Monday, June 24th
2:59am PST: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, both at 18°44’
What is the line you draw between the intellect and spirit? Where does trying to “figure it out” leave you feeling empty, longing for something with more depth than can be offered by anything other than faith? Often, tense Venus/Neptune aspects can puncture the depths of our longing. Notice where you are able to connect with certain people on one level (romantic, platonic, intellectual, political, etc.) but not on another. Be kind to the parts of yourself that don’t feel as profoundly full as others. Venus in Gemini teaches us that it’s unrealistic to expect one individual to meet all of our relationship needs. Rather, Venus in Gemini is happy, thrilled even, to draw from the wells of many partnerships. It engages a constant dance of designing balance through the multiverse of its resources. If someone isn’t able to offer you everything, it doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of what they are able and want to give. It does mean you have an opportunity to look around at the ample nourishment available to you. 

Wednesday, June 26th
5:20pm PST: Mercury enters Leo
The messenger’s ingress into Leo helps us get a lot more loud. Is a creative, bright and romantic communicator. Supports us in expressing ourselves in the most dramatic ways. Still, the messenger is starting to slow, preparing to station retrograde at 4°Leo on July 7th. Often, we tiptoe around the Mercury retrograde cycle, afraid of our mis-steps, but this can have us miss the mark. The point of Mercury’s pre-shadow is to make mistakes visible enough that we begin to become aware of them. Mercury, more than any other planet, reveals our patterns. Chances are, smaller mishaps are indicators of glitches in our greater design that we might want to repair. As Mercury makes their way through the first degrees of lion-land, use this time to be over-the-top. Give yourself permission to communicate with an orientation of abundance. Mercury’s purpose is to convey information. Isn’t the information itself. Is focused on collection and distribution of data. Let Mercury in Leo be a guide to understanding yourself in more loving light. Leo’s shine isn’t competitive. Doesn’t plan to put out someone else’s flame for the sake of lifting itself up. Leo’s brightness comes from an intrinsic belief that everyone is best when they are most fully themselves. Last Leo checked, being loving, towards self and others wasn’t a crime. 

Thursday, June 27th
10:44am PST: Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus, both at 5°47’
This aspect encourages attention on our relationship to the resources we most need to survive. Wants us to reconsider the rules in our residence. What key ingredients to your security do you tend to take for granted? The Sun in Cancer requires we to turn our gaze to our emotional core while Uranus in Taurus stimulates the survival instincts, sending us signals that tell us what we need to feel safe. Often, we hover, without realizing it, on the line of survival, feeding ourselves just enough to get by. Consider for a moment, that you could have a need that if met, could send you beyond that line, so you coast somewhere between survival and thriving. Deprivation of needs, fueled by guilt and without intention of redistributing those resources, does nobody any good. Instead, consider that if your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs were exceeded, your relationship to the earth, to community, to work would be symbiotically enhanced. There is a difference between ignorantly privileged and being well-resourced. A fuller cup means having more to give and often more stability to discern how you will allocate extended resources. With this concept in mind, ask yourself what you need, then ask for it.

1:00pm PST: Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries, both at 5°53’
“Keep the focus on yourself” is a phrase often used to help us better navigate conflict without pointing fingers. It supports a healthier relationship to callout culture. It reminds us we all have individual karma and work to do and that some of this work is within the realm of our control - namely the work on ourselves. As the Sun squares Chiron, from the sign of Cancer, remember that in our society “perfectionism” is a sexy defect, but that doesn’t make it good for you. Chiron in Aries is about self-mastery through practice. Through recognizing you and all the people you engage with are human. Mortal. Perfectly imperfect. We can feel crippled if we don’t get something exactly right. If a conversation doesn’t meet our expectations. If we don’t show up every time to the standards our higher self would have. Your higher self would also probably tell you it’s important to make mistakes. It’s vital to struggle with others and with yourself. When you don’t like how you show up to conflict, do yourself a favor and don’t continue to beat yourself up. Instead, recognize that your own recognition of your actions is part of the evolution. Even you evolve in cycles. Feel secure in your process, however slow. Slow growth is usually safer and more sustainable in the long run.