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New Moon in Cancer Ceremony

  • ET: North Oakland (Address is given upon registration) Oakland, CA 94608 USA (map)
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A Full Solar Eclipse (New Moon) perfects at 10°Cancer38’ at 12:16pmPDT on July 2nd. About one week later, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo and begins to backtrack towards the same degree of the forthcoming Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Capricorn. Always in close conjunction with the Nodes of the Moon, eclipses can sharply shift the ground beneath us. Have the extra umph to help us re-right ourselves on our personal paths. This particular eclipse gives us the opportunity to set some intentions for a little more care. To be concerned with community. To seek out security. To synchronize with the soft and the sweet because we feel safe enough to do it. This New Moon is ultimately an opportunity to explore what Cancer has in store for us. In this ceremony we will:

  • Talk about the cycles of the moon and the potent seeds we can plant when it's new

  • Locate the part in each of our charts that contains the sign of Cancer

  • Explain the Lunar Nodes, how they create eclipses and what they can teach us about fate, free-will and your current personal calling

  • Examine how Mercury Retrograde might affect you personally and how this New Moon can help us individually and collectively integrate its lessons

  • Hold space, ground in with meditation, write and share personal experiences with other cis and trans womxn and/or non-binary individuals

  • Engage in exercises that teach us about our emotional bodies and our capacity to mother ourselves

  • Eat snacks and drink tea symbolic of the season and offer self care practices you can take home to try out.

*Please come prepared with your exact time, date and location of birth, something to write with and on, and a device that has a web browser (your phone is A-ok!).

**This event is freely offered to the community. It is also a potluck that encourages (but doesn’t require) service-oriented participation. This practice affirms the value of many ways to help cultivate communal gathering spaces. If you have the resources of energy and nourishment to spare, please bring a snack to share with the group or arrive 20min early to help set up!

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