We were fighting again. It felt like nothing compared to the tiny orchestra in my mind. Thousands of miniature violins hosting a renaissance fair of hysterical historical arguments and pity parties. The howl of a bull frog through the window snapped me out of it. Calmly now. “I need some space,” I said. The screen door danced on its hinge behind me as I hopped the two steps down from the side of the house. Music wafted through windows of the living room but as I walked the lyrics were lost in a sea of summer fireflies and crickets crooning in the late evening dusk. I gulped in a big breath of sweetgrass and out a somber sigh of relief.

It’s no secret the skies have been alive with the sound and the fury of fire. This Friday, Venus sets off like a firecracker as she springs back into ardent Aries. But now, with the Sun securely in Taurus, the new Moon in its exaltation this Wednesday grants us a moment of reprieve to set down some slow and strong-willed roots. Meanwhile, Mercury carries memos from solid Saturn to wounded Chiron before their strained square on Sunday. While these two both want to heal humanity, they have a pension for the art of growing pains. Who better to endure than the strong, stable, resourceful, and bountiful bull?

The Six of Swords says get out of your own head and clear some space. Taureans love to work. They love to make something of themselves. They use their earnings to measure success and they can be abundantly affluent. Balanced, they are the fruit-growers, ripe with the sensual soft strength of the earth. Yet in the throes of our minds, a blockage for a Taurean (and let’s say we all are right now) will only lead us to stubbornly bang horns against walls. The only way out is not through. There is more than one way out. This week, the Six of Swords suggests you let the bread cool before you cut it and use the recreational time to go bake a new and different batch.