tape as many times as I need to until I’ve learned the lyrics of my self-love. I will stay for the strength I feel at the end of the song.


venus in scorpio

I am worth every ounce of passion I project. Every breath of grief released. Every precious principle in the act of merging that reminds me how alive I am. My love is unrivaled in its ardor. Unmatched in its mystique. Second to none in its capacity for connecting on a level that stretches the great length of lessons I am learning.

I love the depth of despair that reminds me I’m in it for the long haul. In sickness and in health, I love the great range that reminds me how alive I am. As Venus retrogrades back through my sign, I will remember that I am worth the work of changing. 

I am worth seeing my own truth. I love to uproot any lies that declare my value is lean and latent. To have Venus in Scorpio is to be a beacon of light within the dark. To have Venus in Scorpio is to be Persephone personified. Is to be evidence of artifice and artfulness. Is to hold her own power in every dynamic. Is to shake the earth into learning how to share. Is to symbolize the seasons of change and the cycles of transference. 

I will not deny myself the space to rage at my losses. I will remember that my fury is founded in my immeasurable capacity to love intensely. I will honor that anger is the first aspect of grief that might anchor my awakening. I will wake up from any obsession that is holding me prisoner to something that is dying. I will reach for my life with all my rigor.

I will consider the possibility that I am priceless. That I might need to be loved with a ferocity of attention. That there is nothing wrong with the kind of aware amalgamation that I bring to my amours. I will spend a fortune of time if someone will match my donation. I can share a wealth of power without experiencing weakness. I can offer a rich array of resources given the trials of time that earn my trust. I will trust myself to know that I am worth an immense investment.


venus in sagittarius

I will rise from the ashes of my aches like the firebird fanning a new flame. I will engage, without shame, my unbridled optimism. I will revere my love for the risk that it is. I will not feel guilt for gambling when I bet on love to win. 

To have Venus in Sagittarius is to love the adventure. To have the swag of a sage. To know how to sell yourself because you’ll consider every possibility, including a world in which you are priceless. To have a Sagittarian Venus is to be attracted by the virtue of wisdom. Is to experience love as a way to learn. Is to balance uncertainty in relationships with transcendent faith. Is to always find the silver lining because no matter where others go, you go high.

I will love the aspect of me that is a free thinker. That philosophizes for fun. That escapes the mundane through the luck that comes when I flash my own light. I will remember that sometimes others might need a different balance of fluorescent and incandescent than what my candle is capable of. I will honor that my way to love is right for me but might not be right for all. 

As Venus retrogrades back through the the signs that precede me I will remember I like to learn from other’s lessons. I will look for ways to better express my faith in relationships. I will not deny my all natural high when I allow myself to love.

I will respect the part of myself that requires spaciousness. I will commit to the action of exercising my freedom. I will expose to myself and my loved ones the ties that tug me down. I will untangle myself from any commitments that keep me from loving in the limitless way that I do.


venus in capricorn

The best way to love me is to begin with respect. To treat me with esteem. To honor the worth and wealth inherent to my wisdom. When I am not considered I may be inclined to cut. With Venus in Capricorn, I take pleasure in the process of building from the bottom up. With Venus in Capricorn I recall that the best way to be loved is to start where I am with what I have: me.

To have Venus in Capricorn is to participate in the time-honored tradition of treading slowly. Is to be a contender of conviction. Is to be worth the high regard of ambition because I act with righteousness in all my advances. I love endeavor for the effort of it. I honor myself by taking actions with an integrity that attests to my importance.

To have Venus in Capricorn is to measure my loves by how willing they are to work for my affection. I affirm that I warrant their admiration. That I can lay a claim to every common courtesy and then some.  As Venus retrogrades back towards the sign of the law, I may be grieving some losses before I’ve given myself a chance to play the game. 

I will not grieve what has not yet begun but I will honor any pain I feel from going unseen. I will admit where I have been silent by choice and not by force. I will remember that to have Venus in Capricorn means I always have Father time on my side. I will affirm that it is never too late to stand for myself with the grace and confidence that Capricorn bestows on me.

I love a good conquest. I will admire my worthy opponents but I will not lay myself down as a doormat at their feet. I will affirm that I don’t have to be a punching bag to be polite. I will demand to be treated like I am serious because I am. I will back myself up with boundaries that I can stick to. 

I will remember that I am skilled at seeing the whole system. That I have an affinity for the finer details and the aesthetic quality of an entire entity. I will know that I can rationalize the value of every social grace. Can justify the actions of every associate. With this knowledge, I will reflect that the way I do relationships is ultimately my choice. I will choose the personal grace of possibly getting what I want by asking for it. I will own my right to reject the unreasonable so I can enjoy exceptional quality in life and love.

venus in aquarius

To have Venus in Aquarius is to be radically in love and always leveling. To be progressive in affection. To seethe with the seduction of being singularly special. To detach with an uncommon kind of compassion. 

Venus in Aquarius holds hope for humanity as her doctrine of love. Honors individuality and diversity as a moral high-ground. Takes the unconventional as a tenet for divine devotion.

I might be up in the air but I am not playing hard to get. Venus in Aquarius instills me with great capacity to communicate. When I speak my needs I get a shot at being met at my level. I may love from above but I’m thrilled when partners and friends fly high to meet me on my plane. 

I will liken my love to an act of goodwill. I will honor the part of me that is open to loving everyone I meet. I will acknowledge that others might not share my inclination to be nonpartisan in my priorities. To have Venus in Aquarius means I might treat my lovers, friends and acquaintances all with the same courtesy. Means I might value everyone equally. Means I might just be onto something wonderful about the worth of every woman. It also means my lovers might be hurt when they’re not held higher on my list than Joe who I met once last year. I will find a way to abide by my ethics while saluting the needs of my significant others.

As Venus retrogrades back towards her union with Ceres, I will meditate on the ways I nurture and need to be nursed. I will acknowledge that I might have to reinvent the wheel of the way I do love. I will affirm that innovation is my forté. I will confess my craving for freedom as I navigate the pleas in my partnerships. I will insist on my ability to create unique and extraordinary answers. I will review the virtues that are most valuable to me in relationships. I will admit that there might be nothing wrong with keeping it simple by being honest about my availability.


venus in pisces

My desire is inherently divine. My lust is inbred with love. My wishes are awash with the purity of otherworldly intervention. With Venus in Pisces, I have the gift of universal grace if I choose to accept it. There is nothing wrong with the force or character of my love. As the highest aspect of my being it is instinctively sacred.

I will not play the martyr or the victim. I will not suffer for someone in a relationship which I chose to supply me with support. I will not sacrifice myself for the sake of something I cannot save. I will save myself because I am the emissary of my own sovereignty. 

As Venus retrogrades to rejoin her kin, part of my renewal might mean recognizing where I have given too much of myself. Where I have overindulged in compassion because it extended the illusion of a love that is impure in its taking. Where I have shared beyond my prudent reserve of resources. 

I will allow myself the rage at the thought of what was taken that I did not commit to giving. I will give myself ample space to surrender in my sorrow. I will keep swimming until I come across a current that can carry me. 

To have Venus in Pisces is to love with the power of immanence. Is to hold love always in holy light. Is to be sensual and sympathetic in every expression. Is to access an incredible well of empathy in each affair, with all partners, in the wake of any heartache. 

But to have Venus in Pisces is also to summon souls to the spirituality of love.

In joy and in pain my love will fluidly adapt its form to fit the needs of my functioning. In sickness and in health I will value the vast extent of my sensitivity. In crisis and accomplishment I will exalt my love to the doctrine of truth it deserves.

I will love myself through the eyes of the Great Mother. I will cherish my connection to spirit. I will concoct a potion of pause that praises my patience as the key to what comes next. I will be faithful to the idea that I am enough, that my feminine essence is fertile and fine in her exaltation, and that my love will carry me to realms yet untouched by the sensuality of my spirit.