The Full Moon perfects at 29°Libra07’ at 4:12am PDT on April 19th, wrapping up a series of self-love and relationship cycles that have travelled to and from the wild ends of several spectrums and strange scales. The following day, the Sun enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries, slowing down our energetic roll while speeding up our race for security in the name of all we’d like to create. As the Sun enters the sign of the bull, a generally steady solar placement, it makes its first conjunction to Uranus in this sign since the year 1941. This meeting shines a headlamp somewhere in each of our individual charts, alerting us to invasive species that might need to be pulled from their roots in order for us to work with fertile soil over the next eight years. If we’re willing to embrace the shocks that come with enlightenment, Uranus will support us as we break down painful patterning and rewire our security systems. Know that this surprise can be just as powerful in the form of internal aha moments as it can in external announcements.

Meanwhile, Pluto and Saturn are still hovering together in close company as they prepare to station retrograde near the South Node in Capricorn. To be a die-hard for harsh rules under this astrology will lead to difficult ego-deaths and rude awakenings. Together, these powerhouses are propelling us to work rigorously to understand the structures that hide out in our psyches. Pluto hyperextends our obsessive tendencies to control until we’re desperate to let go. It creates awareness of how our rigidity (Saturn) hurts more than helps us. True to a nature that demands we wrestle with our resilience and our patience, these outer planets will not perfect their encounter until early 2020. Time is a construct that will not budge unless you’re willing to bend reality. Remember, anything you try to control will ultimately control you. Use this period to consider the areas of your life that need a fuller cup to sustain themselves. How does your psychological framework keep you from all the care that comes as soon as you cut the compulsion to keep your cool or command the show?

As Mercury and Venus move through the early degrees of Aries, they look to Mars in Gemini for clarity and tact. It’s okay, even beneficial, to speak your peace more than once. To ask twice for whatever you need. To set your boundary as many times as it takes until you can keep it with yourself. Let this Moon light up our collective consciousness. Let this be a time when we communicate with passion but not impatience. When we listen actively as a way to relay our respect. When we use our raw power to stand for ourselves and our allies but not against others, especially when we don’t really know or understand them. Let us learn to call in rather than out. Let us join our visions because someone’s polar point of view is the antidote to the frigid nature of our fragility. When we practice doing the things that we say we we hold in high regard, our principles have more potency than when we simply speak them. Let us lend attention to various tragedies with equitable empathy. Let us reach for hands to hold because we’d rather harmonize than hurt. Let us open our hearts to receive the love in the world in whatever form it wants to come.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting the writing of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider making a contribution.

horoscope for aries and aries rising

I am a creature of creativity. I am the power in my own punch. I am enough to start any fire. I will take care not to let my flames rage in unreasonable directions that get me dismissals instead of deference. As this Full Moon celebrates all the ways I’ve learned to express myself through and with others, I will realize my projections are a part of me. That my acceleration can’t be tamed by someone else’s insults. That any kind of external affirmation can inspire my unbiased evaluation of myself. That I can aim my energy along productive pathways rather than random acts of righteousness. They can call me on my recklessness all they want. I will be sure to follow up with fearless self-expression as I blaze dynamic pathways for my individual ideals and interested allies. Pluto and Saturn on the South Node in my tenth house of high achievement might have me fighting for recognition that refuses to to engage with my fervor. I will practice observing where my energy is most and least effective. I will stop sending out sparks in spaces that don’t contain a loving witness. I don’t need to call it quits when I’m exhausted by my activism but I might recognize the necessity for a nourishing break. I will restore myself by going off the record. By taking myself off the clock. The care I want to promote in the world of my career can start with what I create at home. I will return to my refuge. I will nourish myself with what I know.

horoscope for taurus and taurus rising

The dark is the gateway to my dawn. As nerve-racking as my nightly visions may be, they are also filled with incredible instruction. This last bit of commotion in my twelfth house of dreams and secrets is sure to have a sister stirring cures for me over a small flame. I will look for the real-life mentors lighting my way on the daily. Meanwhile, Uranus in my first house rips through old realities, reorienting my focus and asking I see the world with a new set of frames. Saturn and Pluto on the South Node in my ninth house are reminding me of my incredible resilience on long and remote journeys. They are showing me my passion for my work and the repercussions of very little rest. The key to free entry and departure from their kingdom lies in the community I find wherever I go. Is encouraging me to communicate with care. To share my stories with whoever needs to hear them. I will remember my tales are a resource - a gift I can offer from the guides who watch over my dreams to the girls who value my presence in the group. Let this Moon be a reminder of the service I am doing when I humbly share my haunts and hardships. When I feed myself with bonds of friendship that stretch far and wide across this web. When I allow myself to recuperate in relationship as part of my regular routine, I am all the more ready for my own revolution.

horoscope for gemini and gemini rising

This Moon calls attention to the origins of my escapes. The benefits I acquire when I allow myself to hit eject. Uranus in my twelfth house might have me exploring alternate universes. Neither good nor bad, this Moon observes, and perhaps offers me resources for the trip. This Full Moon is a solid acknowledgement of the silk I need to spin a masterpiece. With Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in my eighth house of shared wealth, I might experience some guilt around anything I’m given or frustration for whatever I’m fighting to earn for myself. I will remember that the growth of my assets, in whatever way, is an invitation for me to make, change, reconstruct, and rearrange so I can ultimately make an exchange. So I can weave a new dream. As Venus and my ruler Mercury move through my eleventh house of long-term hopes and collective conscience, I will focus on renewing my community. Mars in my first house revitalizes the duality of my identity. Propels me into the joy and pain of my preference for paradox. I will rebirth my best practices. I will redesign my structure to forge sharing freely into my foundation. I will entertain every trade. I will take immense pleasure in the plethora of ways to get paid. I will revel in revolution of my resourcefulness.

horoscope for cancer and cancer rising

I am the consummation of my choices. I am the designer of all my decisions. I am dedicated to redefining my diligence in relationships. To reinterpreting responsibility. To uncovering any self-criticism that’s keeping me committed to someone’s control rather than their care. My consistency is crucial when it comes to my creativity. My constancy is vital when it helps me hone in on my higher self. As this Moon, my ruler, shines a bright light in my 4th house of emotional karma and origin stories, I will recognize any roots from which I don’t want to rise. The activity in my tenth house of reputation lends key insight to the re-patterning I want to precipitate. When I focus on the legacy I want to leave, I am able to leave behind blame associated with my bloodline and my birth. When I emphasize my higher-self, I can release the shame of conditioning I didn’t cause. The prowess of my inner priestess is pure when I practice performing for me as my principal audience. I will use my natural homing device to locate my heart in every matter. I will notice where my actions or words reflect the opposite of what I’d like to elevate. I will not punish myself anytime I come into unpleasant awareness. I will use new understanding to lift me into more life, more light, and more love than I’ve ever allowed myself to realize.

horoscope for leo and leo rising

I can make love to my mirror. I can witness my reflection in everyone who wants to connect with me. I can bring compassion into my consciousness. My experience is my greatest teacher. My ego is a priestess with powerful prompts. When I move forward with a flame that warms my faith in myself, my life studies get a little clearer. This Full Moon wraps up a cycle in my third house of baseline education and street smart sensibilities, recalling all the ways I learn to live by letting go. As Mercury and Venus light up my ninth house of extended travel and comprehensive culture, I will delight in the idea of expanding my horizons. I will bolster myself with the belief that my relationship to education is never-ending. Mercury in Aries lands in happy mutual reception with Mars in Gemini, teaching me lessons I’ll have to love twice before I’ve learnt them. As the Sun prepares to join Uranus in my tenth house of high feats, I will expect the unexpected. No matter where I see myself on the roadmap of my life’s work, I will appreciate this transit of radical rerouting. I will let it teach me how much I have yet to live. I will get excited about the detours that will ultimately lead me to extraordinary views I would have missed if I stubbornly stuck to the map. I will tuck my plan in my pocket for protection while I dedicate these next eight years to trailblazing.

horoscope for virgo and virgo rising

My sudden losses always surface with some kind of sweetness. With the solidity of my understanding. With new criteria I can learn to count on. My realizations might be the result of all my analysis but my answers arrive on their own time. My ruler Mercury has finally left the murky Piscean waters of my seventh house of intimate partnerships. Now in fearless Aries, Mercury means to help me clear up what I’m cutting out of my current. The communications I’m receiving are remedies to solutions I’ve been trying to stir without all the ingredients. I will toss out any bad batch. I will stay with the medicine that needs my undivided attention. I will revel in the right set of circumstances to take action. Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto are hovering near the South Node in my Capricorn fifth house of romantic play. This transit makes my creative life a far cry from a piece of cake. I will be a little easier on myself as I embrace the challenges of love and making. I will realize that my affair not happening right now doesn’t mean never. Might mean something better. Might require my surrender to a slow style of growth. Saturn and Pluto are demanding that I take off a broken watch. That I untangle my painful patterns so I can take time to play. This lesson in rest - in liking with less thinking, in doing more with delight instead of drama, with excitement instead of anxiety - is my course for the year to come. I will devote myself to learning it. Meanwhile, this Moon brings attention to my raw materials. Puts forward a fragrant flair to my worth. Is attracted to my unique aesthetic. With Mars in Gemini ruling the planets in my eighth house of shared resources, I will witness that whatever recedes is simultaneously replaced with something I really needed. I will revel in the reminder that I am evidence of my resources. Checking in with gratitude for everything I’ve gained is the antidote that balances my losses. I will employ my incredible eye for abundance.

horoscope for libra and libra rising

I celebrate my ability to dance up and down the scales with spirit. I sing simplicity into my affection. I dive into intimacy with incredible grace. This Moon recognizes all the work I’ve done to get clear on my criteria for healthy relating. For the interdependence of my dreams. For the crucial focus on myself that ultimately fortifies my consideration for others. Whether I’m in pleasant partnership or at my solo peak, I can revel in the righteousness I find when I know my own needs. As my ruler Venus enters my Aries seventh house of partnership, I’ll practice playing with various levels of patience. Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto sticking with the South Node in Capricorn might be sending me some struggles in my search for home. For roots that recognize my need for space to grow. This astrology can make it feel difficult to sprout seeds that support me. Might need me to let go of whatever I learned growing up. Might encourage me to re-envision my residence with a lot less rigidity. I might feel that without a solid foundation, I can’t frolic up the high peaks I want to climb. Ultimately, I will remember that whatever I focus on will flourish. If I emphasize the obstacles, they will expand. Accordingly, I will divert my attention to the uncomplicated cycles of my calling. I will focus on my place out in public. On time spent working with community that cares for collective hopes and dreams. I will thread a prayer of love into all my external affairs. When I devote attention to my highest self-expression, my home will become the blessing I seek.


horoscope for scorpio and scorpio rising

I contain the methods that can untangle madness. I create a vibration is ever-evolving. I see where the steadiness of my service lifts me from my suffering. This Moon marks the maturity I’ve marshaled in my twelfth house of everything unseen. Celebrates the bars I’ve been able to break from. Affirms the effectiveness of mechanisms I’ve learned so I can deal with secrets that keep me fearfully small. This Moon reminds me I am a master when it comes to undoing my own undoing. As Mercury and Venus enter my Mars-ruled sixth house of health and daily routines, I will practice sharing what has helped me with the ones who need to hear relatable experience. I will take note when my previous pains suddenly find purpose. With my ruler Mars in Gemini, I will see that now is not the moment to lock my lips in a prison. That my ability to communicate is the cutting edge of a valuable contribution. With Pluto and Saturn in my third-house of basic beliefs, banter and considerate correspondence, these supportive ideas about my ability to relate might seem incredibly frustrating. I might sense that something isn’t getting through to the other side. That proof of my power to connect is acutely absent. I will release the idea that I need evidence of my abilities. I will remember that lack of affirmation doesn’t mean I’m not doing well. It also doesn’t mean validation isn’t valuable for me. I will see that my exasperations are often the opening to my expansion. With Uranus waking up my seventh house of intimate partnerships, I will use my personal life to practice what I’m preaching. I will be curious about the power dynamics in all my processes. I will honor my intuition as if it were a traffic light. I will go when it’s green, slow to question when it’s yellow, and halt when red really means something isn’t right. I will trust the integrity of my emotions while I release authority over others. I will lean deeper into me.


horoscope for sagittarius and sagittarius rising

This Moon is cogently concerned with my community. Shows me the clout I’ve earned with my kith and kin. Attests to the self-respect within my sisterhood. Mercury and Venus entering my fifth house of artistic expression are offering me ample opportunities to perform my passions. When I draw lines for the sake of my creativity, I will keep to them. I will remember that my community cares about my visionary ventures. Suggests to me the space I need in order to make. Will even offer me resources when they have support to spare. I will have faith that my friends know when their cup is full and when they are too fried to be handing out favors. With Saturn and Pluto holding court in my second house of resources I might be frustrated by anyone who doesn’t understand my assets. I might find it difficult to connect with those who appear to be further than me. Likewise, others might have some soreness when they see the grandness of what I’ve been able to earn. I will not blame myself for situations into which I was born but I will make the best possible use of them. I will recognize where my own privilege holds power over me. Prevents me from ally-ship because polarity can be painful on either side. I will let go of the need to control anyone’s experience of my assets. I will release my projections of what others think of me. When I come close to my heart, understanding the hand I want and am able to extend is easy. I will realize the only acceptance for which I am responsible is my own. I will be accountable to finding authenticity in both my questions and my answers.

horoscope for capricorn and capricorn rising

The extent of my heartbreak is the same intensity to which my heart can beat. My capacity for joy is equal to the power of my pain. The current stirring in my first house of personal identity might have me projecting my aches onto others who are incapable of doing development I need to do myself. Right now, what anyone else is doing is not my business. This astrology demands I pull attention away from distractions. Asks that I repeatedly re-focus with respect on my sore spots. Pluto and Saturn on the South Node spell out the ways in which I seem to fade from sight. Insist on my rigidity and my rebellion against it. Affirm the accountability I am able to offer when I am first accountable to me. I secure my sense of safety when I take space that helps me stop sacrificing my spirit. The North Node in Cancer has me craving connection while Pluto and Saturn want to transform the structures that contain it. I will allow myself the idea that my needs are not unnecessary. That desire for my devotion to be endorsed isn’t delusional. I will remember that spinning in circles around disfunction ultimately won’t get me any closer to my dreams. If I want a warmer world I have to be willing to take medicine for a cold. I will keep myself from contagious criticism. I will heal my own hurts before I try to dress wounds with words I’m not sure work for me. I will fill up my cup with solid roots that revel in my rising. As Mercury and Venus enter my fourth house of home and origin stories, this Moon illuminates the internal narratives from which I need to break if I want to grow tall and true. I will remember that the redwoods took their time. That they were once tiny seeds. That they have a vast and vibrant system of interconnected underpinnings. My earnest love for the greater good, for passionate partners and chosen family, starts with sprouting sweetness for myself. I will learn to look in the mirror with ecstatic desire. I will believe I am worth it to my core. I might be impatient for a home with a full hearth but I will not let myself get burnt. For today, I will bask in the glow of embers as I wait for flames to reignite inside.

horoscope for aquarius and aquarius rising

The entirety of my understanding is underlined by elements that excite me. My ability to grasp complicated concepts correlates to how much I crave the consciousness. I will let it be okay to love what I’m learning and if I don’t, to simply let it go. My ruler Saturn is seriously close to Pluto and the South Node in my twelfth house of undoing. This astrology raises my sense of responsibility to madness that might not be mine. Can have me fixated on my own undoing. Can be frustrating when I can’t figure out problems because the answer arrives with time instead of force. I will stop trying to motivate myself with fear when I’m simply not feeling it. The North Node in Cancer in my sixth house is a subtle and stern reminder that my service is most successful when I care. This Full Moon recalls that experience is often a more eloquent teacher than any logic behind being lectured. This Moon realizes the richness of my lessons is bolstered by real life. I will not chain myself to books when I could be building a bridge to new perspective. As Mercury and Venus enter my third house of elementary education, I will notice how much I’m getting from conversations in the current. I will devote myself to irl dialogue that helps me develop theories on which I can depend. Uranus in my fourth house of ancestry might be sending shock waves through stories that compose my core. Is asking me to rearrange my analytical anatomy. I will be open to receiving revelations that raise me differently from my upbringing. I will dig through the fertile ground of collective dreams rather than drive myself and others into empty displacement. I will devote myself to discussing my revolutionary kind of family. I will evolve my values so I can hone in on a home that knows how to embrace me.

horoscope for pisces and pisces rising

My passion is an asset. My vibrancy is deeply valued. My impatience is a resource that helps me jump in with joy instead of just dreaming about it. This Full Moon highlights all the work I’ve done to offer myself with reverence. Wants me to listen intently to my feedback loop. Is showing me how much others are actually willing to share. Likens me to my karma. Kisses me with kindness if I’m able to accept where it’s coming from. As Mercury and Venus enter my second house of values and worth, any confusion or self-doubt I felt during Mercury retrograde should begin to fade. The clarity of my character crystallizes when I cash in on how much I am capable of changing. I will believe my community when they tell me how important I am. Mercury and Venus are now listening to Mars telling tales in my fourth house of heritage. I will treat myself to trips down memory lane. I will recognize that those moments were once my present and my present will morph into memory. I will pull myself back to now with pride. With personal affirmation of all I’ve earned and everything I aim to achieve. I will realize my goals are a gift to the universe. My ambitions have value that extends far beyond myself. Pluto and Saturn on the South Node in my eleventh house can alert me to the severity of certain ideas. To the gravity of observing how others show up and what that might mean about me. It can be frustrating to feel like my community doesn’t care. To sense any imbalance in availability or attention. As mutable as I am, I will remember I am the maker of my mold. I can lean into the moment that wants my unmitigated attention. I will realize my focus changes as frequently as my friends but it doesn’t mean we won’t fight for each other. The patience and integrity I continue to put forth will find its way back in time. I will trust the principles that guide my group’s progress.