Monday, June 3rd
3:02am PDT: New Moon at 12°Gemini34’
This New Moon is a breath of fresh air. Sitting in a spot of the sky that is safe away from the chaos currently affecting the Cardinal signs, this Moon gives us an opportunity to reset our learning curve. Make a study date with yourself that gives you plenty of time to sift through the list of things you’d like to learn. Consider connections you want to create. Reflections of yourself you that might come clear if you could cultivate more attention. Superficial fun you could have if you allowed yourself the pleasure of not having an end-goal in mind.

Devote some quiet time to the subjects contained by whatever house Gemini occupies in your chart. What do you want to change? Where can you be more open to alternative points of view? How can you learn to hold multiple differing opinions, facts, or experiences at the same time? The sign of Gemini encapsulates what it means to be in the flow of communication. Admire the space between various aspects of yourself. Between you and another individual. Between you and your environment. Between you and the entire universe. Plant some seeds that can raise all of these relationships levels that feel nourishing to you. Seeing ourselves in others can be illuminating, delightful and sometimes painful. Even with emotional reactions and painful differences, there is something humanizing about being able to detect ways in which we are the same. Set some social intentions that help you start a story you’d like to tell someday. If you know what house in your chart contains the sign of Gemini, get clear on what you’d like to learn in regards to that area of life. Remember that life is a school you can always study.

Tuesday, June 4th
1:04pm PDT: Mercury enters Cancer
When Mercury shifts from their home sign of Gemini into careful Cancer, our communication becomes more cautious. Messages are covered in layers we might have to peel back over time. Information might contain hidden insight if we’re willing to look for it. Mercury in Gemini took words at face value while Mercury in Cancer will hone in on the tone in which they are delivered. Will be skilled at detecting the sweet and sour concealed in our communiqués. One shadow side of Mercury in Cancer can be expecting others to “just know” how we feel or what we mean even though we haven’t told them. Remember that Mercury deals with the transmission of information. Be attentive to the ways in which you express yourself indirectly. Passively. Notice where your roundabout dialogue or unwillingness to say what you want or need leads to self-sabotage. Mercury is both active and receptive. Also be aware that attaching meaning to what someone shares with you can also be harmful. As a water sign with a protective shell, Cancer has a talent for concern. If you think someone is hurt or angry, clarify by asking them - with kindness - if they’re okay. Through attentive care to consent and the creation of safe space, Mercury in Cancer has an incredible capacity for vulnerability. Use it.

Friday, June 7th
7:16am PDT: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus, both at 4°59’
This is a moment to test your somatic skillset. Pay attention to the emotional information found in your body. Ever with an air of unpredictability, this aspect might instigate unexpected delight or discomfort. Uranus in Taurus will often ask us to push the boundaries of our comfort zone for the sake of personal growth. If you’re in pain, practice asking for what you need. If you’re waking up to pleasure, practice affirming your joy to yourself and possibly to a loved one. Mercury in Cancer doesn’t always need to share with another person. It’s enough to have an internal exchange with yourself about any shock to your system. As this aspect happens in the morning, use it as an opportunity to do a deeper than normal body-scan. Feeling discontent doesn’t have to ruin your day. If you take care of yourself through it, you might discover freedom in the security you’re able to establish for yourself.

2:52pm PDT: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Aries, both at 5°32’
Chiron in Aries is essentially independent. Is concerned for your well-being as long as you’re working on yourself. But Chiron in Aries can also claim too much space. Is the teacher that tells you directly when you’ve done something wrong. Meanwhile, Mercury in Cancer might beat around the bush. Might be afraid to admit when they’re mad. Might need a little coaxing but that definitely doesn’t mean they don’t care. Learn what you can from this moment about the time and place for certain kinds of communication. There are occasions to tell it straight and others to add sweetness. Try to integrate kindness into confrontation. If you feel like you get jabbed, take a moment to consider whether someone had to do extra emotional labor to be vulnerable enough to share their truth with you. Own the part you played - no more no less. Your body will be able to tell you if you feel guilt, shame, hurt, etc. Chiron is a teacher but that doesn’t mean there has to be a hierarchy. You might not agree with another’s truth but that doesn’t mean you’re not both right. Sometimes the pain has to come to the surface before you can begin to address it. Use Mercury’s compassion and consideration in Cancer to help you navigate wounds now before they begin to fester.

Saturday, June 8th
6:37pm PDT: Venus enters Gemini
As Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini she steps from sensual to sociable. Venus’ purpose in astrology is to assist us in relating. She helps us ascertain our values and find balance in our relationships based on personal interpretations of worth. In Taurus, Venus was rooted in what she knew was right for her. With the grounding she’s gained in self, she’s now ready to explore. In Gemini, Venus becomes open to adapting to her environment and cohort, allowing for us to exchange ideas about ethics with a little more ease and an eagerness to understand. She’s especially inclined to anything novel but won’t shy away from repetition if it means she gets to refine her rapport. Venus in Gemini loves variety. Is down for situations like speed-dating simply for the experience of learning what she can about her own attachment style. Venus in Gemini makes experience her objective. Might abandon plans if something better presents itself. Breathe into the present moment instead of planning outcomes. Relate to right now. Seek superficial sweetness without needing to judge it. Not every relationship has to be deep. All of our needs can get met if we’re willing to accept that support comes from all different places and people. Turn the volume on your relating dial up and down until you’ve fine-tuned it just the way you like. Try not to judge yourself if some experiences aren’t perfectly divine; finding out what you don’t like can be just as important as determining what does.

Sunday, June 9th
12:34pm PDT: Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, both at 18°41’
In traditional astrology, the Sun represents intelligence. In Gemini, the intelligence isn’t the information that is shared but how it is shared. This aspect creates a struggle between the dreams we have and the way we communicate them. Like the moment in the Lion King when Rafiki whacks Simba over the head with a stick, this aspect pulls us out of the dream in order to do something about it. Squares often offer us a struggle wherein we realize we have to hit pause on one thing in order to let another pass first. Are you living your dreams or just thinking about them? Take a break from your reveries so you can organize your time. Let this aspect inspire you to take some superficial but critical baby steps in the direction of your aspirations.

In another vein, this square can highlight our indecision. Might show us where our ability to see the “good” in everything (or the “bad”) has us permanently in a state of re-deciding. Changing our minds over and over again can propel us into inaction. While a pregnant pause is a valuable tool in many situations, dancing between ideas and not doing anything about it could make you dizzy. What’s the point in being mutable if it means staying stuck? Remember that more information unfolds as you move forward in any situation. You can always make a change later down the line after you’ve seen tangible results that help you refine your process.