Thursday, November 22nd
9:39pm PST: Full Moon at 0°Gemini52’

In true Gemini fashion, this Full Moon weaves a wily story. Wants us to walk back to the beginning. Asks us questions about the narrative we’ve been nurturing, since long before we were born.

This Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, currently retrograding in its opposite sign of Sagittarius. The stirrer of sincerity. The teller of truths. The awakener of hope. The archer of infinite wisdom gained when we pull ourselves from ground level comfort in order to gather overarching compassion for every creature. Sagittarius wants us to sacrifice our truth-stretching for the sake of seeing the light. If we do this, Sagittarius knows we open ourselves to activate change in traditions that don’t serve. Helps us expand honor with our honesty.

It is no accident that this Full Moon takes place on a day that has two very opposite tales. Gemini, the sign of the twins, might be testing our thanks. Directing us to play devil’s advocate. Telling us to talk about the elephant in the room before we fill our plates with fiction. Asking us to govern our gratitude with a re-analysis of the “golden days.”

For many, this Thursday is a National Day of Mourning. A day to remember those who died at the hands of pilgrims who misused their power. A day to honor those who have endured immeasurable losses of lands they love wholly with body, mind and spirit. A day to serve those whose cultures have been sabotaged in savage ways. A day to devote ourselves to those who are still suffering the repercussions of colonialist control. A day to learn from where we went wrong and amend our inaccuracies. Whatever we may be doing on this day, let us do it with awareness. With willingness to wake up. With the courage to converse. With the effort to engage in a dialogue that might not be delightful but deserves the dignity of our endeavor to do it.

Gemini and Sagittarius sit on the polar principle of learning. Let us acquire the skills to school ourselves. If you don’t know where to start, you can begin with this Rethinking ‘Thanksgiving’ toolkit.

May you take any action you can, however small, to ensure all beings on this day have enough to eat. May they have shelter over their heads, truths to share and listeners for their tales. May they have arms and earth to hold them. May they have allies willing to accept the challenge of changing the accounts and the actions that result. And may we find sacred water to help wash the blood and burns, to cleanse the earth and begin new life, together as equals when we honor the true stories by living responsibly in response to them.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider becoming a member to receive monthly New Moon Manifesto writing tools.

horoscope for aries and aries rising

I will learn by looking at the quality of my own light. I will lead myself through the depths of my shadows. I will not strike a match when I don’t have a candle or kindling to carry its flame. I will not burn myself out on the bitterness of details I don’t want to dance around. When the smoke of external fires blurs my inner artistic vision, I will find a fortune of faith in the prolonged process of containing my own inferno. And when the fire has settled, I will focus on preserving its just-right size to keep my creations warm.

As the Moon illuminates the part of my chart that considers me a clever communicator, I will take care when I craft my words. I will not make false assertions when I am afraid. I will harness my crazy courage with a willingness to wait. I will not fear the pause between someone else’s question and my own ability to answer. I will acknowledge my urgency but I will not be a slave to it.

While Aries is sometimes known for its eagerness and impatience, I will use this moon to test my tolerance for staying put. While Aries grants me enthusiasm for being an informed leader, I will remember this trait comes from my audacity to ask the harder questions. And to truly hear the answer. I will remember that when I am focused on defending myself against imagined accusations, I am unable to impress my neighbors with my activism. I will remember that I am first and foremost, an activist for my own awakening.

I will acknowledge that it’s okay to not know what’s next. I will remember that my orientation is to be in the process of waking up rather than being already woke. I will use this moon to illuminate any areas where I might still be rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I will not judge myself for anything I didn’t know. I will encourage my excitement for my own education. And I will find my fix when I fix myself a cup of faith in my forthcoming wisdom.

horoscope for taurus and taurus rising

I value my ability to earn. My inclination for the efforts that instigate my income. I’m open to investing a cut of the past in what is current for me. As this Full Moon lights up the part of my chart that reasons with my resources, I will take this chance to share more than a little change. I will merge my faith with any mention of misery when it comes to money. I will finance this moment as a means of trusting in future profits. 

While the Sun sings itself through my eighth house of shared assets, loss, and psychological reworking, I will make a bet on my faith. When I feel some thing’s gone missing I will gamble on the groups that get me going. I will release any dogma that’s keeping me locked in my delusions. When in doubt, I will open the doors of my own doghouse with a healthy dose of detachment. I will take the time to look across the threshold before I decide to let a bi%$# in. After I’ve made sure to put on my oxygen mask, I will seek a spirit of sensitivity to others’ experiences.

When my sisters lose sight of the big picture, I will remind them of the power in solidarity. Of supporting each other in physical ways when emotions erupt in a mess. I will put my body where my mouth is. I will remember that I am the biggest resource of everything I have. That I need only to be my solid self to be significant. That my arms hold a fortune when they’re holding a friend. That my ears are worth mega-millions when invested in listening. I will count on myself as the core of my value so I can see where I am counted on. I will show up with the intention of learning from the language of someone else’s body.

I don’t need words to make it known that something or someone matters to me. I don’t need to distress over the details of dialect. I need only to show up with my faith in the fact that I know how to grow. I grow myself as much as the money that buys my groceries. As much as the effort that enriches the fruit in the communal kitchen bowl. As a Taurus, I am skilled at communicating with the corporeal world. I can trust in my sense of when and where seeds need planting, watering and waiting. I endure, like the earth, in the act of growing so I can give.

Under this moon, I will take stock of the resources I need to replenish. Of the water glass that needs topping off, whether it be my own or my neighbor’s. I will be benevolent where I have wealth of assets. I will have no shame in taking where I am short and others are offering. I will remove self-righteousness from my counting while I relish in the delight of my contribution. As the moon wanes to new, I will grant myself the gift of gratitude for all the lessons about how worthy I am.

horoscope for gemini and gemini rising

I am the maker of my magic. The messenger of my manifestations. The mailer of my tidings of many little joys. I am a mover and a shaker of all the dazzling I do on a daily basis. 

This Full Moon is ruled by my ruler, Mercury, currently backtracking through my alter ego, Sagittarius. 

This moon is here to teach me about trusting the tension between the all the technicalities of my entire self. About where that trust is tried and true as well as where it trips me up. About where I could afford to lean into being tilted in the small spaces so I can find balance in the big picture. This moon wants me to see where a focus on perfect facts keep me from accessing the principle figures. It wants to help me fill the fissures by teaching me to fight with a lot more faith. 

As my sign basks in the radiance of this Full Moon, I will practice being a receiver of sincere reflections.

I look to my intimate friends for a little more faith in myself. I might need a reminder that I am not in crisis because of what I’ve committed to. I might need an affirmation that I can still restructure my strategy for what I share with the world. I might need to learn that the particulars of my communiqués aren’t as important as my principle of positivity and my openness to feedback and honest exchange. I will be aware that my identity is up for my own evaluation.

As the Sun and Moon in my relationship houses square Neptune in my house of career, I will scrutinize to spiritualize any message before it make its way to the public eye. I will remember that the quantity of my words isn’t as crucial as whether they come from the heart. I will wait before I mirror a missile that I don’t want to strike. I will measure my intention with the quality of my impact. I will ask my parters for their empathetic input before I prioritize my ego. Any dispatch I direct will be a post I’m proud of so long as its been stamped and sent with compassion for myself. 

I will remember that any misunderstanding in exchanges is not a mistake. I will treat each challenge that comes up as a direction to the next lesson. When in doubt, I will do what I do best. I will formulate clear questions and I will have faith in the timely unfolding of the answers.


horoscope for cancer and cancer rising

Whether I am low or high I am always learning. Whether I am in or out, I am engaged in the cycle of growth. Whether I am active or passive, I am in the dance of discovery. As this Full Moon illuminates my 12th house of shadows, I am coming into consciousness of all the little ways I might be suffering. Of all the little actions I take that take me out. Of all the tiny voices that are screaming with the pain of wanting to be seen. Of all the shouts of self-judgement that chase those voices back into a closet. And above this incessant chatter, I am cultivating new narrative of compassion. 

I am considering that crying isn’t criminal. That needing a lot more care isn’t crazy. That only sharing in safe spaces isn’t illegal. That perhaps I could give my intuition the benefit of the doubt. That I might have a keen sense of who is sincerely a secure support. That I might have a skill for recognizing severity. That I might just be extra-sensitive to the abuse I see running rampant in my world.

As this Moon opposes the Sun in my sixth house of service, I will use this time to practice micro-sponsorship. I will steep myself in the tea of standing up against injustice. Of acknowledging ill-treatment by offering the oppressed an ear. Of honoring hardship by softening into support for myself and others.

While the Moon, my ruler, swings through the polarity of learning, I instruct myself in the daily practice of faith. In the physical acts that symbolize my surrender. I will set timers for the simple tasks at the top of my list. I will make a habit of resting in the routine, even when I’m restless. I will release righteousness while I open myself to the simple truths of any religion that speaks to me. 

As Neptune pulls the attention of this lunation into my 9th house of beliefs and higher consciousness I will commit myself to developing a creed I can count on. I will honor that it’s okay if I’m feeling a lack of faith. When in doubt, I will turn my gaze to the inner wisdom of my sign. I will restore myself with the certainty of my cycling. I will come home to the strength of erosion - to the teaching that anything that isn’t working will be washed away in time. I will pray for the rain that purifies me. I will sustain myself with the sweet water that runs, unfailingly, downstream into my cup when I’m willing to catch it.


horoscope for leo and leo rising

Creating takes a ton of confidence. A plethora of authenticity. A devotion to my dreams that design themselves delightfully when I live my in the joy of my own dharma. Understanding the principles that power my prowess requires I practice communicating kindly with myself. Asks encouragement of my artistry. Demands I decree myself worthy regardless of what or who walks away.

While Jupiter and the Sun sing themselves into my Sagittarius fifth house of all my flair, this Full Moon elevates the energy in my eleventh house of homies, hopes and collective progress. But this moon is also making meaning with Mercury, who is moving slowly back towards my 4th house of family and ancestors. There’s something Mercury forgot to let go of when he raged forth into the regal territory of my creations. 

This lunar cycle is here to teach me about attention. About the honor I crave. About the roots of the affirmation I seek. About the voices that spoil my milk before I have the chance to mix it with honey. This lunar cycle will see to it that I retrieve my value rather than validation. Will help me release the need for approval from guardians who never learned how to give it. Will show me where I learned that love and validation are the same thing. Will help me understand that they are not.

I will use this Full Moon to untangle any truths I learned that are no longer true for me. I will acknowledge that the story I was told might have left out a thousand details. I will open my mind to the possibility of uncovering secrets and affairs I never realized affected me. I will consider the conditioning that keeps me from the treasures I might find in a different culture of caring.

This Moon might educate me in the injuries of insults, no matter how infinitesimal. Might open my eyes to how much my ego needs nursing rather than neglect. Might seem to speak in tongues that leave me more confused than cared for. But this Moon will also support my process by providing me with a chosen family that can’t be fought with. It will remind me that my friends can be great bearers of love and compliments if I’ll credit them. When I need warmth under this Moon, I will communicate with it. I will glow like a bed of embers that extracts frost from a hand. I will cloak myself in the gratitude for the groups that groove around my fire, creating heat in the language of exchange between bodies that offer me all the love I need, simply by being willing to dance to the rhythm of my light.

horoscope for virgo and virgo rising

It all comes back to me. When I keep the focus on myself, I learn in heaps about how I relate in every realm.

This Full Moon sends a spotlight to the top of my chart. Highlights everything I’ve grown on a professional level. Honors all the kinds of communication I’m capable of. Reminds me that there’s way more than one way to get it right.

As the Sun and Jupiter draw energy into the most private part of my chart, I might want to focus on my creature comforts. Might be questing like a lost little kid for a place called home. Might begin to consider major moves that are for me rather than my audience. Might be pulling up or putting down roots I’ve intentionally restrained from growing so I can settle with a little more staying power. But this shift has a ton of time to weave itself into being. Meanwhile, this lunation requests I leave later for later and devote my undivided attention to this instant.

As tension tightens between the public eye and my inner orbit, Neptune and Mars in Pisces square the Sun and Moon from my seventh house of principle partnerships. This T-square shoots the energy into my first house of self, identity and personal projection. I am being asked to jump in the puddles of my partnerships. To understand where my mind gets muddy because I’m busy in someone else’s brain. My sisters and lovers, business partners and chief companions might be ascending mountains with some struggle.

I will commit myself to the service of my own spirit. To the power of my positivity. To the strength of my enthusiasm for supporting others. And when and if they are hurting, I will remember it is not my responsibility to heal them. I will see that practical and perfect are not the same thing. 

I will allow myself a mess of magic as it comes to me. I will learn how I want to live by living with myself. By affirming everything I do well. By radically accepting every pet peeve. I will assert that acceptance and action are not the same thing. I can see without doing. I can test the wealth of my patience and the potency of my pause. I will devote myself to witnessing so I can endorse every desire I discover. And when it is time, I can trust I will know it. 

horoscope for libra and libra rising

My knowledge of my neighbor matters to me. Not in the sense of getting into someone else’s business but in the way of asking if they’re okay. Not in the form of intrusion but by extending an arm of inclusion. Not in the frenzy of forcing my opinions but in the agency of taking my own advice. Not in the way of making outcomes but in the way of showing up to the plans I made. 

As the Sun and Jupiter light up the part of my chart that brings sister-like friends to the forefront of my focus, this Moon illuminates all I can learn from my exchanges with them. Gives me a chance to discover more than first met my eye. Alludes to everything I never thought to ask. Offers me a plethora of stories to sit with. Reminds me how much I love to listen. Shows me my ear is enough and refreshes my memory when I feel the need to fix something that may or may not be broken but definitely isn’t mine. 

As Mars and Neptune draw attention to my 6th house of service and physical health, I may want to mix up the rhythm of my regular routine. I might mystify myself in the magic of realigning with my body. I might take extra special care to talk to it with an air of affection. I might remember that respectful words mean naught when delivered with negativity or neuroticism. I will recall that my body speaks many languages and my daily task is to listen. I can trust my gut to tell me what’s good for me. 

Venus is very concerned with how much I’m valuing myself. With whether I’m putting my own oxygen mask on first. With what I’m doing to connect back to me. As she prepares to square the Nodes and Uranus one final time in her retrograde post-shadow, I will remember my choices can have unpredictable outcomes but that doesn’t mean I can’t choose how to channel my chart. I will practice recommitting myself to maybe. I will cloak myself in compassion for every action I take. I will romance the rebel in me who’s reclaiming the heart of an angel. Whether in pain or pleasure I’ll lean into the lesson of my love.


horoscope for scorpio and scorpio rising

I am educating myself on the worth of my wisdom. On the bang in my benevolence. On the merit that can’t be found in my misery. I’m learning the magic of my many mysteries. The brilliance in all I don’t know and don’t need to. The splendor of my soul psyche. I’m beginning to feel the might of the missiles that make me muster more than I thought I was capable of handling. I’m beginning to understand the potency of my resilience. Every time I think the price is too high I will remind myself to reckon with the profit that comes from rooting in my own potential.

I am willing to make bank on how much I can be a benefit to others. I’m willing to believe that there shouldn’t be any shame in my receiving serendipitously for my support. I’m willing to put my money on the line of merging. 

I’m learning to honestly reflect on my capacity for contribution. I’m learning that I’m not “too much” or “not enough” on the scale that isn’t there. When I see clearly what I am able to offer, I remove the reward and punish system that’s strangling my soul. I will try to do good and I will trust in the effect of that valiant effort.

As the Sun and Jupiter bring infinite energy to my house of resources and personal values, I can trust that the wisdom and wealth are on their way. I can remember that wealth is a concept. I can redefine what rich means to me. The Full Moon in Gemini might be highlighting the details that keep me dancing with death. I will remember that the definition of death takes many forms. Is ultimately an opportunity for me to surrender the subtleties of things that escape my control. Is a chance to kill the story that isn’t working. 

As Neptune’s waters crash over this Full Moon from my 5th house of romance and creative kindling, I will lean into the enigmas of love. Neptune’s effects can be obscuring. As Mercury backtracks toward my sign, his pending square to Neptune might have me evaluating the ethics of my ecstasy. Might make me question praise from my partners or advice from an audience. I will remind myself that it’s okay not to be able to see through their eyes. It’s okay for others to have an individual experience of me that is their own. It’s okay for us to have different intentions and still celebrate the joy of our impact on each other. So long as I invest myself in my own worth first, I am capable of working with it.


horoscope for sagittarius and sagittarius rising

This year is geared for my growth. Excited about my expansion. Thrilled at the thought of the crucial quest of finding myself. As the Sun and Jupiter soar through my first house of self and identity, I will allow myself the luxury of learning about me. I have heaps of time. I will make the most of the next 12 months while Jupiter makes grand gestures that might give me some very general direction. 

As Mercury backtracks towards my 12th house of shadows, I might be looking for a piece of the story that went missing. I might be coming to terms with a truth I haven’t wanted to tell. I might be mustering the guts to share with the maturity of my morals. And I’ll be looking out for those who will hear me without hurting. As the one who seems like the “strong friend”, I might need to ask directly for soothing to my suffering.

I will lean into loves who hold me even when I think I’ve made grave mistakes. As the Full Moon in Gemini illuminates my 7th house of intimate partnerships, I can turn to the ones who will love me until I can love myself.

Making mistakes doesn’t have to mean I need to get mad at me. Making a mess doesn’t mean it’s not pretty. Making meaning out of all my mischief is what I was made for. While Venus lights up the last few degrees of my 11th house in Libra, I’ve got an edge that earns me endorsements from my many amigos. I will practice putting out the energy I receive. I will focus on sending them my sincerity and I’ll trust my swag will tag along. I will see them in the sweet light of love for all the lessons they teach me about accessing my own aspirations.

While the skies are serving me a taste of attention in the areas of my allies, Mars and Neptune are knocking on all the doors and windows of my 4th house of home, hearth and the ancestors who honored or abandoned it. I might need a cleaner structure in order to be comfortable. I might be recommitting the financial responsibilities I have to my respite. I might be seeking some sanctuary that seems to keep escaping me. Whatever my challenges in the realm of home, I will act with aggressive empathy for my closest kin, whether they be chosen or of origin. 

I will surrender my sorrows to some kind of spirit that can hold them. I will mate with my own mutability. I will lie down in the bed of changes I’m making as I embed myself in the independence of my own becoming.


horoscope for capricorn and capricorn rising

I’m leaning into the lesson of loneliness. The sanctuary of solitude. The freedom I find when I can crawl back into myself. As one who incarnated with an orientation of doing the work from the bottom up, this season is always a time for me to circle back to the beginning. To the core of why I’m constantly working my way up. As the Sun and Jupiter manifest themselves in my 12th house of shadows, I am preparing for a year to go deep and come home. 

This Gemini Full Moon emphasizes the great capacity for service that sprouts from my suffering. This Moon speaks to me in rays that could render me a little restless. This moon asks lots of questions about why I’m doing what I’m doing but might have to wait for answers. I am learning that no answer isn’t a wrong answer. With Saturn as my ruler, I will busy myself with the work of exerting my power for patience, my strength of restraint and my great connection to the test of time. 

This Moon is under the direction of Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, heading back toward my 11th house of progressive principles, groups and long-term goals. There might be companies I have to revisit in order to ripen. There might be people I haven’t seen in ages that are back for another round of review. There might be aspirations I abandoned that want to bury themselves in the new base I’m building. There may be hopes I discover that I didn’t know I had.

Neptune, blurrer of boundaries and obscurer of edges is, paradoxically, the planet that ties the thread through all the lessons I’m learning. Floating slowly while he waits for Mars to make up the distance between them, Neptune has the power to smudge or spiritualize my capacity for communication. 

I will be careful when I talk about my work, especially as it relates to my worth. l will be cautious not to be overly critical. I will respect the pause in my process. I will swim in the space the skies are offering me. I will allow myself at least a year to hold, harbor, expand and express the secrets to my success. I will ground myself in the faith that doing the work with my own demons first will make me a more powerful player when I’m battling bigger beasts. Will make me a worthy opponent because I will understand when to save my energy and when to expend it. Will make me a safer support for those who will one day want the sustenance I will provide.

horoscope for aquarius and aquarius rising

I am mastering the details of my dreams. I am pondering the power of everything I’m producing in the present. I am manifesting some major waves in the way I relate to love on a long-term scale. I am listening for idiosyncrasies that are initiating me into my own sense of style. 

As the Sun and Jupiter infuse my 11th house of friends with some fresh air, this Full Moon in Gemini highlights all the labors of loves I’ve lost and the ways I’ve found myself in the process. I will allow this Full Moon to ask me questions about what I want to birth next. I will use this Full Moon to peer over the particulars of my most playful plans. I will honor this moon with enormous attention so my dreams don’t fall into deficit. I will entertain the possibility that it’s okay for me to have personal passions that don’t need to please. That don’t need to extend beyond me. That don’t need a reason other than that they feel just right.

While Neptune and Mars make their way through my second house of resources and personal values, I will pray for the sweet rain of my kind of riches. I will do what I can to create a fund for my fun. I will practice receiving when the river wants to roll downstream. I will try not to fight the current. I will concentrate on the keys that I already have to doors that are directly in front of me. I will not force open a portal I’m not prepared for. I will trust the universe is showing me where to go in time. 

Since Uranus slipped back into Aries in my third house, I might be learning one last lesson about the crazy in my communications. About the tediousness of tabs perpetually open in my brain. About the freedom I want to feel in expressing my many progressive thoughts to the sisters in my system. This cycle is wrapping itself up but with Uranus as my ruler, it’s difficult to predict what conversational surprises might arise before it slides solidly back into Taurus on March 6th.

I will be entertained by every astonishment. I will remember there’s something magical that happens when I experience disbelief. As an Aquarian, awakenings are my forté. Rude or nice, they send me running me into revelation. Propel me into progressive thinking. Remind me that when my system breaks, I always rebuild it for the better. I will be willing to break down the story so I can tell a truer tale. I want to watch myself in the wonder of wondering what crazy cool thing I’ll do next.


horoscope for pisces and pisces rising

I am taking a course in comfort. A class in the connections between kin. A workshop in the place from where I’ve arisen. And while I’m schooling myself in home base, I’m also arriving up to bat, ready to hit a wild run. As the Sun and Jupiter fly into my 10th house of career and public affairs, I’m in for a year of open abundance. A long hour of awakening. A consciousness raising of my calling. I am ready to step up to the plate. I am prepared with words that wield my worth. 

This Full Moon highlights my fourth house of home and family. Emphasizes the efforts I’ve taken to communicate my most private needs. References the footnotes of where I’ve done the work in the healing of my origin story. Calls to question the core of what I need to feel cradled.

While Mars and Neptune transit my first house of self, I will steep in my heightened sensitivity. I will affirm that it’s okay to feel. I will take my need for sympathy only to spaces that have proven themselves safe. 

Mars may be motivating me to move unaccompanied. Might drive me to my personal desert. Mars in my first house reminds me how easily I can get hurt. But Neptune spiritualizes Mars, also reminding me that I know, instinctually, how to heal. It is in my nature to nurture, especially those in need. To go overboard, expressly for the underdog. To soothe, specifically, the suffering with a salve of something sacred. To find radical relief in the kind of religion that speaks to me. I will use this talent to restore myself whenever I feel tormented.

Mars and Neptune are ultimately energizing forces. They help me act while abandoning ego. I will offer the ultimate compassion to myself first. I will instill my being with everything I want to breed outwardly. With honesty; when I think of myself, I will start from neutral instead of negative. With patience, for voices in my head that might need to take priority. With gratitude, for the awareness of angry ones to hush. With the divine light of mindful intention, I will watch myself with the gentle eyes of a goddess. And I will believe everyone, including me, is doing the very best they can with what they have.