The Full Harvest Moon in Aries perfects at 7:52pm on Monday, September 24th. A Full Moon in Aries illuminates the essence that makes us unique. Wakes us up. Rubs our eyes wide open. Stretches atrophied limbs and encourages us to greet our greatness. A Full Moon in Aries helps us bask in the beginning of all we’ve grown from and of ourselves. Helps us harness our radiance in the face of fear that our light will be put out.

This year, the Aries Full Moon sits in a serious square to Saturn, still at 3° of Capricorn. Moreover, this Moon is close enough to kiss Chiron at 0°, who is currently master teacher of how to heal the most superficial wounds. The cuts that keep us from expressing our fullest selves. The harsh and the shallow. The rough cover-ups and too-smooth-to-be-true surface-level stuff. 

On Thursday before the Full Moon, Mercury and the Sun conjoin to talk tactics around how to be in relationship. They are tracing steps behind Venus, preparing for her retrograde journey and the feelings and thoughts this sketch brings up may have us all convinced our way is best. It’s important to note that Mercury combust the Sun in the sign of Libra can leave us thinking we know exactly what someone else is thinking. This Full Moon has the power to teach us about the pains and prejudice that arise from projecting our stories onto others before we’ve waited to hear all they’re here to tell. 

The day before the Moon reaches its peak radiance, Mercury in Libra makes a square to Saturn, seemingly bringing the Moon’s news before it happens. But this is the first slice of a much larger pie than we might anticipate. While it is a poignant piece to the puzzle, Saturn asks us to slow our minds and hearts, reserving judgement and waiting to act until the story unfolds in finer detail. Shortly after the first square and a few hours before the Moon perfects, Mercury trines Mars, another trying moment when we are tempted to jump to conclusions. Still, Saturn begs our patience until the Sun shines light on the whole shebang Tuesday afternoon. 

Under the maddening gleam of dear Luna, our image of ourselves and of others can become distorted. Thankfully, a moon that is full in Aries redirects light to help us keep the focus on ourselves. With so much margin for error, this Moon shimmers over questions we might need to ask about our personal projections. About our prejudice and our preconceptions. Noticing our assumptions as they arise helps us poke holes in the prophecies that we want to fill with cleaner streets and clearer air. We leave space for others to write their own stories so we can read with the thrill of a child who’s found a new favorite book. When we occupy ourselves with awareness, we open doors to our power and the principles we keep under lock and key.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider becoming a member to receive monthly New Moon Manifesto writing tools.


I delight in the intricacies of my image. I allow partnerships to illuminate elements of my identity that I cannot access on my own. I give myself permission to ask for help as I unpack my ego. I express clearly when I am seeking care and comfort. I consider and trust the cautious criticism of intimate friends and lovers. I honor their efforts to offer me the truth of their experience. I listen closely as I slip on their views. 

When I can’t seem to focus, I pull the lens away from my face. I do not allow a single frame to define me until I’ve animated every angle. I am excited to read a new story each time I gaze at myself with more grace and gratitude for every relationship I get to explore.

I embrace the responsibilities that lead me into the public eye and remember that I can say no to anything that is asked of me. When I choose to say yes, I revel in the pleasure of my power to follow through. I bask in the light of the commitments I’ve lived up to. I caress myself with compliments for my accomplishments and the hard work that earned them. I am invigorated by the deadlines that challenge me. The structures that direct me to honors with distinction. The disciplined patience that is most difficult to develop but most abundant in its awards. 

I will remember that I can be the cause or the cure of every pain and comfort I experience. I acknowledge that I can be frightened and fierce at the same time. I accept and admit my anger but I will not be a slave to it.

When in doubt, I return to my expertise in everything avant-garde. I remember that I am endowed with an ability to create the cutting edge. To master the modern. To experiment with the alternative. I restore myself with faith in the unfamiliar. I come home to the act of awakening.


I will enter the temple of my most tempestuous waters with eager anticipation of what I will find. I will examine my most personal parts with the caution and commitment of one who serves a goddess. I will remember that to be a Taurus is to be ruled by Venus is to be beautiful in every aspect. I will honor the principles that allow my passion to run as deep as it does.

I will refrain from judging my intimate emotions until I’ve fully unearthed them. I will consider that I can be profound and perfect in peculiar ways I’ve never allowed myself the privilege of processing. I will respect myself as I process them. I will honor the idiosyncrasies of my practice. I will attend to every inch of my innermost needs with a sacred sense of patience.

I will be tireless in my cultivation of consciousness. I will devote myself to developing confidence in my compassion. To cherishing myself as my kindest confidante. To savoring my secrets. To relishing my choice in how much to share and with whom I wish to share it.

I will seek to sort through the structures that slash or support my faith in my ability to navigate the unpredictable. When I start a long hike, I will not hurry. I will write myself a doctrine that commits me to experiencing the high of the rise and the delights of descent. I commit myself to the consciousness of how hard I work to find meaning in a mess. I value my efforts to stabilize on shaky ground while I persist in the practice of patience. I accept help in the form of time to heal wounds that were not my creation. I assume the responsibility of respecting my own values and maintaining my belief in them. 


I affirm my right to change my mind each time I learn something new. I realize that every shift I make is a parade of the permission I give to myself and others. Permission to excite and adjust. To adapt without abandon. To innovate for the sake of authenticity. 

I acknowledge that the groups who surround me hold magnificent space for me to redesign my plan periodically. I thank them for their caution each time I radically shake up the status quo. I do not condemn their claims. I allow myself to be electrified by their propositions. I celebrate my unique ability to be very varied. I honor my capacity to consider every perspective even when I am confused. I offer kindness with my creative consciousness. I dress myself up in dazzling inclusivity.

I express gratitude every time my friends fly with me and my newest fancy. I affirm that my fluctuations can be both frustrating and fruitful. I appreciate the people with whom I want to grow my garden. The ones who give me space to scatter new seeds every time I need a switch. I am glad that my fruit will feed many mouths. I will revel in the gift of giving of myself. I am gracious as I accept everything I receive in return.

I will delight in dancing with death because it reminds me I am alive. I allow myself to meander with the melancholy melody of a grande finale. I will conduct a symphony that sings thankfulness to everything that worked but isn’t anymore. I commit to crooning for the child inside me that needs and deserves more care than some can provide. As I practice playing the song of surrender to the ever-moving stream, I’ll nod to the knowledge that my next magnum opus is just a curtain call away.



This moon is an opportunity for me to radiate more than I do on the regular. To publicize my passion. To curate a communal display. This moon asks me to be more exposed than I might normally allow. Makes an exhibition available for my artistry. Honors my vision by asking me to share it.

I will not shy away from opportunities to shine. I will embrace the image of my success. I will win myself over with the care I take to create community. I will build safe space where my own work can be supported. Sustained. Succeeding.

I will walk to the center stage of my professional awakening. I will play the protagonist in my own show. I will not give away my mic unwittingly. If I should share the public eye, the choice to do so will be an exercise of my own power to provide. 

As I climb into the limelight I will not forget the energy that is developed in my hiding places. I will forge a refuge for anyone who needs to retreat (including or with me) when the distinguished dance becomes deafening. As I envelope myself in the celebration of my work, I will take care to consider the shell from which I emerged.

With the moon as my ruler, I will remember that to be a Cancer is to live a life of phases. As my public persona waxes, I will be patient with the relationships that wane. I will remember that softening my schedule supplies space for the intimate partnerships that nourish me when the going gets rough. As I get going, I simplify my life to absorb the structures and the scarce few souls who serve me the most support.

I honor this moon with a commitment to communicate my feelings even when I’m scared. I honor this moon by being in whichever phase of awakening has absorbed me. I honor this moon by extracting insight that emphasizes my efforts and my achievements.



This moon gives me the juice to dream a better future. Sprinkles the hot sauce that amplifies my heat of the moment. Stirs the soup of my enduring intentions. Peppers my daily visions with long-term goals. Pours salt in wounds that might inspire flight to far away places in search of freedom.

I will use this moon to cultivate consciousness of the things that make me want to run away. I will allow this moon to engender my education in the ways I can further my faith. I will embrace this moon and the bounty of beautiful beliefs it can bring me. 

I will practice believing that I am capable of holding my ground. I will trust that my commitments do not have to confine me. I will learn to use perceived limits as the foundation for the freedom I am fashioning.

I will acknowledge that my responsibility is something I choose to carry. I will bear the lightness of my being. I will opt for anything that evokes my enthusiasm. I will be a servant to the sight of the stunner that I am. I will honor that altering my routines and pledging new practices might give me the key to the answers I seek. I will be willing to take the baby steps that will lead later to longer leaps.


This moon is serious about my surrender. Is quick in the way that it cuts through my core. Is determined to help me wrench up the root of whatever weed I’m whacking. Is significant in its summoning for me to shed a layer of skin. 

Under this moon I will open up my accounts so I can count my blessings. I will allocate my resources to the activities which bring me the most joy. I will refrain from holding resentments that arose because I chose not to choose myself first. I will acknowledge that my knack for analysis can lead to paralysis but it can also awaken my most effective awareness. When given the option, I will choose to exercise my joy over my judgement.

This moon is serving up some snacks that I might want to share with some but not with all. Is illuminating the issues that arise when I am particular about the what and how of everything I offer. Is demanding me to reflect on whether the form of the result is really fit by the way I am functioning.

I commit to getting rid of any overgrowth of guilt. I commit to honest self reflection. I consider the crux of what I actually want and I adjust my course with the gentlest of gestures. I will wait for more information before I avenge injustices that aren’t an issue. I commit to keeping my side of the street squeaky clean. I commit to doing the very best I can with what I have. I will be willing to affirm that my best is way better than enough. I will honor my need to lose some things in order to win some of myself. 



This Full Moon is throwing open the doors to where I’m overextending my awareness. To where I’m attempting to stand up to impossible standards in partnerships that haven’t pronounced me impossible. To where I might present myself with the proof of my own pertinence. This Full Moon is illuminating the rules I haven’t broken because I didn’t know they were there or they weren’t mine to break. This Full Moon is giving me the receipt that will allow me to return any unwritten rules about what is fair in the realm of reciprocity. 

Under this moon I will right-size my brain by considering that I might not have done anything irrevocably wrong. I will consider that if there were a wrong it might arise when I start from negative instead of neutral. I will fix my fault-finder by pressing pause on the scanner. I will come back from my predictions and make a copy of the key that unlocks the paradise of the present. I will appreciate the presence of anyone who puts my pleasure on a pedestal.

I will unearth the history that is holding me back from being completely right here. I will begin again to heal the pain of what was never fair by balancing myself before I strain to stabilize my relationships. I will honor the hurts that have been in the works for lifetimes. I will not take responsibility for their creation but I will commit to constructing safe spaces for myself to study them. 

I will do at least one thing a day to make myself more comfortable. I will be enthusiastic about the endeavors that require my attention while I set reasonable expectations of what I can achieve in the time allotted for their completion. I will envision myself as evidence of my artistry. 



This moon is summoning me to be of service where I can. Illuminating where I play an integral role in others’ initiations. Offering me signs about the pain I can sacrifice. Teaching me to brew a big batch of compassion. 

My stillness does not mean I am not stirring. My compulsion to be quiet does not mean I am not kind. My silence does not mean I am not honoring my anger in my own way. I may be killing off habits that die hard but that does not mean I am not birthing something soft in their place.

I will use this harvest moon to heed every alarm on my insides. I will recognize the physical, mental and spiritual aspects to my health. I will appreciate my impressive instincts that help me to harmonize my elements. I will give myself whatever I know I need to bolster my sense of balance.

I commit to cancelling the calls that require an attention I cannot cultivate. I commit to communicating clearly when I can’t show up. I will keep the daily rituals that restore my sense of self-respect. I will practice negotiating in the grey. I will liberate myself and others from unnecessary blame. I will strive for imperfection in everything I do and pat myself on the back whenever I make magic out of a mess.



This moon could be grounds for me to grin. Might make me an incorrigible flirt. Can administer a dose of dapper dancing into my own kind of limelight.

I will honor this moon by being open for the business of fun. I will find freedom in choosing what I want before I compromise for my crew. I will consider that I can create, conserve and close down the party whenever it pleases me. I will confess to the impact I make when I act independently.

Likewise, I will acknowledge the power of my position in a group. I will affirm that whether I show up or not, my presence or absence does matter, is noticed and touches my tribe in ways I cannot comprehend. I will keep this consciousness close when I am considering how and when to show up. 

I commit to showing up for myself no matter what. I commit to not depleting my resources for the sake of silly spending. I account for all the energy I put out. I make sure to replenish my well long before it dries up. I remember that fun is a form of chopping wood and carrying water. I will use this moon to seek enlightenment between the monkey bars of my personal playground.



This Full Moon is illuminating the parts of me that might feel more private. Allowing me to unzip the carryon stuck in the back of the closet. Airing out the laundry I haven’t washed or worn in years. Casting out the clothes that couldn’t fit even if I felt I wanted to wear them. This Full Moon means business when it comes to making over my creature comforts.

I will use this Moon to help me understand the elements I need to feel secure. I will consider that my current methods for moving through the world might be familiar but may not be comfortable. I will count on my conscience to help me understand the difference between strange and unsafe.

When I feel unable to find footing, I will ground myself with my work. I will focus on the pride I take in my public pursuits. I will recall all the times that my work worked through me. Saved me by structuring my image through tangible action. I will not use my work to deny my private desires but I will delight in my professional endeavors.

I commit to the legacy I want to leave. I allow myself to long for work/life balance. I refrain from judging myself when I am overcommitted. I will kill my hectic schedule with kindness. I will clear it when I can. I will practice saying no so I am not at capacity when I want to say yes. I will work to heal the relationship between my home and the handiwork that feeds its hearth. Whenever I am faced with a choice I will focus first on aligning my head with my heart.


This Moon is calling me to question the conversations I’m having with people who aren’t there. Teaching me about all the ways I want to be talked to. Telling me to close the tabs I have open in everyone else’s brain. Imploring me to listen harder to my self. 

This Moon is helping me to ignite a spark for the relationships I could have down the road. Is lighting a candle for the kid who wants being an adult to be easier. Is building an altar for the adult who might need many more years of trial and error before dialogue doesn’t seem so demanding.

I will use this moon to establish intentions for the kinds of partnerships I want to have for the long haul. I will consider that it’s not crazy to want communication to feel clear. I will contemplate the ways that I can simplify my style. I will modify my habitual behaviors when my strategy for justifying requires me to break the systems that help me feel secure.

I will allow this Moon to open my eyes to all the ways I might be a bee that’s stung itself. I will look at where I am blowing a few words into a full length novel. I will admire rather than admonish my ability to spin a story. 

I will weigh my analytical spoils against my stunning skills when it comes to asking for what I need. I will understand that not being met where I want doesn’t mean I don’t deserve it. I commit to considering that the way I see the world isn’t crazy. I will honor another’s process while affirming the validity of my points to myself.



This Full Moon might have me overdrawing from my bank of buts. Might ask me to stop making excuses for the misery of self-sacrifice. Might encourage me to save myself before I get sick.

But this moon is also rallying my right to receive. Is reckoning with the rituals that return to me tenfold. Is reveling in all the resources I am able to employ because I can see the value in every instrument, individual and instance.

When I play the game of compassion, I always win. I will direct my kindness to every corner and crevice I uncover. I will emanate encouragement outward and inward. I will flood myself with the spirit that directs me downstream. I will remember that when I start comparing I catch the current before it can run its course.

I will not play the waiting game with others for anything that I can give to myself. I will declare the definite value of all the delights I cannot measure. I will not abandon my desire to dream. I understand that my aspirations are integral to my achievements. I will permit gratitude to pervade my patterns. I will not underestimate the power of appreciation to improve the performance of my assets. I will withdraw my expectations but I will not disown my hopes. I will remember that having a heart’s desire is a reflection of my will to be alive, to remain on this plane and to make magic whenever and wherever my many worlds collide.

Virgo SeasonErin Shipley