The Full Moon in Pisces perfects on Sunday, August 26th at 4:56am PST. The day before, the Sun, moving through the early degrees of Virgo, makes fertile trines to Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn and Taurus respectively. The earth element speaks to our incredible capacity to create. Earth, while sometimes the slowest of the elements, marries spirit to matter in manifestations worth waiting for. It is the element through which we see the most tangible change in ourselves and our lives. Saturn emphasizes our capacity for patience with long-term plans while Uranus is the wild card that can’t wait to play itself. Together with the Sun, this harmonious trine grants us the tangible tools to relate our brilliant ideas into remarkable reality.

The day after the Full Moon, Mars stations direct in the last degrees of Capricorn, marking the final turning point in a four month journey that will clear its way through the clouds in early October. Mars’ backwards journey has helped us make potent headway in reckoning ourselves against our long-term aspirations and the actions it will take to get us there. Mars has helped us cut the crap and clear away debris. For some, this has been emotional or psychological and looks like halting out-dated patterns, teaching us to get out of our own way by showing us where we’ve blocked ourselves. For others Mars has had a more external impact, seeming to pluck from our lives people, situations and things that cause more crazy than comfort. Mars’ path has not been an easy one to walk but the view at the summit is stunning and the trail down the mountain should be considerably less troubling moving forward.

Hauling a cargo of rock-hard but stable earth and Mars in the moment of its reveling, we might feel starved for sympathy. Like spirit, the stars do not fail to come through for us. A Full Moon in Pisces embodies the epitome of concern. Infinitely willing to sacrifice  for the sake of any soul in need. Caring beyond compare as it carries us through shadows to slivers of new light. The Full Moon in Pisces is the magnum opus of compassion. Its song may be sorrowful but it is soft and supple as a mother’s arms, rocking us through the floodgates of pain and into an ocean of kindness.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider becoming a member to receive monthly New Moon Manifesto writing tools.


This full moon in Pisces pulls attention to the elements of your experience that go most unregarded. The pieces of your process that are shoved to the bottom of your suitcase. The baggage that somehow seems to stay packed, waiting for you to take the time to open it. It may require some digging to find that fresh bar of familiarly foreign, soft, handmade soap but this full fish moon can be frighteningly pervasive to the boundaries of your personal backpack.

Aries’ often have totes full of energy. Ready at a moments’ notice, you require little to travel, save for the excitement of moving without a map. Constantly jetting off to the unknown is great for getting lost but leaves little time to let yourself be found. And when we are unfounded, it’s hard to feel held when your bags get heavy.

The astrology right now poses pertinent questions around how you rally your resources. It requires more than normal regulation of your responsibilities in regards to your career and is relentless as it asks you to reckon with the worth of your work and how you approach it. As you bound down the sidewalk during Virgo season to where you are most of service, try to notice what has fallen between the cracks. You don’t have to break your back to step on them and it won’t make or break you if you slow enough to see the hurt. 

Aries’ tendency is to appear fearless in the face of friction but this Full Moon is about offering a little empathy to yourself before you fall off the edge. With Jupiter volunteering support in your 8th house of shared assets, take the waning of this lunar cycle to practice fearlessness in the act of asking for help. Your capacity for courage is admirable. We love your lust for life. More than that, we look to you to lead us - yes to joyous territory but also to the tough terrain of vulnerability. Mercury and Venus are dancing through your houses of delight and partnership so tag a teammate to talk it out with you before the next trip. Then take what you need and leave with your luggage a little lighter.



The astrology of this year has brought basketfuls of insight for you dear Taurus. Of unexplained experiences. Eruptions in consciousness. Lightning bolts offering glimpses of unfamiliar ways to witness yourself. As your stable nature finds footing in earth that quakes and shakes, this Full Moon means to make you a plate of long-term hopes and dreams and a place at a table filled with people to empower them. 

With help from Saturn solidifying and stabilizing your faith in something bigger than you, you are free to find joy in the routine of collecting courage to create. Taurus is known for its enduring abilities. It draws lasting power in its promotion of strong principles. Remember that the principles you choose to live by are the pieces of the personality you project. As your infinitely fertile garden outgrows its yard, you get to decide which values to carefully hold and which to bend or break before they break you. Your ruler Venus, is currently sitting pretty at home in your house of shared resources. Venus in Libra lends you loving and conscious encouragement to help you through these deep psychological shifts.

As Uranus sends shudders through the foundation of your identity and cracks the lens through which you see the world, this Full Moon illuminates how deeply you want to be seen for your efforts. How much you want to feel the vibration of a group that holds you. And how hard you are on yourself as you wax on and off in an attempt to shine.

Call in the strength of your sensuality. Allow your creative process to be informed by your  capacity as a creature of comfort. Don’t underestimate the value of your keen sense for aesthetics. When you coax your ideas with compassion instead of critique, they blossom into seductively sweet feasts for the eyes of friends and followers.



This lunar cycle pulls particular attention to the highest rises of your public persona and most profoundly private pieces to the puzzles that you find yourself trying to solve. While the Sun shines light on familial routines, the Moon begs compassion for how you show up (or don’t) in the external world. 

The nature of Gemini is to be constantly in motion. To wins us all over with words of wit and wisdom that wave hello and goodbye with one graceful gesture of a hand. There is a pull to perform and constant criticism of changed minds and fluctuating heartbeats. But the nature of change forms the magic of your mystery. You inspire with the spirit of subtle winds. Your ability to communicate grants a dexterity to delve openly into vulnerable ideas that others only dare to discover in the safety of solitude.

As Saturn solidifies schemes of soul partnerships, Uranus inspires you to support yourself in areas that might feel unfamiliar and unfathomable to your generally bubbly nature. Grant yourself permission to pierce through your surface as you tap into privately held heartache. Trust that your depths are are more authentic than others assume. Remember that assumptions do not make up the entirety of any one individual. 

Mars’ station direct and this Grand Trine in earth gives you an unusual opportunity for moving deep rooted feelings into the light of awareness. It’s okay to feel something without words to describe it. It’s okay to offer kindness to a part of you that doesn’t want to be untangled or picked apart. It’s okay to make space for simplicity. It’s okay to give and receive warmth without a rational reason to need it. 



The Full Moon in Pisces is particularly focused on your faith. With the Moon as your ruler, the ocean in which Pisces swims can sometimes feel like an overwhelming wave. You, Cancer, understand the importance of barriers and boundaries. Your shells illuminate your ageless wisdom, guided by the art of erosion. You are persistent in your will to not be washed away. Your attune to the tides tells tons about your ability to take emotions and twist a tale from them. When your well of water becomes full, you are creative beyond compare, shaping feelings into great acts of kindness and care.

When Pisces pays you a visit, your faith in the infinite quality of your element gets tested. It is a chance for you to prove how truly tenacious you are. Each time it floods, it asks you to swim deeper than you thought was possible and to release more control that you care to. And, each time, it wants to envelope you in a shell whose casing might seem capricious but carries a creed of limitless compassion for your untold vulnerability.

As Uranus incites you to find groups that can hold your highest tides and welcome the ripples of your relaxing and recovering waves, Saturn strengthens your intimate and individual bonds with partnerships that can provide beyond your wildest dreams. The Sun and the Moon are dancing in your houses of learning and teaching. While the Sun prunes away lessons that are old and need less of your attention, shift focus to where the universe wants to fill your cup with more hope than you might want to give. It’s okay, even natural to want to protect yourself from wild tides but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a swim in that magical sea of sensitivity. It is your great power. Use it.



Eclipse season lent you a set of stunning but intense lunations, creating confidence and crises through profound opportunities to grow. This full Moon in Pisces is the first since the luminaries have eased off your identity. As such, it puts a little less pressure on you to purr. 

While the Sun shines its light over your house of personal wealth, it might feel like there’s little left in the bank. Nevertheless, the Moon helps account for the lion with a lot more love and washes you clean before it lets you lick any still healing wounds. Permit yourself to accept support in the form of feelings that resonate. Refrain from yanking your brush through hair that needs a fine-tooth comb. Notice where your judgement blocks you from receiving gentle strokes that care to untangle your mane.

While the Moon works its magic, Saturn helps you stabilize yourself through acts of service. Everyday routines call for your enduring leadership and abundance of positive affirmation for your fellows. You may see more clearly than others where they can make a little improvement. Thankfully, Leo understands that love goes a long way when it comes to inspiring others to show up. Meanwhile, Uranus sends sparks flying in your house of career, energizing projects that have just begun to brew. It might take some time before those wisps of light work their way into a full-fledged flame. Admire the flutter your heart makes when seeds begin to sprout and be prepared for changes along the way.

The Full Moon in Pisces aims to flood you with an infinite reserve of compassion so you’re ready for the long haul. Leo reminds us that there’s no such thing as asking for too much love. It’s okay to need as much as you give. Your fire burns brighter the more it is fed so let yourself be well-nourished in this light.



The Full Moon in Pisces might aim to kill you with compassion. Flood you with concern. Forgive you for every fault you found and unfreeze the wells of blocked up tear-ducts. Pisces knows the hard front you put up is proof of how many punches are thrown inwards. As the Full Moon illuminates your house of intimate partnerships, Pisces parades conscious forgiveness with frightful force. 

Virgo thrives on the details. On carefully considered and calculated medicine for any malady. On healing hurts through the physical body before the higher consciousness. Virgo cures with the minimalist mind, easily digesting and discarding anything you don’t need. Because to have a need might mean not being needed. Because it feels as though there’s no remedy for a lack of to-do list. But with Saturn setting up plans for patience with play and Uranus shaking up your life with hope and, dare-I-say, belief in something bigger, this Full Moon wants you to allow yourself to need with necessary conviction.

Regardless of how hard you work at your exemplary ideal, Pisces will give you anything and everything. Whether you are pure and perfect or a perfect mess, Pisces will peel the shirt off its back for the sake of your most serious soul. 

This Moon will refuse to pick you apart. It will not cave to the crack of your whip. Its embrace will be unfathomably gentle if you allow it to hold you. It will witness with the wisdom of non-judgement, even if you judge it. It will refrain from calling you out because it knows that you have already covered that base. If you’re willing to take a dose of its understanding and gentleness, compassion will be the indefinable cure-all.



A Libra that is listless in love struggles to feel its feet on the ground. As this lunation highlights your daily routines of self-care and your willingness to suffer in the name of romance, it may be difficult to activate partnership without first energizing yourself. This Full Moon points out where you may be sacrificing all of your time and energy for the sake someone or someones who aren’t reciprocating your delightful devotion.

The Sun spends the next month transiting your 12th house of shadows and secrets. While this Moon fills you with the fire to tend your own flame, you may want to check yourself in for extra attention. Let your daily routines be lavishly detailed. Soak yourself in softness. Sway to a tune of TLC for that body that is more than worth worshiping. Worship yourself to find balance and watch as you stimulate confidence with cadence.

Saturn lends a steady base from which grow deeper roots. Look to elders who can offer kindness, care and practical counsel while Uranus ignites your interest in unforeseen inheritances. Remember that money is only one form of wealth. Admire the grace and charm that continues to bless you in partnerships and remember that loveliness knows no bounds. To be born under Libran influence is to be followed by elegance in all ages. 

The Full Moon in Pisces reminds you that the pains which come with partnership will wash away but the beauty you bring to life will have eternal effects. Allow yourself the pleasure of basking in them.



Pisces may be the only sign that can match your depths dear Scorpion. For this, you admire it. And yet, Pisces will rarely match your endurance in the process of merging. It is the water that refuses to sit still in your swamp. It will rush over you in a torrential downpour, the only sign to offer such an intense cascade of cleansing. But when it is done, it will leave you. For this, you fear it.

But Pisces too, has admiration for your power. It acknowledges that you do not need it to stay in order for you to heal. It saturates you with faith and lets you do the work of recreating yourself. It understands that this is your right of passage and it trusts in your mastery of knowing deeply what you alone need.

Virgo, on the other hand, will serve you faithfully. As the Sun illuminates your 11th house of groups, notice who shows up to shine your shoes. Bask in the gratitude of friends who share careful consideration and consent to your questions. This Full Moon makes you make your own magic. In this, you have never been lacking. Trust yourself enough to lather in it. 

As Saturn helps you find your feet in the ritual of daily conversation, Uranus primes you for surprising partnerships, knocking you in and out of balance as you practice trying on several pairs of pumps. It might take time to determine the just-right fit before you consider yourself worthy of scholarship. Know that you may have more books on the shelf and psychological tools in your box than you give yourself credit for. Note that your intellect is informed by an incredible emotional expertise. It’s okay to use it for transcendent creative prowess, especially if you’re willing to share it.



This Pisces Full Moon highlights what it takes for you to feel at home. Unusual in your nesting nature, Pisces understands your hunger for infinite space. It acknowledges that you find comfort in the fierce unfolding of culture. Ease in the extension of your limbs so long as they lift you up to mountain tops under expansive skies. It offers your restless wandering heart a haven where your higher-mind is not just tolerated but revered. 

As the Sun moves through your 10th house of public affairs, critical eyes might seem to follow you in every front-facing arena. While you may not dance in the daunting details, you definitely know how to disco when called upon to do so. As Saturn pleas for your patience with restricted resources, you might find stability in a more practical type of planning than your generally loosy-goose style. Meanwhile, Uranus is setting off explosives in your daily work, releasing you from responsibilities that may have held you down too long.

Pisces sweats with sensitivity. Is certain in its sympathy. Seeks truth that is more spiritual than sensible. And when it fills up the cup that waters your roots, Pisces’ eye for empathy impacts your private personal growth in ways only you can be acquainted with. Allow this lunar cycle to permeate all of your uncharted waters. Remember you find home in all that is determinedly undetermined. Find solace in the ambiguity of your ambition. Know that your unrevealed desires to dream a better future are more than enough for the moment.



This Full Moon illuminates all the ways you can listen to learn something new. As someone who can critically engage the essential quality of every element, gaining high or deep ground depends on some gentle self-reflection. You, who are always aiming to be good from the beginning to the end. You, who reaches highest and has patience to wait the longest. Even in the slow moments, you can run out of bandwidth for the seemingly superficial parts of your regular routine. The daily grind. The cleaning up, making up and showing up to conversations with clemency. Clemency which comes from your profound understanding of context. With such a toolbox at your disposal, is it possible that you are not as discerning when it comes to judging yourself? Better still, forgiving yourself?

Sometimes you might receive intangible answers to your untold questions but silence doesn’t mean a response isn’t there. Sometimes you need to feel deeper into the cup of your consciousness. Sometimes the simplicity of observation is all you’re required to curate.

It is difficult, dear Capricorn, to place a price tag on your faith. Practical in your preemptive planning, logic takes you far. But you are also strong in your leadership because you make a place for every perspective. Because you see no task too giant or too teensy to be worth your time. As Saturn moderates your massive list of meetings and your address book, Uranus opens doors to optimistic enterprises. Meanwhile, the Sun in Virgo emphasizes the details that make your empirical faith worthwhile for your all-encompassing expansion. 

Allow this Moon to lend you belief in the regularity of your work. Piscean principles are already embedded in your traditional techniques. Focus on how to think big when it comes to something small. See the ground from a worm’s eye view and admire as your world transforms itself. You don’t have to make dramatic moves to achieve epically different outcomes but you might have to use the wild side of your brain to see clearly when you look in the funhouse mirror.


This eclipse season was a restless time to wrestle with. As the luminaries ease off your unique approach to individuality the Full Moon in Pisces offers a complimentary cleanse. Aquarius, who bears the water so others can bathe in it. Aquarius who carries the cup so others can drink from it. Aquarius, who dots the skies with stars and offers hope to anyone who seeks it. Aquarius who is extraordinarily enchanting, yet dry and distant as a desert dust-storm. You, too deserve a downpour for your parched lips. For if you do not have water, what will you carry to others?

This Moon reminds you to replenish your resources. With the Sun serving up special sauce in your eighth house of loss, the Moon illuminates everything you desperately need and can give to yourself. While Saturn creates solid structures for you to intimate with your deepest self, Uranus inspires you to examine the heritage that helps you feel safe (or not). What roots are ready to be ripped out? What home are you anxious to evict yourself from? What do you need to hear to feel safe in your staying power?

With so much focus on how you hold your ground, it is tempting to want to take flight. Freedom is a call that will forever ring in your ears. Pisces’ ocean is an amorphous safety net. Yet, this structureless quality excites your brilliant faculty for building breakthroughs. 

Take these weeks to take stock of fields that have been cleared so you can scatter new seeds. As Pisces rains bring sustenance to your personal soil, save something for yourself. Sharing hope is infinitely easier when we’ve set a strong supply aside for tougher times.



You, who feel it all. Who absorbs and engulfs. Who overwhelms with wishes and somehow wins even when you lose. Who can see the secrets sewn between the seams and knows that the details of fine stitching summate to something strikingly spiritual. It is your ability to download hope amidst every suffering that helps you survive beyond all sane sense. But sanity has never been the key to your door of happiness. Rather, the elusive allure of imagination may be a more rational motivation for movement.

As Saturn provides solid ground in your system of friends, Uranus wakes up your regular routine with radical and revolutionary movements. You may feel the need to mix it up by coming and going more often than normal. While sleep might be your M.O., this Moon helps you secure sustenance through day dreaming schemes with whoever is in your immediate vicinity.

Virgo season offers a critical view of your trends dear Pisces. It’s easy to feel stung by the seemingly insensitive evaluations of how you move through the world. But you bring necessary fluidity to an otherwise categorical moment in time. 

Start this season with a spell of forgiveness. Pray for the power of compassion for anyone who shakes your shame to the surface. When you let your vulnerability be visible you give everyone permission to be human. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the hurting. Shower yourself in solitude when you need it and drink giant gulps of concern. Your kindness does not make you a pushover. The strength to feel and still forgive is an ultimately underestimated force in a world which operates with so much fear. Use this masterful technique, knowing the temporary and fleeting force of your floods.

Virgo SeasonErin Shipley