My readings serve as transformative offerings. They propel and provoke the process of letting go and rebirthing. There is no voodoo and while I use various timing techniques, I cannot tell you specifics about the future. My practice is a philosophical and ethical exposure of the tarot, astrological charts and universal truths. I use my tools in collaboration with you to look at past and present experiences as well as future possibilities. You can expect that readings will be conversational. The intention, together, will be to unveil and clarify patterns so you can activate more agency as you approach whatever life throws at you. I offer experience and direction, guidance and support. I will give you critical honesty and help you find integrity if you’re seeking it. Above all, I will bring compassion .


The natal horoscope is a map of the sky at the exact instant of your birth. It is the map - not the territory. I do not assume anything about you. However, using the date, time and place of your birth, I examine how the sky appeared the moment you took your first breath. Looking at the chart, I can see where each planet was situated above and below the earth in relation to your position on earth. Using degree points to analyze relationships between celestial bodies, I engage the conversations between the angles, planets and luminaries (the Sun and the Moon), to reveal your internal and external processes. Through questions and dialogue, we will determine which of these conversations are the loudest - which affect you the most. We will discuss the may ways you can emphasize or temper the vibration that is available to you in your chart. Depending on the reading, we will also look at current and forthcoming transits so you can make the most of life experiences.


The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards illustrating historical, mythological and esoteric imagery. I use the Tarot as a tool for psychological and spiritual development, shedding fresh perspective on any situation. The Tarot is nothing to fear. I combine my intuition and the imagery in the cards with extensive knowledge of psychological archetypes to build choices, freedom and comfort in every situation.

moon manifesto sessions

Working with the phases of the moon and your personal astrological chart, we create a customized list of guiding principles to help release elements holding you back and grow what you want to grow. This is my most personalized, collaborative and actionable service. I originally developed this method to assist in cultivating healthy change in my own life and experienced shock and awe in light of the radical transformation that resulted from doing the work. We delve deep in this 2.5 hour session, incorporating astrology, tarot, and creative writing techniques to establish a manifesto tailored to your current needs.