Monday Dec 31, 20186:20PM PST: Mars enters Aries
Fiyah fiyah! New years wrap up cycles but this one wakes us up to exciting births before 2018 fully closes. Mars represents our strength and drive. It is pure will, possibly harnessed into action. At home in Aries, Mars wants to confront conflict quickly, claim space, speak up and act out. Mars’ journey through Aries is quick but when channelled with intention, extremely productive. Projects take off with a bang. Partnerships pack a powerful punch when collaboration comes from the excitement of fighting for the same thing. What is igniting new life for you right now? What sends sparks through your body? Use this time to conduct your creativity and hit the ground running.

Tuesday Jan 1, 20199:49 PM PST: Sun conjunct Saturn at 11°Capricorn32’
The Sun’s yearly conjunction with Saturn almost always takes a serious tone. The Sun shines it’s brilliance over anything it touches. Saturn embodies patience, determination, hard work for the long-haul. This aspect extends the Sun’s rays out over our long-term hopes, visions and goals. It asks an honest review of everything we’ve worked for, a pat on the back and a list of action items that lay a foundation for what is next. Use this day to make plans rather than plan outcomes. Clearly define aspirations and find a person or create a structure to hold you accountable. Doing the work isn’t easy but this aspect reminds us of the rewards that arrive when we exert a little effort. Likewise, it isn’t concerned with work for work’s sake. Prioritizing saves you time and energy. Identity the most important outputs. Ask for input. Then put first thing’s first. You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, Saturn doesn’t want you to.

Thursday Jan 3, 20192:41 PM PST: Mercury in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces, both at 28°12’
Insensitive shares bring wounding words. How you communicate is as important as what you say. Chiron initiates us into the process of healing. Don’t deny your pain. Notice where your vulnerability puts you in a position to be a student of your pain and a teacher in relationships. Find a way to transform sores into scars with a lesson embedded.

9:13 PM PST: Mercury in Sagittarius trine UranusRx in Aries, both at 28°36’
This aspect helps Mercury’s square to Chiron transcend torment into tender insight. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Uranus is King of innovation. You don’t have to get it “right.” You just have to do something different than the last time you tried.

Friday Jan 4th, 2019
11:57 AM PST: Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 14°10’
This aspect grounds reveries into reality. In one form it can have a “come-down” effect. In another it can take fantasy to an accessible level. Consider the spiritual principles upon which your aspirations are founded. Meditation on direct action inspired by your most dazzling dreams.

7:40 PM PST: Mercury enters Capricorn
Mercury’s message of plenty while in Sagittarius takes on a more restrained tone when it enters Capricorn. We’re more concerned with precision and practicality. Mercury represents how we process information. Capricorn wants a clear structure that supports us. Don’t be upset if communication becomes curt. In fact, use this style of limited words to accomplish more in partnerships. Focus on the purpose of what you’re saying. Make sure how you say it is reflective of your plans. Capricorn cuts to the core of why. Keep it simple.

Saturday Jan 5th, 2019

10:00 AM PST: Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces, both at 28°15’
Venus’ conversation with Chiron is considerably softer than Mercury’s was on Thursday. Venus in Scorpio might be intense but she’s able to stabilize relationships with profoundly focused tender care. Ask for the attention you need. If someone is requesting your concentration, check in with your ability to actively listen in the moment. It’s okay to say you aren’t available for certain conversations. If you are, Venus in Scorpio has an uncanny capacity for empathy. Focus on listening to hear rather than listening to answer. Hearing is healing for both sides.

5:28 PM PST: New Moon at 15°Capricorn25’
This is the most goal-oriented New Moon of every year. Make a list and check it thrice. Consider what is feasible. Moons in Capricorn take on a practical note. Work can be a form of self-care. Acquaint yourself with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and see where your support system currently sits. There’s nothing wrong with producing what you need. Capricorn can certainly be business focused. Consider where money, or lack thereof, blocks you from a security or pleasure need. Ask yourself if money is a middle-man that can be eliminated from the equation. Capricorn is incredibly resourceful. Trade and barter your way to the top of the most secure self care you’ve ever seen.

Sunday Jan 6th, 2019

12:26PM PST: Uranus stations direct at 28°Aries36’
Uranus is the last planet to station direct at the end of a wild series of retrogrades. While the personal planets have been direct since Mercury’s station in early December, this is the first time since the first half of 2018 that we’ve had every planet in forward motion. Uranus hits the power on our universal electric car. Stations of this nature can send technology (yes, this means the digital world but it also means the “technology” built into in our bodies) a little out of whack and are often felt five days prior and five days post the moment of the planet’s pivot. Uranus in Aries has given us immense insight to declaring our individual identities. It has shown us power and strength in the names we claim for ourselves. It has also emphasized how our “otherness” can have polarizing effects when we condemn groups of people based on an identity they hold that isn’t our own. It has taught us how personalities become a tool for petty conflict that erase the principles for which we’re fighting. Take a moment to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Notice the very human qualities that help you transcend boundaries between you and people with whom you think you have nothing in common. Relish in the idea that you can be an individual connected to a vast and intelligent web.

Capricorn SeasonErin Shipley