Monday, July 1st
4:20pm PST: Mars enters Leo
As the warrior leaves the sign of Cancer, we’re granted a bit of relief from the sensation of being pulled apart. While Mars separated from Saturn and Pluto a week or so prior, this ingress marks a notable shift in our ability to take action. While Mars in Leo is arguably more outwardly antagonistic than Mars in Cancer, the fighter will find freedom here from the malefic face-off that was happening on the Cancer Capricorn axis. We can expect that the shadow side of this shift might lend to dramatic outbursts and a need to show off and be witnessed in our rage. Still, embracing our anger is a healthy practice. When channeled into creative process, Mars in Leo offers an extremely artistic hand. A daring ability to make broad and bright brush strokes that evoke a passion worth fighting for. Own it.

Tuesday, July 2nd
12:16pm PST: Solar Eclipse in Cancer (New Moon) at 10°Cancer38’
Conceivably the most potent New Moon of this year, this lunation lends us infinitely fertile ground. While New Moons are generally moments of deep internal reflection, solar eclipses offer a special seasoning. A flavor of fate. A sweetness that comes with understanding that the universe might be offering extra answers to questions we hadn’t even thought of. When something is “eclipsed”, it is for a moment, hidden. It’s nature is to conceal, obscure, darken and cover. Generally, when the Moon joins the Sun each month, the Moon is considered dark. When this meeting happens close to the Lunar Nodes, an eclipse occurs, amplifying the effect of darkness by blotting out the Sun’s light. Cancer is a sign of fertility. In the Thema Mundi, the chart of the universe, Cancer occupies the first house, because this chart represents the birth of all things. A Solar Eclipse in Cancer calls to question the things we’d like to birth in the house in each of our charts that contains the sign of the crab. It is a sphere of phases, of deep fertility, of infinite emotional wisdom. Take this evening to set some intentions, the inklings of ideas of what you’d like to midwife into this world. Ask yourself, in addition, what questions still need asking. Give ample attention to the unknown. Ground yourself with focus on a hope or value that will carry you securely through change. Notice what needs to be nourished. If you’re in Oakland and would like to learn more about how this New Moon will affect you personally, RSVP to attend my solar eclipse circle this Tuesday evening from 7-9pm. All genders, skin colors, races and orientations are welcome.

Wednesday, July 3rd
8:18am PST: Venus enters Cancer
While Mars gets a break from the crazy of the cardinal signs, Venus slinks into the Cancer sauce and tries not to get lost. Still, Venus is happier in the receptive sign of the crab than Mars might have been. Traditionally signifying desire, love and even wealth, Venus here can lend some much needed sweetness to Cancer placements that may have been having a rough go of it recently. While less open and active than she was while in Gemini, Venus in Cancer will seek to deepen our relationships by enhancing our emotional connections to each other. She will encourage us to use the strength of our intuition to suss out when we can be safe enough to practice vulnerability. The shadow side of Venus in Cancer might highlight areas where we feel jealous or are unable to express our need for affirmation in regards to our esteem. Still, the same way that water takes the shape of whatever container holds it, Venus here is suggestive of our ability to bend creative powers at will. When relationships seem difficult, channel struggles into artistic expression. Aim to communicate something profound and trust that its resonance will echo, rippling outward as it touches all who engage with it.

Thursday, July 4th
12:28am PST: Saturn in Capricorn opposite True Node in Cancer, both at 17°37’
Saturn has been traveling near the South Node of Fate for quite some time and this moment perfects this aspect, drawing much needed attention to our qualms and queries about our own competencies. Take some time to reflect on where any overdeveloped sense of responsibility actually stifles your ability to show up with integrity. Learn to acknowledge ways where you might not be putting in as much effort as you’d like to own. Conversely, be affirming of all the ways you are actually activating. Consider areas where you are denying or repressing feelings that have every right to be there simply because they are. Feeling a feeling is different than acting on it. Be willing to do the labor of sifting through emotions. Feelings are fertile fuel for impassioned work. Support yourself by acknowledging that whatever fragility you’re addressing will eventually transform to stronger muscles. Relieve pressure by knowing this process of calcification will eventually pass, leaving behind a great body of work you might not even see that you’re currently building. 

Sunday, July 7th
4:15pm PST: Mercury stations retrograde at 4°Leo28’
Mercury’s station in the early degrees of the Lion’s territory propels us to think backwards and forwards simultaneously. Mercury will station direct at the end of the month at 24° of Capricorn, directly opposite the degree of the Full Lunar Eclipse taking place on July 16th. A Mercury retrograde cycle tied into eclipses indicates that this particular period is stamped with extra interference by the hands of fate. Mercury is essentially carrying messages that extend beyond and between the bounds of lifetimes, offering us a particularly karmic month that requires us to listen more than we might be naturally inclined to do. Specifically, focus on listening for synchronous messages that indicate you might need to radically shift direction in your life-path. In Leo, Mercury takes on a noble character, communicating with dramatic fervor that is often warm but sometimes frightfully fiery. As Mercury conjoins Mars and backtracks into Cancer, the messenger will ask us to get closer to the core of our needs. To dive deeper into our most vulnerable parts before overtly confronting a claim to any kind of control over what we’d like to create. At this moment, reflect on any stories (there will likely be a few of them) that have started (or re-ignited) since Mercury entered pre-shadow around June 20th. Be willing to admit that your story is nowhere near finished. Might need a review, a re-write and another proof before it goes to press. Find comfort in the notion that the universe will offer you new material along the way that you’ll be eager to incorporate. Part of the creative process of carving your way through this life is listening for your own karma and being willing to heed it. Mercury moving through Leo, ruled by the Sun, and Cancer, ruled by the Moon, means that the messenger is dancing between the light and its reflection. There is a prismic quality to this time. Admire all the ways your own light refracts out into your environment and be grateful for this incredible opportunity to play with it.