This week is full of snark, sass, and sword savvy Mars getting a lot of action in many places at once. Mars is in Gemini, the sign of the twins. Think sibling rivalry. Think lots of questions and half answers. Think information inhalation that needs way more time to digest than it has. Think about the way you think, speak and serve. Mars makes mischief, and this week, the Son of Swords swings in as your double. If you’re aware, you’ll find him in your friends and family, poking not so much fun. If you’re aware AND present, conscious of the only thing you can change, you’ll find him in yourself and be glad of it. The key is to seek his balanced expression. The Son of Swords is the embodiment of Mars in Gemini; an easily enthused creative kid that loves to jump in but moves on before you can say wait. He’s got quick wit, but isn’t always aware (or concerned) with its consequences.

As the North Node turns Tuesday afternoon from service-centered Virgo into warm, expressive, lion-hearted Leo, the Son of Swords is a powerful tool. He excites us with possibility, unties us from tense tethers and entices us to take flight in the service of ourselves. Leo loves a challenge. If someone says you can’t, there is no better time to prove them wrong.

Forecasting a sharp week with a chance of torrential downpours Wednesday under a full moon in Mars’ ruler and death-devotee Scorpio. Let any storms wash away what isn’t working while remembering relationships can be salvaged from remains of the wrecked. Scorpio only kills so it can be reborn. The Son of Swords begs you to leap, but make sure to look so you land with a little luck in your luggage as you sail into unchartered territories.