Monday, September 10th
Venus in Scorpio inconjunct ChironRx in Aries, 2:16am PST
Mars re-enters Aquarius, 5:56pm PST

Venus' first foray into Scorpio comes with moves that might happen too fast. Venus in Scorpio teaches us about the intensity of our pleasure, sometimes to the point of pain. Chiron in Aries shows us the ways we hurt ourselves when we could have helped. Together these two are cultivating collective conscience where we might rather stay in blind bliss. But they teach us about power we can draw back into ourselves once we're aware of it. When we know that our power rests in controlling our own actions, we begin to understand how to heal our approach. Meanwhile, Mars, re-enters Aquarius for the last time in his long retrograde journey this year. As we've already experienced, Mars in Aquarius can induce some anxiety. But Mars in Aquarius can also help us cut through difficult issues with a level of detachment that codependents drool over. Allow yourself to tackle problems for which you weren't ready until now. You have more tools in the box and more experience to pad your resumé, and Mars in Aquarius grants immeasurable independence of intellect. Keep an open mind.

Tuesday, September 11th
Sun in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, both at 19°, 5:10am PST
Sun in Virgo trine PlutoRx in Capricorn, both at 19°, 8:27am PST

A pleasant line-up this morning as practical energy helps wisdom and power meet by means of service. The Sun in Virgo lends a level of patience for keen listening that makes Jupiter in Scorpio more willing than usual to share what's on his mind. Jupiter's beliefs are strong, overarching and not easily shifted but the Sun shines light on the loopholes in an argument. Pluto's presence emphasizes power dynamics, but in a way that makes parties willing to compromise. These aspects encourage us to have some of the harder conversations that require critical thinking and truths that might feel cold to voice. It's okay to speak for what you need in partnerships, especially when getting your needs met means success on both ends.

Wednesday, September 12th
Jupiter in Scorpio sextile PlutoRx in Capricorn, both at 19°, 12:37am PST
Venus in Scorpio opposite UranusRx in Taurus, both at 2°, 2:01am PST
Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, both at 3°, 8:58pm PST

Jupiter and Pluto have been working out their secrets to power since January 15th, when Jupiter made the first of three sextiles to Pluto. On April 14th, as Jupiter retraced steps in the sign of Scorpio, they spoke again. As Jupiter makes his last pass at the god of the underworld, he sets his philosophy in stone. Think about what has shifted in your life, coming into focus around those dates. Consider something you had last year that you thought was a primary source of your power. Now consider everything you've lost, pushed for, surrendered, cut the cord from, and re-birthed. Like most harmonic aspects, the close of this sextile can be felt in a subtler way than a closing square or opposition but that doesn't mean it isn't important to notice. Write a gratitude list that highlights your personal progress. Celebrate the sweetness of your labors.

Meanwhile, Venus strikes the first of her oppositions to Uranus in her retrograde journey. Venus in Scorpio can get a little possessive while Uranus wants nothing more than to break free. Notice where you're experiencing strain. Often, our attempts to control situations, people and things comes from a survival instinct that's meant to keep us safe. There is safety and pleasure in freedom too. Over the next two months, this series of oppositions will teach us to balance and integrate these energies. You don't have to have it all figured out yet but if you can, practice holding that leash with a little slack.

Later, Venus and Saturn form a stabilizing sextile. Draw attention to how you can get grounded. Where is their pleasure and purpose in the company you keep? This aspect helps us find common ground with intensity of grace and ardent gazes. 

Thursday, September 13th
Mars in Aquarius sextile ChironRx in Aries, both at 0°, 10:21am PST
Mercury in Virgo opposite NeptuneRx in Pisces, both at 15°, 6:32pm PST

This day is filled with cool clarity. Like doing a series of sprints in hundred degree heat and downing a glass of ice water. Beware of brain freeze but know that it's healthy to hydrate. Mars in Aquarius thinks faster than he can speak and might be spinning out over the things he did that he wished he hadn't. Mars sextile to Chiron isn't about undoing the past but learning how to heal from things you would have done differently. Mercury opposite Neptune helps integrate the real with the ideal. Consider how you'd like to feel and take real-time baby steps toward the goal. The first step might be as simple as saying sorry to yourself. A little kindness goes a long way when you give it to number one.

Saturday, September 15th
Mercury in Virgo trine PlutoRx in Capricorn, both at 19°, 7:52pm PST

Mercury is catching up to the Sun quick, crossing through the same territory that the Sun paved over early in the week. Mercury encourages us to talk about how it felt for us while Pluto emphasizes the shift we'd like to feel from the conversation. This aspect is great for therapy or hashing things out with a trusted partner. If you're at a loss for support, writing stream of consciousness under this aspect can bring incredible change in perspective.

Sunday, September 16th
Mercury in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, both at 20°, 4:51am PST
Mercury and Jupiter are like opposite sides of the same coin. Both embody forms of intellect. While Mercury rules the detail-driven, Jupiter reigns in the realm of high philosophy. Together they can pull off some pretty smart schemes. Use this day to talk about particular elements that need to move in ways that support big picture function. Share from the heart about the way you want to see things shift and why altering process helps you show up on a more universal level. These two encourage conversation that takes the big and the small into account. Pay attention to whichever you're most inclined to ignore.