Mercury Retrograde Reading

Mercury Retrograde Reading


Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap. Sure, electronics go haywire and communication has a key that doesn't seem to fit the lock but what if there's another, more interesting door? Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year. Why did we decide that this natural law of the universe is a bad thing? The universe is always trying to teach us something. In reality, this is a time for deep reflection, review and potentially stunning renovations.

In this 45 minute reading I will examine where the current/upcoming Mercury retrograde hits in your natal chart. This reading will: 

  • Explain the significance of Mercury Retrograde and how it affects you personally
  • Offer suggestions for best strategies of communicating during this period
  • Provide specific dates and areas of life to act on your goals, press the rewind button, and listen for answers
  • Provide a personalized and detailed investigation of your natal Mercury, how it shapes your communication style and interacts with your chart as a whole
  • Provide a safe space to talk about your communication glitches
  • Provide empowering guidance to help you convey your unique needs and feel heard

$50-90 sliding scale

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