Monday, September 3rd
Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Libra, both at 25°
Pleasant but perhaps subtle in its power, this duo prepares us to process some changes in the way we partner. Mercury, in clearing his retrograde post-shadow passes messages to Venus who is priming herself for her own revisions come mid-October. Pay attention to information that comes your way today. It may find itself useful in the long-run of what you love and how you love it.

Wednesday, September 5th
Mercury in Leo quincunx Mars in Capricorn, both at 29°
Mercury enters Virgo

As Mercury wraps up his extended journey through heart of the lion, he makes one last move with Mars. Mercury provides us with the information that helps us take action. Leo and Capricorn are both signs that hold an enormous amount of power while Virgo humbles us with more grounded endeavors. This day might have us questioning the rational behind power structures and the part we play in them, but Mercury's movements teach us to focus on ourselves. Do something modest but nice for you and notice the shifts your body and mind feel when addressed with affection. Moreover, these gestures teach us how to give power to ourselves instead of over others, thereby equipping us to show up as equals in all affairs.

Thursday, September 6th
Mercury in Virgo quincunx Chiron in Aries, both at 1°
Saturn stations direct at 2° of Capricorn

I could speak for hours on end about the relationship and similarities between Saturn and Chiron. Most poignantly, these planets together teach us about the time and effort it takes to master any skill or process. They are concerned with the endeavor as much as the achievement. They do not offer shortcuts but they do teach us about trying, accepting and offering imperfection. They also reward us with the joy we feel in doing our work and help us see the unnecessary contradictory nature of our relationship to labor. Mercury speaks to Chiron in Aries about the wounds of moving too quickly, guiding us through Saturn's station with impeccable patience. Waiting might be the hardest work we have to do. Inaction is likely more efficient than unconsidered action. Let time take time.

Friday, September 7th
Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus, both at 2°
Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn, both at 2°
Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, both at 15°

As Mercury makes the rounds through a particularly productive trine in earth, the Sun highlights where we may have been deluded about the details of our dreams. This day offers us the opportunity and the energy to pull focus on practical action. A long to do list of possibly short tasks to be taken one at a time. Short may be in the context of a timeless marathon, rather than 30 second split.  This weekend may grant us a compulsion to check off boxes, wrap up programs and get proposals out the door. It's not as much about finishing the whole shebang as it is about propelling through the chores and assignments in the foreground. Notice where you feel a brilliant desire to clean, organize, analyze, lay out, write, fulfill, polish off, and prepare. Practice is the key to perfect imperfection.

Saturday, September 8th
Mercury in Virgo semi-sextile North Node in Leo both at 5°
Venus in Libra square Mars in Capricorn, both at 29°

Semi-sextiles are known for their surprising quality and the North Node represents direction to a karmic path. Notice what feels like a phone ringing off the hook. Allow yourself the pleasure of unpredictability when you pick it up. An open-mind is its own self-fulfilled prophecy. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars duke it out. Venus wants to lay down the law of partnership and Mars is concerned with the actions that enforce it. As Venus is making her way through her retrograde pre-shadow, this aspect is a precursor to a story that will retell itself again in early October, albeit with more intensity and rigidity the second time around. Right now, Venus and Mars are content in their placements; Venus with her social graces in tact and Mars with a strong capacity for tacit learning. This movement offers us an opportunity to practice activity and receptivity. See where you experience the joys of submission and power in yourself.  Note where you give your power away and attempt to take it back with grace, understanding and forgiveness. Refrain from blame (of self or others) and use this moment as an opening to insight.

Sunday, September 9th
Venus enters Scorpio
New Moon at 17° of Virgo

We learn a lot this week about our capacity for the practical. About producing power-from-within. About the principles of possibility and the actions that back them up. As Venus enters the severe sign of Scorpio, the New Moon in Virgo asks us to plant seeds without any extraneous earth that could stop our love from growing. Its aim is accomplish what is "actual", to downsize our load in order to up the quality of our lives. Virgo venerates the intensity of passion that Venus provides and this moon might be more kinky than cold. It is unconcerned with the norm, but inspired by the proof and practice of what works and what doesn't. Opposite Neptune, the New Moon can slip easily through the seams. Pass us by before we notice it's arrived in the first place. Don't underestimate the power of Virgo's humility and the strength of its service. Use this time to sort out the physical now so there is space for the emotional later