I stood in a sea of francophones at Webster Hall, gazing at lights dancing among admiring eyes. Héloise Letissier of Christine and the Queens paced across the stage, jokingly sharing apprehension about being weird and unsure amongst her musical heroines at an awards dinner. I sensed her jokes were maybe half true and someone in the crowd must have agreed, shouting a retort I couldn’t hear. The avant-garde musician tilted forward at the hips in her gender-bending french new way-ve and shouted “That’s okay because there’s lots of ways of being a woman!”

Being female has historically been constrained to and celebrated for its capacity to birth a child. What brings more joy to a mother than her most magical creation? Let’s imagine magic might bear other mysteries and women can birth many means of merit. This week, the Mother of Wands sends us into the pit with our passions. The sky lights up like a firecracker on Monday as the Sun slides into fiery Aries but it might feel like the third trimester as we wait for the new moon to hit the ground running. In the later part of the week, mailman Mercury carries tense messages around power and justice before entering its retrograde shadow on Saturday. Mercury goes out with a bang in an opening conjunction to Uranus, setting a tone for rebellious revisions through early May.

As we slip through the Vernal equinox in one last big push of closed and opening doors, the Mother asks us to sing to ourselves “Who’s gonna light the fire?” Or rather, which fires light up your eyes? Which projects will you defend to the death? The Mother encourages you to keep an optimistic focus on yourself as you passively note which actions you can take to take care of number one. After all, it’s Aries season – an opportunity to let go of others and outcomes in favor of focus on the self. Beware of jealousy and be okay with not wanting to share. Find time doing simple things that spark creative flair and bring you joy.