Monday, July 16th
12:55am PST: Venus 6°Virgo55’ inconjunct MarsRx 6°Aquarius55’ → This is a moment in which we might have to alter the way we get what we want. Venus is worried that Mars is backtracking but Mars is all tactics. He’ll come around eventually. Unbalanced, Mars in Aquarius breeds frustration while Venus is worried, running around listing all the reasons this relationship won’t work. Notice how changing the plan is provoking you to divine all the challenges that haven’t yet presented themselves. Realize that possible outcomes are just that: possible. They aren’t real until they’re real. Put down analysis paralysis and choose one action for right now. Trust you’ll have the skills to adapt as the story unfolds itself.

8:24am PST: Mercury 19°Leo55’ inconjunct Pluto 19°Capricorn55’ → Pluto might be bothered by Mercury’s exuberant dance out from under his fingertips. Mercury is the god of thieves and always seems to have tricks and tips a plenty. Pluto in Capricorn is very strategic and focused on the master plan. Pluto is concerned that Mercury comes on too strong in Leo but here Mercury has the power to communicate with the courage of a lion. Reign yourself in with a pat on the back and compliments for everyone’s unique abilities. Addressing your strengths and your partner’s talents prompts you into forward action and healthy conversation around shifting schemes.

10:15am PST: Uranus 2°Taurus22’ semisextile ChironRx 2°Aries22’ →  Equivalent to being blindsided, semisextiles throw elements in our path that seem to come from nowhere. With Uranus who naturally deals out unexpected cards, this aspect can has the power to take us aback. Taurus is attune to all five senses and your sense of surprise could be triggered by more than just conversation. Ask yourself: How is your body responding to information? How can you soothe it when the unfamiliar is uncomfortable? How can you heal it when the familiar is unexpectedly painful? It’s okay to not have an answer. Taurus has incredible sensitivity and Uranus rules intuition. Trust your instincts with this one.

Friday, July 20th
3:29am PST: MarsRx 5°Aquarius57’ opposite North Node 5°Leo57’ → Mars’ second pass at the South Node of fate brings us another wave of readiness to let go of something that just isn’t working. If you can, wait to pull the trigger. Mars on the South Node has us fighting for our right to let go but you can’t force it. Sometimes we repeat patterns even when our mind’s made up not to do it. When we can’t explain our irrational actions, we lash out at ourselves. Mars is our warrior and retrograde means we might be fighting with ourselves. What would it look like to surrender to your own inner warrior? What is he/she/they trying to tell you? Can you listen?

6:52am PST: Eris Stations retrograde at 24°Aries05’ → Eris, the seemingly slowest asteroid in the sky, represents the angry feminine in each of us. This girl is ready to back track over steps, and release her inner demons in the name of femme power everywhere. While Eris’ cause is worthy, her tactics sometimes come on so strong that even she can’t see the destruction she causes. Notice where you feel so frustrated you want to erupt. Retrograde stations turn energy inwards and sometimes, while a planet is shifting directions, its expression can be especially turbulent. It’s hard to fight when you’re heated without burning yourself too. Take angry feelings to safe third-parties for now. Later when Eris is more stable, you can channel her energy into passionate activism.

Sunday, July 22nd
2:21am PST: Venus 13°Virgo33’ sextile Jupiter 13°Scorpio33’ → Whether you listened or not, this aspect brings expansive analysis. Venus rules love and money while Jupiter broadens horizons and raises awareness. Try taking today to take inventory. Emotional, financial, physical. These two planets are collaborating. The more clarity you have on your situation (even the nitty gritty details) the better you can enhance it. Don’t be afraid to look at your bank statement (physical or meta). Everybody has to start somewhere and today you have help. Might as well use it.

2:00pm PST: Sun enters Leo → As the Sun enters its home sign our energy expands from early summer nostalgia to full-on party. Sometimes mistaken for attention seeking, Leo is the bonfire we gather around to stay warm. A fire out of control can be dangerous. But no fire at all means a cold hard world. How about the warm heart of a lion? Leo season highlights our creative projects and heart’s path. It awakens the area of our charts where we NEED to shine. Pay attention to the part of your life that feels most active now. The Sun represents our energy. Energy needs to be fed in order to flow. Where do you want to create? What do you want to be known for? In what part of your life do you need to gather strength in order to radiate? This next month highlights the part of our charts where we need the most love. Interestingly, it is also the part where we are capable of giving the most. I hereby invite you to be your best, most heart-centered self, to shower you and everyone you know with compliments and brave, uninhibited acts of kindness.