Wednesday, August 7th
12:31am PST: Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 14°32’
This aspect brings heat to our hope. The Sun and Jupiter in harmonious conversation with each other are fuel for whatever fire is being built. While Jupiter is generally a benefic planet, it’s important to note that it will bring good however you define it. The Sun in Leo emphasizes the extraordinary, sometimes leaving the ordinary behind. Malexpressed, this can be too much of a good thing. Grandiose to the point of arrogance. Pedestals too far out of reach or too painful to survive a fall without severe scarring. So long as egos are carefully checked, this aspect aids in preparing for our passionate endeavors. Take this moment to consider: what do you need to better understand so you can make a stand for the sake of love? What are the questions you haven’t thought to ask that would offer you space, acceptance, and sense of purpose? This is less about knowing and more about a sureness in our seeking. It’s about adapting our style of learning to create what we need rather than adapting our needs to fit a system that doesn’t have the tools to teach us how to move in the world. In its simplest form, this aspect is a swelling boost of confidence. Trust in yourself and your individuality to show you what’s next. Trust enough to reach for it.

Thursday, August 8th
1:27pm PST: Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 14°31’
Following in the Sun’s footsteps earlier this week, Venus swinging into a trine with Jupiter helps us find stable footing on our most sophisticated quests. Venus in Leo adds flair, a dose of aesthetics, a warm embrace that can bring balance, slowing us down enough to focus on pleasure, even in the midst of a wildfire. Venus, as a personal planet that aids in relating, can bring Jupiter’s big ideas into real conversation and connection. Jupiter might show us what to pray for but Venus shows us how to do it in a way that puts us in respectful partnerships with other cultures, the earth and the cosmos. In Leo, Venus’ light is creative, keying us into the spark of connection. While this aspect can feel like a dramatic twist of fate, it will likely be felt like divine timing. Notice where you are able to be genuine and warm. Find ease in accepting and offering truths. If you’re operating solo under this aspect, activate visions that might be more artistic rather than the practical ones. Own how extraordinary you can be.

Sunday, August 11th
6:38am PST: Jupiter stations direct at 14°Sagittarius30’
With Jupiter spending a few solid months reflecting over his home territory, this station prepares us to speak the truths in which we’ve been stewing. It is important to note that Jupiter retrograde is not like Mercury retrograde - it doesn’t mess with the details of your schedule, probably doesn’t care to whom you’re sending e-mails, what time your package arrives or the language in the fine print of your rent contract. Jupiter retrograde is longer - in some ways lazier, in others livelier - asking us to look into, over and underneath the depths of our personal wisdom. It is, in a sense, a personal vision quest. It teaches us that we don’t need to go to other countries or experience (appropriated) culture in a privileged way to know what our path is. It reminds us that much of what we seek in books, in travel, in school can actually be found within us. In Sagittarius, Jupiter asks us to get close to our personal truths and while retrograde, it challenges us to look inwards and outwards for what resonates enough for us to know we belong with it. It is the internal flame, the candle of hope that sits in your heart or your third eye. As Jupiter stations direct, consider the personal truths that you’re ready to expose to the the world. Shed any shame around owning what’s right for you. Let your vision expand. Share it.

12:45pm PST: Mercury enters Leo
Still wrapping up retrograde post-shadow, Mercury’s second foray into Leo is considerably less volatile than their ingress earlier this summer. As the messenger moves through the first few degrees of the lion, it gives us the opportunity to color-correct any ill-fitting light by which we may have been burnt in July. Mercury direct in Leo is full of compliments and easily shares warmth with whomever it comes into contact. Its messages are creative reminders of the special qualities we find in each other and ourselves. Use this time to consider what you love about the people in your life. Tell them.

7:26pm PST: Uranus stations retrograde at 6°Taurus37’
Just as Jupiter begins to move forward, Uranus, in a display of its own ideal revolution, reminds us that cycles move in many directions. Outer planetary stations are usually felt for about five days before and after the exact moment of the U-turn. As a planet that is known for explosions, Uranus stations remind me of “the bends”, also known as decompression sickness, a phenomenon that occurs when dissolved gases come out of a solution in the bloodstream causing bubbles in our circulation. This is usually experienced by scuba divers due rapid changes in pressure as they navigate varying levels of depths beneath and in the water. Uranus, planet of enlightenment, is associated with a quality of genius often produced by an alchemical mix of spirit and science. When on the precipice of waking up to new worldviews, painful truths, exciting expansions of consciousness, we can become dizzy or disoriented as we try to restabilize in an environment that feels distorted because some portal of our conscience has been opened. Knowing this, give yourself plenty of space and gentleness around this Uranus station. Allow your body, mind and soul the time to catch up to each other. To mutually resonate. Finding common ground is difficult on internally shifting tectonic plates. Wait until a few days after the station before making any attempt to blame or beat yourself up for something you could have done better “if you had only known”. Uranian evolution of personal consciousness can be alienating because the streams of thought that pour through you are unfamiliar. It can be uncomfortable to voice these thoughts to others whom you would normally ask to bear witness. Stay with yourself enough to know that Uranus doesn’t present this gift of “seeing” until you are ready. As my friend and fellow astrologer Cameron Allen most recently said to me on the subject of Uranian consciousness “it’s okay to soften; more strength is obtained in the softened state.”