Monday, July 30th
12:35pm PST: MercuryRx 22°Leo34’ semisextile Venus 22°Virgo34’ → Mercury in Leo is maximal monologue while Venus in Virgo is minimal, albeit high class, love. Venus in Mercury’s sign supports and promotes being concise. This aspect has a unexpected knack for helping us communicate quality over quantity. Less words will hold more power, especially when spoken from the heart.

Wednesday, August 5th
3:41am PST: Vesta stations direct at 22°Sagittarius08’ → The asteroid goddess Vesta rules the home and hearth. In Sagittarius, Vesta wants to envelope us in optimism and faith. Take this pivotal moment to consider role models and prophets whose vision supports you in your activism and in the self care that sustains it. Feed your altar. Perhaps place something upon it that reminds you of that individual or exemplifies a truth to which you aspire.

7:39pm PST: MarsRx 2°Aquarius33’ square Uranus 2°Taurus22’ → The second of three tense squares between riotous war-gods. Aquarius, high in the sky and Taurus, rooted deep in fertile ground, have a hard time meeting halfway. This aspect challenges us to reach for understanding that is beyond our physical, tangible experience. Stretch your imagination to include larger context and strengthen narratives with which you’re unfamiliar. Mars in Aquarius serves to protect the greater good and Uranus is ready to help you unearth principles with more power than piousness. Reflect on your place in the patriarchy and who you could be beyond it.

Friday, August 3rd
5:57pm PST: MarsRx 2°Aquarius03’ sextile ChironRx 2°Aries03’ → This aspect can feel like antiseptic on a fresh wound. Mars in Aquarius on the South Node is cutting away any intellectual dirt that allows an infection to spread while Chiron wants to help us feel our pain without being mastered by it. Take today to reflect on aspects of yourself and your experience that might be difficult to look at. Your actions now do not have to be owned by your background but they will always be informed by them. Ask elders who have walked similar paths for insight.

Saturday, August 4th
10:15pm PST: MercuryRx 19°Leo28’ inconjunct PlutoRx 19’Capricorn28’ → This aspect emphasizes a desire to compete in conversation and take up space as a way to assert our power. Anyone who has had an experience of being silenced can find this moment triggering. Getting quiet doesn’t have to mean giving up our power. Consider the power of speaking vs the power of being heard. The two are not synonymous. Now consider the power of being the one who listens and hears and the consequent power felt by the ones to whom you lend your ear. This is an opportunity to adjust blind talk to keen observation and active listening.