The last Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo for the next eight years perfects at 9:16PM PST on Sunday January 20th, 2019. This moon is a celebration of warmth. An explosion of power. An honoring of all the work we’ve done to highlight the heat in our hearts. This Moon sits between Venus in Sagittarius’ trine to Mars in Aries and Venus’ conjunction to Jupiter the following Tuesday. This Moon has the power to uplift our faith in ourselves by complimenting all the efforts we’ve put into redefining how and what our love can look like. Meanwhile, Mercury applying to a conjunction with the South Node in Capricorn scatters the final crumbs of waiting that are ready to be swept away if we’ll just decide to sweep ourselves off our own feet. Mercury in Capricorn is known for prudence rather than poetry. Looking to Saturn for direction, Mercury in Capricorn is clear and patient as it considers the path forward. Mercury in Capricorn always has a plan. Part of the key to this eclipse will be examining carefully what structures need to go if we want to get going with our love. Saturn, slow but steady, works his way toward Pluto. These two power players might not make nice but they will definitely make change. The North Node in Leo was about maximizing our love by accessing our individuality. As eclipses shift into the Cancer/Capricorn axis, we’ll be building a container for the all the heart we’ve called forth. We’ll be learning to make the best of limitations. We’ll become competent in caring through the complications and the curve balls. We’ll remove blocks by finding new roads. We’ll turn challenges into exciting improvisations. This last Leo eclipse works within both of these polarities.

Eclipses excite change. They bring things in and let things go. Remember that if anything is meant to stay, the universe will make sure of it. If it’s meant to leave, the best we can do is express our gratitude for everything it gave us. Let the tides hold you. Let cycles of sorrow give way to sweetness. And whenever possible, wake up to the warmth you want to work with.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider making a contribution.

horoscope for aries and aries rising

Whenever a light goes out, I will reignite it. I will illuminate all the ways my ideals give me access to the opportunities that are right for me. I will activate myself as the answer.

As Venus trines my ruler Mars from my ninth house of higher education, I will lead by learning how to receive when I’m teaching. When she squares Neptune in my twelfth house of endings, I will affirm that joy is not a sacrifice I am willing to make. With this eclipse accentuating what makes me unique in my eleventh house of friends and collective progress, I will revel in all the radical love I have to share. I will romance my own heart first until it is full of spirit as my central source of sustenance.

The current stellium in Capricorn is asking for focus on my work. Requiring my dedication to closing doors that keep me distracted. Securing a safety net might mean having patience for the tasks that seem to tie me down but really tie me together. I will put power into prioritizing effort that is purposeful. I will use my intuition to light the way. I will trust the nagging voice in my gut that says no. I will hone my attention to acknowledge my hunger for any type of nutrients. As an Aries, my natural aptitude for acting on instinct is in perpetual evolution. I will cultivate the conscious connection required to assist it.

This Moon pays tribute to the projects I’ve birthed in the last year and a half. Croons compliments to my creativity. Is affirmation of my artistry. I will remember how critical it is for me to express myself through a multitude of means, regardless of who’s listening. While others are busy letting bread cool, I’ll busy myself with baking more bread. I’ll beat a new batter. Mix something up for the sake of making myself merry. And when the loaves crown into golden crust, I’ll shiver with the pleasure of slicing and sharing it. 

horoscope for taurus and taurus rising

I rise from my roots. Anything I reap, I’ve sown it. All that I’m celebrating, I’ve earned it. All that I’m releasing, I’m letting go with gratitude. 

As Venus approaches her conjunction to Jupiter in my eighth house of loss and shared assets, I’m leaning into the freedom I feel when I move on. I’m soaking in the sweet sauce mixed by everyone who’s loaned me ingredients to life. I’m releasing my grip on anything that’s controlling me because I tried to control it with my mind. I’m finding faith in the friction that inspires me to work on making myself over. I’m opening the door to the idea that my success is an inside job.

As the Sun enters my 10th house of career, achievement and reputation, this Moon highlights  the homegrown kindling that keeps me warm when no-one is looking. I will focus on the fortune of safety in my fortress. I will attend to my origins. I will offer my ancestors and elders the respect of reconnecting our realities. I will affirm that even if we differ in many debates, their experience is part of what made me. I am willing to learn from it.

The current stellium in Capricorn is forcing me open to new ideas. Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node might seem like a mom nagging me out the door. I might feel pressure to adventure. Coerced by my inner critic into studying extensive subjects. I might feel the impossibility of never knowing enough. It’s important that I recognize this voice as inspiration to leap into the lessons I actually want to learn. I will be critical about my curriculum. I will refine my vision of my quest for knowledge. I will hone my focus on what stirs my spirit before I waste my resources running through a syllabus that doesn’t speak to me.

Meanwhile, the Cancer North Node calls me to come back to basics. Tells of my trajectory towards better tact. Guides me to enjoy the attention in my immediate environment. I will sing a sweet song of sympathy to my siblings and neighbors. The kind of communication I call forth is currently critical. I will curate class in my correspondences. When I work with information, I will devote myself to the details. I will be energetic in my affection for all that is essential. And I will remember that my curiosity is a key if I want to make that call.

horoscope for gemini and gemini rising

I am a figment of my faith. I am a fighter for everyone’s pursuit of happiness. I am adrenalized by my intimates. I am the bearer of valorous visions for my vibrant community.

This eclipse rocks the boat in the part of my chart that keeps me connected. Commemorates my capacity to start a party wherever I go. No matter how chaotic the waves, PARTY ON A BOAT because there’s always an ocean of something to celebrate. 

My joy can be the juice that keeps everyone else going. And while I’m pouring it, I’ll remember that raising resources and awareness for the things I believe in is definitely something in which to delight.

This eclipse considers that carrying pleasure and concern in the same gift-bag is always an appropriate offering. This eclipse is an affirmation of my both/and mentality rather than either/or ideas. This eclipse is putting pressure on me to let go of the voice that says I have to lose some of myself in order to gain any ground. 

As Saturn approaches Pluto, and Mercury makes nice to the South Node in my Capricorn eighth house of psychology, I will flip the pressure switch. I will consider where the work I’m doing on me crosses the boundary between self-reflection and self-deprecation. 

I will place my confidence in the value of my community. I will connect to my ability to see all angles as the core of my charisma. I will right-size my perspective by asking my many significant others to help me see the boatload of bliss that I bring. I will play switch between captain and best mate. Whenever the wind changes, I’ll revel in my talent for tacking a sail. And when all goes overboard, I’ll remember that sinking and swimming are both best options depending on what kind of calm I want to see after the storm. 

horoscope for cancer and cancer rising

I am closing the gap between myself and my kindred. Every time I cringe I get a little closer to what is kind. Every time I hurt I remember I have heart. Every time I’m disappointed I hear that I have hope. That I am whole. That there are pieces of me and my goals worth working for. 

As Venus approaches Jupiter in my 6th house of health and service, I will welcome the opportunity I find in routine. I will activate my luck by listening for it in everyday in-betweens. I will remember that a regimen of optimism expands anything I touch. That enthusiasm can support my cycles going viral. That a smile is the easiest first step in the direction of success. And if I’m inclined to “wing it”, I will sink into my sensitivity to help me soar downwind.

When I feel pressure from my partnerships, I will carve out extra recovery for myself. I will remember that time spent with souls who tug on mine the most might mean I need a little extra separate space away to see what’s right for me. Might require my reflection on how affected I am by the ones who have my affection. Might ask me if I’m consistently accessing spaces that support my process. Might suggest I’m worthy of more if I’m willing to seek it. 

This Moon demands my due diligence to dive deep into my personal resources. Asks me to own what rich means for me. Celebrates the abundance I’ve earned over the last year and a half. Reminds me how affluent I am in the craft of creating. Nods to my knowledge of the wealth that comes from my warmth. Sanctions my strength in the art of romance. This Moon is a missile and a message. An S.O.S. reminder that the flame within me that others ignite is always mine. I can carry it wherever and to whomever but my heat rises from the core of my heart.

horoscope for leo and leo rising

When the world gets dark, I will remember that I am the light. When my community grows cold, I will maintain my magical talent to be the warmth wherever I go. When my daily grind is filled with frustrating power dynamics, I will remember that regality come from my confidence and my kindness. That my virtue is built on my ability to be courageous in the everyday. That my strength stands out with slow persistence in showing up to meaningful service.

As the Sun enters my seventh house of intimate partnerships, I will make an extra effort to affirm the unique qualities that make my loved ones meaningful to me. I will entertain the idea that we are all on equal playing fields. I will look through a lens that loves individuality. I will honor that the things which frustrate me about others are a part of me too. I will laugh with them. I will revel in my awareness of how silly our superiority complexes can be. Likewise, I will notice the traits I admire most in others and I will strive to see them in myself.

With Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the South Node stacked in my 6th house of health and routine engagement, I will work hard to release rituals that aren’t serving me. I will let go of a narrative that says my work is useless. I will focus on the freedom I find when I prioritize the purpose that underlies each enterprise.

Meanwhile, Venus and Jupiter are feeding my creative habit in my 5th house of having fun. I will not deny myself the practicality of pleasure. I will remember that when the world is serving me some sweetness, it’s my job to receive it. When faced with the option, I will allow myself abundance in the form of enjoyment.

horoscope for virgo and virgo rising

My dance can be manic and still magical. My pattern can be impractical and still filled with purpose. My longing can be wild without wounding me irreparably.

This eclipse highlights all the work I’ve done on my shadows over the past year and a half. On the paths that undo me. On the thoughts that imprison me. On the people for whom I’d sacrifice an unreasonable plenty because my love is profound. On the pain that, despite its potency, I have learned to transform into my own source of power.

With Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the South Node building pressure in my 5th house of personal projects, creative passion, and romantic affairs, I will commit to unearthing my pleasure. This group of planets and points asks for a release that isn’t altogether easy. But their demand is a worthy one. Over the next year and a half, I need to learn the art of discrimination when it comes to my desire. They want me to earn my keep so I can keep creating on course.

I will not be whimsical when I focus on fun. I will release any people, places or projects that bring depression disguised as delight. I will work to truly understand what propels me into pleasure. I will design my distractions to be nutrient-rich and flush with intention. So my cup gets filled completely when I’m not on the job.

Venus and Jupiter are making merry in my 4th house of home and origins. These two benefics are happy to nourish my most private needs for freedom. As the Sun lights up my sixth house of service, it will have help from Venus and Jupiter. The dynamic between Sagittarius and Aquarius is bliss for my brainy nature.

I will pay attention to philosophical conversations that present themselves. I will take the time to talk. To tease my ideals out of the details. My eagerness for learning is so comfortable that I may not be aware of it. Right now, there is an abundance of freedom I can find in exchanges that support my process of visioning. I will value them.

horoscope for libra and libra rising

When home feels hard, I’ll expand my understanding of safe space. When the pressure from my patterning is through the roof I’ll remember that opportunities for change arise from my optimism. When I get wistful for something I think I can’t have, I’ll ask myself if I’ve tried asking for it.

While Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are pushing for my patience as I make shifts in where I lay my foundation, Venus and Jupiter are sending me out to socialize. These benefics bring luck, light and dare I say love to my life if I can free myself to float with them. Saturn might have me feeling like I need to stay in and study but Venus is my ruler, and she’s betting on me benefiting from time spent with sister-like spirits.

I will soak myself in a sweet surrender to socializing. I will create a list of key questions that help me get clear on the community currents. I will be mindful that friends of friends who fall into my field might have something delightful to share with me.

I will be precise about my nesting needs. I’ll be compassionate with my housemates while I take purposeful privacy. The North Node in Cancer is pulling me out of my shell to create a kinder container for me and everyone I touch. I will show up to the responsibility of this task, regardless of anyone else’s behavior. Ultimately, my integrity matters to me most.

Meanwhile, this eclipse highlights my 11th house of groups and long-term dreams. Over the past year and a half, I have done some serious reshaping of the way I relate to my community and how I define myself within it. I will take a moment of gratitude for all I’ve let go. I will give thanks for the tribe that’s changed with me. I will express my thrill at the practice I’ve put into being more theatrical. Most unusual. Extremely unique in the every possible positive expression. I’ll applaud the hearts that were warmed by my role-play. I’ll celebrate that drama that wasn’t as daunting as I thought. I’ll clap for all the ways I’ve individuated as the key to being the best me.


horoscope for scorpio and scorpio rising

This eclipse is kind to the idea that I’m killing it. That I’ve created a new class for myself when it comes to my career. This eclipse is a celebration of my reputation. A moment to honor all I’ve moved in my most public pursuits. 

If I have any question about my power, I can put them down. If I have any doubt about my dignity, all I have to do is look inwards. If I have any concern about whether or not I care enough, all I need is to examine the encouragement coming from my community.

With Venus and Jupiter making magic in my second house of value, I might be debating some risks with my resources. Money might feel like a monster to me. Might generally be an object of obsession. A chest of distress. But with these two benefics nesting near my gathering basket, I can look for low-hanging fruit. As a Scorpio, wealth is a source of wonder. When I incline myself to the current of exchange, I remember that loss leads to the profit of powerful lessons. Sharing and merging assets is a practice for which I’m designed. I’ll dream up many different ways to express this destiny.

While Saturn, Pluto and Mercury apply pressure in my third house of elementary learning, I will buff up on my basics. My skill comes from confidence. My talent rests on charisma. I will not neglect this foundation for the sake of manipulating details that will ultimately maneuver me. My ability to communicate is strongest when I come back to my core. These planets want to teach me about my relationship to superfluous theory. Ultimately, everything I’m learning is valid and true but what works for me might not be so technical. 

I will remember that elegance as a concept is an expression of equality. I will hone an aesthetic in which I balance willingness to look where others turn a blind eye. I am here to help illuminate the unspeakable. I will trust in my sight to spot sour vs. sweet. I resolve to be resilient under any restrictions. I will turn any impediments into soaring learning curves. When in doubt, I will remember that paradox is a critical tool in my toolbox. Like a flashlight in a pitch black room, expansive perspective and my strength of sensation will find the hidden key to any unusual lock. 


horoscope for sagittarius and sagittarius rising

I am holy when I recognize my wholeness. I am divine when I delight in my dementia. I am way better off when I license my laughter, even in the most grave situations. Even when my meditations make my hair stand on end. Even when my reflections are repulsive. It is my awareness of any over-the-top irrationality that helps me switch gears. That reminds me I am sane enough to scope it out before I act on anything that doesn’t serve.

Self-realization can take me on a joy ride if I’m willing to see myself seeing. As Venus and Jupiter strut their stuff through my first house of identity, I will pay extra attention to loving myself. These benefics are bringing goodness my way. Their fortunes will multiply if I master faith in myself.

Meanwhile, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto are throwing a lame party in my second house of wealth and resources. Saturn and Pluto together have the power to propagate some fear. This fear might be demanding but it’s definitely here to help. If I’m acknowledging alarm around my money, I can mold my angst into motivation. Saturn ultimately wants slow and steady movement, sometimes a difficult task for my fluid nature. But Saturn loves my confidence and won’t ask too much of me in the moment. Rather, Saturn wants my small-scale steps. I will remember that these are virtually effortless for my street-smart spirit. I will set myself up to set a little aside for myself. I will enjoy the experiment of slow growth for the sake of a giant blossom. I will remember that the journey is the bulk of my dream. I will initiate a trip that revolutionizes my resources.

As the Sun lights up my third house of siblings, neighbors and fundamental lessons, I will be keen to create more connection. Spending time with my sisters might stir up my savviness. Might offer solid support in the form of contemporary ideas. Curated uniquely for me by the universe. Brought forth by my brethren. I will be open to hearing them.

Meanwhile, this Moon pulls tension to my 9th house of all Sagittarian swagger. It honors the heart I’ve put into educating myself. It throws a rager to praise my truth that is ever-expanding when I travel, figuratively and literally. It is an affirmation of the growth I get when I let myself be a culture vulture. I will use this moon to activate rituals that help me ripen. To soar with my spirit of unbroken hope. To remember my heart is held in the air through which my arrow whistles. I am the answer to every prayer. When I create, I birth life and a light I can always carry with me.


horoscope for capricorn and capricorn rising

My prosperity is a product of my poise. A creation of my confidence. A result of my self-respect. My success comes in seasons. Is continually recycled and redefined. Is slow to grow and I like it that way. 

As the Sun enters Aquarius, life and light are brought to my resources. This might ask me to look carefully at what I already own. Where I have a ton of talent, even when I’m drained. Where I’m teeming with time, even when my schedule feels tight. I will consider the cost of the way I am operating in the present moment. As this eclipse pulls tension to my 8th house of loss and shared resources, I will not deny how my concern with work is completely contradictory. Where my labors have me leaving love for later when I desperately need it right now. Where my desperation to make something happen has me refusing to see that I don’t need to gain anyone’s approval but mine. 

This eclipse wants to remind me how much I learned this last year about letting go. About giving up control and thereby collecting a lot more warmth. About the courage required to calm my commands so I can greet competition with charisma. So I can meet other masters who have chosen me as a worthy challenge. So I can offer them the respect of asking for their input. So I can accept that someone might be more than willing and able to help if I let them. So I can see myself more clearly through someone else’s sweetness.

When I see others suffer I will not smirk. When I see others thrive, I will be inspired. I will not be deterred when I watch someone develop into bloom. As a Capricorn, I like to lay a considerable foundation. To understand the ends and the means before I begin making. I will not deny myself the slow and steady process that makes my work as magnificent as it is. When I am afraid of falling behind, I will refrain from comparing any section of my start to another’s long-time prime.

This week, Venus will conjoin Jupiter in my 12th house of all the super-scaries. Despite the nature of this placement, Venus and Jupiter aim to lighten my load. Offer twinkling eyes to the hardest haunts. These two can show me how important it is to understand suffering. How this empathy supports my capacity as a natural supporter. I will make it a goal to be a safe confidante. To be reserved with my judgement and comprehensive with my compassion. I will draw silver lines around every cloud. Offer hope in any storm. Joy is not always my most accessibly expressed emotion but Venus and Jupiter are working on my ability to be a bearer of bliss. I will remember that happiness, too, has great purpose.

horoscope for aquarius and aquarius rising

This eclipse offers me an abundance of intimacy. Copious closeness. Care beyond compare. Whether I’m  crooning to myself or kindly coupled, this Moon is a nod to all the consciousness I’ve cultivated this last year. As the Sun sings into my sign, I will beckon the brightness I find in reflective company. I will examine where I’ve opened myself as an equal to my more immediate idols.

With Saturn, Pluto and Mercury meddling up a cocktail of restraint in my 12th house of secrets and fantasies, I might feel unable to introvert. Extra aware of my desperation for time to myself. I might need to promote a purposeful practice of meditating on moments that are just for me. These planets are working over my sacrifices. Demanding that I not be a doormat. Forcing me to dig for the diligence that deals me hope instead of horror. I will own up to the task of sorting my sweet dreams from my sickening nightmares.

As Venus and Jupiter conjoin in my 11th house of everything Aquarian, I will let myself loose a little to spend time with friends. I will remember how much gathering gives to me. I will school myself in social occasioning. I will recognize that my concern for the collective requires I coalesce with it. If I keep myself too separate I might lose out on the opportune moments that Venus and Jupiter want to jump for.

I will hang old patterns out to dry. I will patiently untangle any messes in my mind without making myself a monster. I will patch up the holes in my favorite pants and then I will wear them in every relationship. I will embroider a blossoming community. If I prick my finger while I thread the needle, I will not shy away from my tears. The smallest aggressions against myself add up over time. I will continue to undo them. And when I am ready, I will strut my stuff in exceptional style, knowing it’s special because I made it myself.


horoscope for pisces and pisces rising

I am a pirate in uncharted seas. I am the (wo)man overboard. I am the captain and best mate. The row and the oars. The sail and the wind. The storm and the sea. And if I have any doubt about my ability to do a job, I will remember how fluidly I swim through chaos when it concerns me.

As the Sun enters my 12th house of all things Piscean, I might be prone to productive fantasy. Might take this time for solitary sentiments. For going home and dreaming big. For escaping to the spaces that rule by resting. That recharge me with reveries. That instigate my imagination.

Meanwhile, this Leo eclipse highlights all the warmth I’ve cultivated in the scope of my service. Is affirmation of jobs addressed expertly because I used my creativity to define what is clever. It is the summation of the health I’ve hunted down through my day-to-day details. If there’s anything left for me to do, it’s placed in the hands of practice. When I bring the light of innocence to my habits, passion to my routine and courage to my condition, I become a beautiful beast. A force to be reckoned with. A punch of the power that comes with not quitting just because it hurts.

When I continue to advocate for altruism, I am most at ease. A benefactor of brightness. As Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the South Node wash old mates out to sea, I might feel a rush of responsibility to my crew. I might want to restrain my generally generous agenda. These planets want me to discern who is devoted to the values I hold dear. To understand others’ love languages and where they align with mine. It wants me to get clear on how I want to be connected. This process will require me to play with new principles and won’t happen overnight. But part of my work is identifying the groups that feed my particular plans for pleasure.

Venus and Jupiter are voyaging through my 10th house of excessive achievement, bringing sublime energy to my most public pursuits. I will use this moment to allow myself some limelight. I’ll remember that the right color sparkle can spark another’s much-needed sympathy. I will use this time to advocate for avenues of compassion with the actions that back it up. I will walk the walk as much as I talk about it.

As a fish I don’t always want to be seen. Am often content to cruise with the school. When I am afraid I’ll remember I’m a capable chameleon. I can sink back into disguise whenever I want but I’ll use that awareness to dive into dreaming out loud. I will whisper to the world just how lovely it could be if we each give respect to our elders, care to community and share the wealth because everyone’s worth it.