On Friday, September 13th at 9:33PM PST, the Full Moon perfects at 21°Pisces05’. Full Moons mark culminating, illuminating, polarizing and integrating points in the respective solar cycle, always the sign in opposition to a Full Moon. Currently moving through the sign of Virgo, this solar cycle teaches us about the journey of essence into form and back again. It hearkens us to the humility of our own mortality and thereby, to understandings we may never (and perhaps are not supposed to) grasp. 

In a recent article for the Emergence Network titled “What a Mountain Sees that a Telescope Cannot”, Bayo Akomolafe (one of my many Virgoan idols along with the likes of Donna Haraway and Adrienne Marie Brown) pleads with us to not reduce our treatment of the conflict on Hawaii island to “the old science versus religion cage fight.” (For those of you who aren’t aware, protectors of the sacred mountain Mauna Kea have been camped out for more than a month, honoring their traditions, worshiping the mountain, warding off the national guard and refusing the scientists who are attempting to build a $1.4B telescope upon it). Through careful examination and references to friend Charles Eisenstein, Akomolafe argues that “science itself has its own ‘priesthood’”. It is, like any theology, a quest for god with texts, rituals and guidelines that are evading the over-culture’s interrogation by dressing itself up in facts and logic. Moreover, science is generally an apophatic practice - this is to say, it mostly shows us what things are not but it rarely shows us what things are, a serious dilemma in man’s pursuit of the godly power to know, and to use that knowledge to leverage control. Science is, effectively, our modern-day version of the 17th Century Catholic Church, which as Akomolafe points out, locked up Galileo for challenging the cosmology of the geocentric universe, proven by his observations through a telescope. Oh, the irony!

Now, what does this have to do with Virgo and Pisces? 

I often call the Virgo/Pisces axis the polarity of healing. The more I study these signs, the more apparent it becomes that healing as a process unveils itself on the border between what is known and what is not. It is, essentially the axis of Akomolafe’s focal point: facts versus mystery. Both signs make journeys of perception between these junctures of consciousness. Virgo is the Virgin, untainted and pure, seeking itself embodied in the facts and details of life. Pisces finds itself constantly navigating the desire to move in two separate directions: participation in the collective consciousness of man and divine individuation separate from the ocean of humanity.**

This Full Moon thus presents us with a critical exploration into how our perception and what we think we know influences our capacity to heal and be healed. “To know anything at all is risky business because it involves losses incurred or complementary exclusions made by the postures we assume in producing those knowledges. In short, knowing is a matter of frameworks: some things become intelligible, while other matters are ruled out.”*

This Moon might fret with our faith. Might offer us myriad diverging choices that bend as soon as we make them. Might have us sending messages in bottles out to sea or collecting them from strange shores. This Moon asks us to engage Virgo’s various potential resources so we can navigate Pisces’ ever-changing waters. Virgo and Pisces might sound like signs in which we get lost but this is only because they are nonlinear. In fact, they are compellingly effective in the art of realization. Virgo, who is diligent and humble enough to hone in on otherwise missed particulars. Pisces, who is seemingly unphased by, yet deep in the process of bearing any titanic ache which others would rather avoid.

“If we are to take science seriously, then we must notice its own humorous insufficiency in the face of a cosmos too relational, too perverse, too promiscuous and intimate to be resolved. The vocation of seeing further and further and clearer and clearer is already troubled by science itself. The relationality of science means we do not live in a world of objectified facts awaiting discovery.”*

We must recognize that facts are in a perpetual state of change. Knowledge shifts. Wisdom stirs. Mountains move. Facts in Virgo’s intelligible world, are like atoms, ever-spinning discs, near impossible to discern.

Pisces embodies the link between the finite and infinite. Is a cosmic kiss blown to the material world. Is god consciousness finding its home in a human body. Pisces, the most impressionable of waters, yields to whatever tangible logic touches it. Pisces recognizes what is sacred in ideas, and in their fluctuation. Virgo realizes physical divinity. Uncovers intelligence by understanding that the eyes through which we see are tricksters. Lets it slip that to seek, rather than to look, is to limit one’s perception. 

Your horoscopes this month intend to divulge, but not to solve, the dilemmas presenting themselves in the puzzles of your charts. They aim at supposed facts with destructive intent. Divinity unearths itself in our unknowing.

*Bayo Akomolafe, “What a Mountain Sees that a Telescope Cannot,” The Emergence Network, August, 2019,

**Alan Oken, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1988), 297-298.

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horoscope for aries and aries rising

Every sacrifice brings you closer to something sacred. Every wound is laced with a lesson. Everything unseen is living and breathing and waiting for you to see it. Any external change you desire needs not only your effort, but also your faith. Needs you to fan you own flame without blowing out the candle. This isn’t a test of resilience so much as a test of restraint. Tempt the waters for time rather than temperature. The world recognizing your many labors won’t matter unless you can love yourself.

horoscope for taurus and taurus rising

All friendships are subject to the process of weathering. Over time, some become smooth and soft like the surface of a shell that seats itself in the meditation of turning tides. Others will yield to the tug of powerful currents pulling them out to sea. There is great sorrow in loss, but little relief in resistance. In the frustration of fair-weather friendships, you can learn to skip rocks. Shift your focus. See the ocean instead of what it washes ashore and away. Practice playing with this new and immense friend that recedes and returns regardless of the hopes and fears you reveal to it.

horoscope for gemini and gemini rising

What is your sacred ambition? Your divine legacy? Your victorious truth? How can you win when you are drowning in a game of competition? Perhaps your birthright does not originate in a story of good versus evil. Does not culminate in a conditioned outcome. Success in our world is often socially-defined, requires selling out, and has the unfortunate consequence of familiarity. If you want to hear your calling, you have to stop calibrating yourself to a pace and temperature that is set by someone else. Your curiosity is only as powerful as your willingness to crush a dream that wasn’t yours to begin with.

horoscope for cancer and cancer rising

The potential of any teacher lies in their willingness and endeavor to learn. While it is easy, and sometimes useful to become well-versed in our instructions, this process also encourages our presumption, and in turn, our laziness. Recognize that no matter the material you teach, your expertise is birthed in the beginner’s mind. Exercise the atrophied muscles of your own innocence. Permit yourself time to explore what is interesting to you. As you acquire higher levels of mastery in your field, harness the basic skill of chewing that will help you better digest your discoveries. 

horoscope for leo and leo rising

Your resources are as deep as your beliefs about how it is best to use them. Divert your attention away from the amount in your bank. Go instead to the river bank with nothing in your hands. Watch the current, still or slow, stirring or swift. What does the water whisper to you about your belonging? Value is a subjective experience. Notice what the river offers that money does not. You are indeterminate. Exceeding a number in a crowd. Beyond a figure on a spreadsheet. Try to measure worth in vibrancy and you will notice appreciation for all kinds of light. Rather than rooting your understanding of merit in capital ideas, recognize it in what is raw and relational.

horoscope for virgo and virgo rising

Selfhood is not a fact, but an experience. Individuation is not an objective, but an ever-unfolding process. If you want to attempt to see yourself, you have to be both critical and compassionate. To do one without the other is a disservice to your identity and all those you serve. Moderation is measured in juxtaposition to excess. Time has a magnifying effect. When you notice yourself gazing for an unduly long spell, it is best to ask others to share their perspective. Likewise, if you situate too often behind the lens of another, you deprive yourself embodied experience. Make frequent journeys between diverse frames of reference. This is a path of sacred pilgrimage.

horoscope for libra and libra rising

Sometimes, a weaver must undo their work. Must untangle a mess in the midst of making an intricate tapestry. This is not a moment to curse yourself for a mistake, but to meditate on what other creation was waiting for you to come undone. To face facts is to look change in the eye. You do not have to make giant leaps right now, but it is a good period to prepare yourself for them. Instead of moving forward, move into forgiveness. Grieve losses. Abandon debts. Awaken to the space that has been carved out for you to breathe. A star needs darkness if it wants to shine.


horoscope for scorpio and scorpio rising

Consider the possibility that what you create does not come from you, but is the fruit of divine consciousness. How does this theory change the value of what you offer in community? Is your ego stunted by the idea that what you make for yourself is actually made by and for the universe? Perhaps this is a portal. Perhaps there is relief in romance with the cosmos. Perhaps seeing the sacred in your mortal meanderings is an act of transcendence. This is not fanatical postulation. This is not claiming yourself as god but it is a choice to observe how godliness bares itself in your personal affairs. How divinity leaks into your life when you submit yourself to joy. Do not be afraid of the holiness that blooms from innocence. When you are doubtful, practice noticing how a passing car whirs like an ocean wave. How your words breathe. How your love sinks and swells. Spirit is submerged in every internal season, waiting for you to see it.


horoscope for sagittarius and sagittarius rising

How many degrees of separation have you created between your origins and your endeavors? When you recognize that any suffering you attempt to escape is fuel for a well-structured fire, you begin to burn the kindling of truth. Bear witness to the parts of yourself you are attempting to hide. Home is not a place to be perfect but it can be a strong container for organized chaos. Success derives itself from aspiration first and effort second. Aspiration implies desire to be somewhere you are not. False hope happens thus, when we are unwilling to recognize where we are or where we come from. To reject your roots is to abandon a critical piece of your soul. Look upon your past with the reverence of grace. This is where you approach the design of dawn.

horoscope for capricorn and capricorn rising

Anywhere is a great place for the exhaustive and rewarding work of observation. You do not have to travel to the ends of the earth to find enlightenment. You do not have to pay thousands to discover your guides. You do not have to repent in humiliating ways, pretending you are lesser on some arbitrary scale of knowledgeable hierarchy. The value of education is constrained by socially-conditioned assumptions about how and what you should know. Your job is not to see what they show you. When you do this, you are practicing your mistakes. Your service, Capricorn, is most effective when you inspect and allow your influence within the system. Recognize that learning is a choice you can make everyday. Whatever doctrine you create or follow will lead you to its destination when you submit to it. So, choose your teachers and resources wisely and question your choices often. To be informed is a sacred gift. Seek the divine information you most need to learn.

horoscope for aquarius and aquarius rising

It is useful to share what you do not yet understand when you are seeking counsel. It is a disservice to ourselves and others to blindly scatter facts we have not checked. The vastness of our intelligence is exposed in the death of our egos. Admitting that you don’t know, that you don’t have answers, is an admirable strategy in a world viciously intent on providing dogma for every situation. While the concession of no solution is also full of creed, it generates a crack that other answers do not. Establish yourself in this crevice. In the well that lies between what is known and what is mysterious. Not having solutions doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Your greatest resource right now is in the understanding that a band-aid will not block the gush of a gaping wound. Your capacity to respond with clarity requires the confidence of time.

horoscope for pisces and pisces rising

In whose body does mystery bury itself? How do you deal with uncertain identity? What colossal questions send you running toward an escape hatch? Blurriness is not a burden, but a buoy. A map soaked and destroyed by water does not obliterate the ocean or the land. When you feel lost, recognize this is an invitation to explore. Any point of suffering is a place where you can draw defining lines. The boundary between a mountain and a valley is subjective. Thus, rock-bottom insanity is self-defined in the moment your descent into depression decides to curve uphill. Do not be afraid to adventure along the ridge-lines of your relationships. The edges of places show us where we separate and where we connect.

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