The Sun’s ingress into Aries arrives at 2:59pm PDT on March 20th 2019, marking the Spring equinox shift that carries us into longer days than nights. Just a few hours later, a Full Moon at 0°Libra09’ perfects in the evening sky at 6:43pm. A Moon in Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, still in rebellious Aquarius. This Full Moon forms what we call a quincunx to Uranus, Aquarius’ modern planetary ruler who is newly rooted in Taurus, the other Venus-ruled sign. This Moon has us making significant adjustments and radical changes in our relationships to people, places, and ideas. This Moon is wildly conscious, approaching the edge of genius, perhaps to the point of obsession with seeing the other side. This Moon helps us spring forward fast with new life, trans-personal awareness, and a dose of radical love that only Venus and Uranus together can offer. Use it well.

If you know your rising sign and your sun sign, read both. If you only know your sun sign, that's okay too. If you like, you can read your moon sign for good measure. Horoscopes and forecasts are meant to be read as inspiration. The impact of planetary forces on our lives is more immense than we can see and a horoscope's level of resonance can vary from week to week. I suggest revisiting this page as often as you like while tasting horoscopes of a few other astrologers. Note which voices uplift your spirit. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you find support here, consider making a contribution.

horoscope for aries and aries rising

I will find my footing where the playing field is equal. I will aim for balance by bringing reciprocity into my ideas of what’s right. I will begin by making reparations that make sense to me. As the Sun wakes up my first house of self, I will redefine my identity by noticing the multiverse of relationships that hold me in various levels of hierarchy. I will notice that having an upper hand can hurt me. I will bear witness to the ways my undressed wounds cause wear and tear in my intimate partnerships. I will take up the space that supports me as I learn to speak up and ask for help when I’m in heartache. In the name of naming what’s real, I will be first to call in allies instead of calling them out. In the name of honorable ally-ship I will stand my ground with those whose worth has been threatened by the safety I find in my privilege. As Mars transits my second house of resources, I will take action that puts my money in a bank with many kinds of currency. I will activate my own earth-based economy with an gratitude practice for everything I’ve been offered. I will not block myself from the fortunes of time, love, and matter that want to find me. If I see that something is offered to me that is not mine to take, I will make myself the vessel that helps it find its home. I will make sure my movements in every relationship are a clear reflection of my value system. 

horoscope for taurus and taurus rising

I am the embodiment of abundance. The sister-song to new life. The queen bee of all that is sweet. I will remember to balance the sinister by seeking sweetness in the small things. In the space of and in between my daily routines. As my ruler Venus prepares to square Mars, making his way through my first house of self, the tension between my public life and my personal power can teach me tons about taking radical care of my body. May lend me loads of insight on what it means to do work that’s aligned with my ethics. Might send me secret struggles that should ultimately direct me to act with a radically new sense of integrity. Uranus, recently arrived in my first house of identity, is asking me to see myself from unconventional angles. This awakening won’t be entirely comfortable but it will usher in my freedom as I break down an individual worldview that will no longer work. I will welcome all the change that wants land in my bank with a cha-ching. I will make my ability to make alterations into my greatest asset. I will sing songs of my own revolution ceaselessly as I rip apart worn and tired seams. I will not sell myself out. 

horoscope for gemini and gemini rising

My remarks are a route to future progress. My musings mark the trails that blaze my way forward. My missed connections are critical portals that need to be closed so my paradoxes don’t paralyze me. As the Sun awakens my eleventh house of community, this Moon reminds me how important it is that I pour time into my private process of making. That I persistently re-align my aesthetic. That I make love to the many ways of connecting, outward and inward, that revitalize my life-force. While my ruler Mercury prepares to station direct in my tenth house of external accomplishments, I will prepare my voice to be more public. I will power myself up with bigger principles that guide the prismatic nature of my organizing. This retrograde may not have been my most outwardly easeful, but it definitely saved my spirit in ways I might not even see. I will focus on the faith my community has in me to critique what is close-minded. I will find gratitude for my continued conscience, even when connections are complicated. I will send out signals that I want to be receiving and I will wonder in delight when my warmth mirrors itself back to me.

horoscope for cancer and cancer rising

I am opening my shell so I can show the world how to shine. I’m creating with my kindred because my community keeps me cool. I’m whispering thanks for all the wild ways I’m learning how to receive. As my ruler, this Moon, sweeps its light over the most private part of my chart, it looks to Venus in my eighth house who’s sending me sweetness in the form of what others are able to share. I do well to accept the resources that are ready if I’ll reach for them. As Venus squares Mars in my 11th house of groups, I’ll gracefully ask my loves for impartial perspective. I’ll notice how my fears of navigating complicated communities are blocks to the “building-together” part of my grand plan. I’ll allow Mercury, preparing to station direct, to deliver me more faith in the ones who are here to learn and teach with me. The Sun in Aries illuminates a myriad of professional opportunities. Inspires me to act alive - to not only be in attendance but to MC the whole show. I will embody the dance and the music. I will set the rhythm and one-two step. As cardinal water, I have the power to shape the feeling, to carve any container in which I can create. No matter where the beat takes me, I’ll DJ myself back into my body and all the way home. 

horoscope for leo and leo rising

I light the fire under my faith. I align to understand the elements that are ushering me back to basics. I revitalize the romances that are offering me opportunities to evolve. As the Sun lights up my ninth house of expansive learning through experience, I will look for chances to travel outside my comfort zone. This Moon celebrates my circle of sisters. My daily dances with discovery. My courageous curiosity. I will revel in the relationships that reflect this youthful reverence back to me. Whenever nosy neighbors inquire how I am, I will savor the sensation of being noticed. I will explore conversations that help me cultivate clearer consciousness of my immediate environment. Uranus entering Taurus is readying me for some unpredictable change in the course of my calling. A revolution of my reputation. A redesign of the legacy I want to leave. I will not falter when my fantasies of certain feats begin to shatter. I will experiment with new definitions of success. I will consider how uprooting the base of my business can help me move mountains I never even dreamed of climbing. I will dare to see myself from their summits.

horoscope for virgo and virgo rising

This Moon is kind to my resources. Supportive of all the service I do that sustains me. Affirming of the independence I’ve earned. While I give myself a well-deserved pat on the back for all I’m able to cultivate alone, the Sun entering my eighth house of shared values asks that I look deeply at my relationship to receiving. Wants me to know I’m worth it. Lights up my life with offerings aplenty if I’m able to accept them. I will practice saying yes. I will gear myself up with gratitude for the good karma that gets me because I’ve done so much good in this world. As my ruler Mercury prepares to station direct in my seventh house of intimate and committed partnerships, I will seek to align with the ones who clearly have faith in me. I will not negotiate with neglect. I will not accept abuse camouflaged as care. I will remember that love is primarily a verb; a choice of willful intention I make each time I engage. I will devote myself to the people and directions who are dreaming a future that includes me. The recent re-entry of Uranus in my ninth house of teaching might be revving me up with radical ideas about the hierarchies that are caused by unequal access to knowledge. I will consider that we are all collaborators in the course of learning. I will remember that everyone has something of merit to add to the syllabus. Part of humility is starting from neutral instead of negative. It is seeing my very being as a valuable and valid resource. It is sharing what I know with whoever is eager to experiment with me. It is affirming what others are offering by accepting it. It is listening to learn and acknowledging my education should be less about access I don’t have and more about honoring my instincts. I will realize everything I need and nothing I don’t.

horoscope for libra and libra rising

I am the reflection of my realness. I am the mirror to everything I make. I am the image of all I’m able to accept. I will not lose myself in a likeness when I am capable of becoming the real deal. This Moon raises praise for everything I’ve painted into my life these last six months. For all the love I’ve learned through. For all the commitments I’ve made to me and bolstered with unparalleled awareness of my own evolution. As my ruler Venus prepares to square Mars from my fifth house of all things creative, I might be sensing a building tension between everything I’m ready to develop and the resources required to make it happen. It’s vital that I see how this struggle helps me swim down streams that, while seemingly strange, are exactly the seas I couldn’t see before. I will let myself be seduced by the synchronicity of unusual assets as they float my way. Uranus recently re-entered my eighth house of death, depth psychology, and shared materials. This eight-year transit is bound to throw some surprise profit and loss my way. Will be a test to what I’m wanting to give and able to embrace. Will crack open my conceptions about what it means to share with the ones I love. Will ask me to re-envision my clear-cut concepts of reciprocity. If I want a wildly wealthy future I will need to rapidly expand my options around economic peace of mind. I will experiment with all the ways I can  interpret, affirm and transform my shared sense of worth. I will cultivate an untamed understanding of currency.


horoscope for scorpio and scorpio rising

The bonds I break don’t need to be buried. The secrets I keep don’t need to be struggles. The contracts I commit to do need my consideration. As the Sun lights up my sixth house of health and all the regular active routines that rev me up, this Moon sends regards to my dark clouds. Sings a lullaby to my under-layers. Suggests simply that I pray for my seeming enemies whenever outcomes don’t align with whatever I might have intuited. As Venus in my fourth house of family prepares to square my ruler Mars, I might be experiencing some tension in the buildup to boundaries I know I need to set. I will add kindness to my clarity. Mars in Taurus helps me hold my ground. I will bolster myself with a strong eye on everything I want to grow. I will propel myself towards abundance with appreciation. While squares can feel difficult, I will dare to see this one as seductive. I will secure sundry ties that bind even when they’re scary. I will remember that opening to the depth of my own vulnerability ultimately sends me into thrilling relief. Uranus’ ingress into Taurus marks the beginning of a wild eight-year journey in my intimate partnerships. Is an indicator of great unpredictability in my commitments. I will resolve to revolutionize my understanding of what genuine love should look like. I will fund a future that is certainly unforeseeable. I will remember that my own constancy in capricious situations is the stuff of embodied connection. I will right myself in my own resilience. I will welcome the switches that summon my love from a motionless cliché and transform it into lived intention. 


horoscope for sagittarius and sagittarius rising

I’ll howl at this moon like I was born for the future that’s becoming my present. I’ll call in my pack ‘cause community is my key. I’ll let my visions run as wild as they want because free thinking is the stuff that keeps me wise. While this Moon celebrates all that I’ve done to build my outrageous ensemble of friends, the Sun soars into my fifth house of solo sweet sauce. Aries season is a generous moment for me to focus on fun for number one. A time when I can explore what pleasure means to me personally. A space in which I get to consider not only what but how I create. As my ruler Jupiter continues to expand my relationship to my own identity, this month brings my creative ventures into easy view. The more I fill and tend to my bucket list, the more I’ll overflow with ingredients to a cocktail that can capture my essence. As Mercury prepares to station direct in my fourth house of family matters and private affairs, I’m getting ready to make some decisions that let my roots run deep. I’m restocking my cupboards with faith. I’m shaking out the sheets only to discover I deserve a bigger bed to hold me. This retrograde has pushed me far into my own element. Has demanded I show up with my best effortless ease wherever I go. Has asked me to reconsider the home to which I return. Over the next week and a half, I still have time to raise the roof if I want more room. When I’m lost, I’ll remember there’s only one me - I am a rare resource that I will take refuge in.

horoscope for capricorn and capricorn rising

I will overthrow second-wave systems. I will create striking clarity around how much they mirror the first. I will dare to see what is disguised as radical but isn’t real. I will call out what is colonized. In the name of originality, I will bring attention to what could be equal but isn’t. In the name of balance, I will bring brightness to the unseen side of every story. I will not oppress myself with the idea that I am a savior but I will find strength in the sharpness of my sight. As a Capricorn, I often struggle with a serious fixation on the system. I preoccupy myself with the politest way to share when I see clearly what isn’t working. As Jupiter continues to expand my twelfth house of shadows, I might feel buried in blocks that won’t budge. But this Moon is a reminder of my professional consciousness. Is a full-bodied yes to my capacity to build a better container. Saturn in my first house supports me in speaking truth when the power is off balance. Raises my responsibility to make requests on behalf of what’s right. Capricorn uses the depth of its intuitive force to lead by example. To structure fair play. To not make shortcuts because cutting anybody short is a cruel to the whole community. As the Sun sweeps into my fourth house of home, I will focus on a far-reaching root system. I will diversify the seeds I scatter in my garden. I will earnestly explore what it means to decolonize the most confidential pieces of my life. When I build from the bottom up, my burdens come pre-bolstered. When I remember I’m an inside job, my work becomes self-evident. When I re-align with my values, my resources reappear. This Moon throws itself into my tenth house of public affairs. Celebrates the relationships I’ve built in my career. If I have any doubt about my outer success, I need only notice the talented group of people who surround me. I need only see the skillset of my sisters. I need only shout how thankful I am for every accomplice I admire. I need only realize how their very presence in my life means they believe in me. I will honor them by affirming all the work I do with my kind of constancy. I will continue, slowly but surely, to climb toward progress together.

horoscope for aquarius and aquarius rising

I can be wild and wonderful. I can detach and discover definite divinity. I can escape and still communicate. As the Sun lights up my third house of siblings, neighbors and friendly conversations, I might feel more inclined to learn from my immediate environment. I will put a little extra effort in my day-to-day exchanges. As Venus prepares to square Mars from my first house of self, I will engage my collective with unconventional charm while I cut away any roots that are rotting. Uranus recently entered my fourth house of affairs that are concealed from the masses but lay close to home. Uranus in this placement might be shaking up my core. Straining the sources on which I’ve relied to keep me safe. As my modern ruler, Uranian energy isn’t a stranger to me, but it is an opportunity to sanction what is strange. Over the next eight years I will examine any stale stories that inform my origins. I will detonate my foundation so I can fashion a footing that’s more my style. I will use my evolution as grounds to make big moves. This Moon pays tribute to my faith. Is a sucker for my self-governed spirit. Highlights my higher-consciousness by creating opportunities to educate. I will remember that the greatest reward of giving lessons is my own enlightenment. That lecturing often means I don’t get to listen. That instructing can sometimes steal someone’s moment of self-illumination. That teaching is ultimately just one way of entertaining new knowledge. When in doubt, I will remember that learning to think freely is the fundamental thing for which I’m fighting. I will emphasize collaborative questioning as we formulate ever-evolving answers.

horoscope for pisces and pisces rising

I am worth every welcome smile. I love every lucky strike. I am open to the optimism that escorts me easily to every answer. As the Sun leaves my first house of identity, I will embrace the break from the limelight. All the effort I mustered during my season puts me in place to privately sigh in relief. To rest and recoup before I try to birth something else that’s barely been conceived. With the Sun now in my second house of wealth, I will devote myself to a month of affirming my virtues. I’ll profit from the pride I’ve taken in every creative project. I’ll earn boatloads by rowing myself to a shore of sureness that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. As Mercury prepares to station direct in my sign, I will be open to receiving signals from supernatural sources. I’ll meditate on my crown. I’ll keep my third eye clear. Uranus only just entered my third house of communication but I might be noticing new inspirations around my need for news that speaks to me. I’ll be mindful that whatever I wish would find me I might need to make. With the mad scientist in this house for the next eight years, I’ll activate my learning as a life-long experiment. I’ll train myself in street-smarts so I become as skilled at sending messages as my natural talent for seeing signs. This Moon is sure to deliver some sweetness in unexpected ways. Might offer me reflections I wish I’d understood long ago. Can dress me in the kind of dynamite I want to deny in the presence of others. I’ll note that everything I invest takes time to grow. That every seed I plant needs space to blossom. That all my endeavors are arching their backs with thrilling tingles on their way up my learning curve. I will hear that the lessons in the present contain answers and explanations I’ll need in time. I’ll devote myself to discovering them.