The Fool, when you tap into their energy, is full of wonder. Like leaving a closing coffee shop, releasing a giant “UGH” before stepping into a summer rainstorm, and taking ten seconds to transform disgust to delight as you relax tensed muscles into the decadence of droplets landing in a laughing mouth. Like your favorite new book that got soaked through your cotton tote bag. At first you were devastated. You tried so hard to keep it pristine. Like good posture when seeing extended family and dressing appropriately to ward off the endless list of questions that seem to find you no matter how hard you hide. When you get home you stare at the book lain out by the window to dry while you walk through a tidal wave of incredulousness and grief. Abruptly, the wave crashes and you nestle into the nostalgia of carrying around a well-loved soft-cover that now lives up to its name. The bath that left you soiled and wet renewed your ability to tap into bliss because there is nothing quite so blissful about being in wreckage with no way for repair. One sip of sheer powerlessness and suddenly the book that didn’t look or feel well-loved pliéd into style like a perfectly tailored vintage suit. Slightly frayed at the cuffs from wear, a collector of compliments and conversation starters.

This week is riddled with rude awakenings and exquisite eye-openers. As Venus jets into Gemini and Mercury roars into Leo, we are sure to notice an energetic adjustment of our agency. On Wednesday the Sun unwinds, leaking luster on our dreams but causing us to squint when we learn from our light. The Fool swoops in to send us a marvelous message. Our experience of the new can be escorted with awe if we yield to the spirit of interest. Allow your inner visionary to take up space. Contemplate with caution and a large dose of admiration for your imagination. Practice receiving in the present and pulling power from the potential for patched up parts to feel like a pristinely perfect, well-loved whole.