Tuesday, May 28th
4:06pm PDT: Mercury in Gemini semi-sextile True Node in Cancer, both at 18°23’
Aspects to the Nodes often bring events that carry fated sensations. Meanwhile, semi-sextiles have a blind-siding effect. Seeming to arrive out of the blue, semi-sextile aspects can come in the form of information or spontaneous events with others, or bring sudden internal revelations. Catching us by surprise, this bulletin from Mercury sticks itself on the board of our minds in a way we might miss if we’re not paying attention. Give yourself the space to do a double-take. The nodal axis is directly tied into the current karmic path. Consider that there might be pertinent lessons contained in the afternoon’s events. If you feel taken aback at any moment in your day, it’s a good time to pause and consider what you’re being asked to learn in the moment. Keen observation is your ally.

9:01pm PDT: Mercury in Gemini semi-sextile Venus in Taurus, both at 16°44’
In a similar fashion to their exchange with the Nodes, Mercury grabs the hand of Venus, not in an unfriendly way. Consider what it feels like to walk down the street, minding your own business, celebrating or sulking through your life, and suddenly, you’re thrown off track by a colorful catcall. Normally this would be off-putting, but Mercury and Venus are each in home territory. Now meditate on how the shape of that cat-call changes when you realize it’s spewing from the loud mouth of a dear friend, dazzling you with the grace, or at least humor, of a gaudy compliment. Enjoy abrupt banter. Catch yourself off-guard with your eagerness. Relish in the way unexpected exchange encourages you to take up space.

Wednesday, May 29th
6:23pm PDT: Mercury in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, both at 18°35’
Generally, Mercury in tense aspect to Neptune can instigate rude awakenings. However, similar to Mercury’s experience with Venus the previous day, these planets are both in their domicile, lending strength of will that enables us to hold different sides of a story with an equal element of importance. When two people in an argument both feel solid in their skillset, they are better able to engage in a well mannered discussion that elevates, rather than injures their understanding. Mercury here will strive to create clarity while Neptune blurs the bounds of any definition Mercury tries to impose. Still, Neptune in Pisces promotes our power of absorption and Mercury in Gemini, all facts and figures, is offering ample information for Neptune to take in and retain, the way adding salt helps us hold more water. Squares, an aspect governed by the laws of stern Saturn, often introduce challenges intended to help us grow. This aspect wants us to recognize the clarity that can come from ritual practice, spiritual beliefs and dreamwork. Likewise, it might ask us to sharpen the focus of our lens in areas where we tend to be more wishy-washy. If you naturally lean towards a more fluid approach, consider incorporating an analysis or more practical points of view. If you’re more of the cerebral type, colored by quick, sharp movements and changes, fortify your intentions with more faith.

Thursday, May 30th
6:00am PDT: Venus in Taurus sextile True Node in Cancer, both at 18°20’
Mercury has already carried messages to these two earlier this week, slipping us clues to open doors that are waiting for us to walk through them. Now Venus’ sextile to the Nodes asks us to consciously take action towards sets of circumstances upon which we we want to establish a steady level of growth. Remember that aspects to the Nodes feel fated. Sextiles are Venus’ aspect. They are exceptional opportunities that require our conscious and attentive activation if we want them to bear fruit. Notice what elements of life seem to fall into place. Where are you, through the power of enhanced awareness, able to situate yourself in the right place at the right time? Where are you already there and simply waiting to realize it? Venus in Taurus recognizes the effort required to bring anything to its fullest potential. It is the beauty that flourishes from a well-watered seed. Taurus and Cancer are kind and natural nurturers. Notice what is begging you to care for it and if you feel especially inspired, trust that the sweat you put in will taste extra sweet.

8:19am PDT: Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Saturn in Capricorn, both at 19°47’
While Gemini and Capricorn sometimes have to engage an extra step to see each other, planets connecting from these signs form a powerful combination. Moreover, Mercury in its domicile in Gemini adapts more easily than normal to Saturn’s long-term and lofty plan. Envision Saturn in this placement as the director of a film, while Gemini acts as producer, running around making sure everyone is on-time and on the same page. This aspect asks us to make detailed adjustments that help bring together big-picture goals. Mercury in Gemini touches all the fine details that send Saturn into masterpiece territory. Correspondingly, Saturn reigns in Mercury’s wily energy, promoting clear focus and priorities that build stamina as we tackle lengthy lists. Use this time to consider what small changes you need to make that will bring you closer to your objectives. Be practical and concise. Also, consider what low-hanging fruit is ripe for you to pick. In a capitalist society, we are so often pushing ourself to create obscene amounts of content and we can easily get lost in the sauce. Clarify your goals and make sure your actions are elevating you to experiences that foster enduring rather than superficial growth. Focus less on ways of distributing content to get likes and followers and more on designing something with substance. When you appreciate and learn from your own work, it’s easier to share and tell about it with people who are inclined to attention and valuable feedback.

9:51am PDT: Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 18°36’
This aspect calls to mind the rich vegetation that grows along the banks of a river. When we are in symbiotic relationship with the people, places and things that surround us, life takes on a luxurious tint. With so much suffering in this world (and the stack of planets and points currently in Capricorn), it’s easy to get caught up in guilt and shame, not allowing ourselves to fully embrace positive experiences when they flow our way and instead pushing ourselves to work till we’re beyond a state of burnout. This aspect doesn’t ask us to brush our privilege under the rug but it does inspire us to consider where we can easily cash in on some sweetness. Numerous studies have been developed that remind us happiness is not something that can be purchased, though it is easier to revel in joy when we feel secure in our ability to access necessities. Venus in Taurus reminds us of the balance we can cultivate when we acknowledge the earth beneath our feet. When we root into natural elements on which we can almost always rely. The ability to take off our shoes. To massage our own tired fingers, arms, legs and toes. To lie down - even if the surface is hard - and be held for a moment by the earth. To attend to our exhales, creating space to welcome fresh breath. Neptune helps us balance sensations of insecurity with the faith that the water is always changing. That life will flood us with opportunity when we’re not only wanting and willing, but also ready for it.

8:12pm PDT: Mercury in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 20°48’
This is quite the magnetic conversation equation. As we’ve already begun to see, this week is filled with planets in dialogue from their home signs, meaning they operating from placements that bring out their most unmistakable qualities and lend them unparalleled strength of essential character. Mercury in Gemini is focused on attributes, facets, subtleties and technicalities. Mercury conveys information with a focus on the specifics while noting that every point is also designed to pivot. Jupiter is equally changeable, but is a die-hard for digging at a depth that Mercury defies. Jupiter is focused on faith, on the under and over-lying truths. Jupiter operates from the position that governs all minor points. This opposition encourages us to integrate the superficial and the profound. To diffuse the details with the big picture. To stress less by seeing from the other side. At worst, arguments become antagonistic, unwilling step out of self-righteous sight. Gemini and Sagittarius sit on the polarity of learning. Regardless of whether you think someone is right or wrong, consider what you need to learn more than what you need to teach. You can’t make someone understand but you can seek to witness yourself in a new way. If you’re more inclined to the philosophical, attempt to ground with specific, rational tangible material. If you’re drowning in details that don’t matter, a more theoretical approach might benefit any obstacles that present themselves. Whatever your state, enjoy the act of opening yourself to a new process of discovery. Delight in the wit carried by your complement. Practice laughing with - rather than at - whoever’s mind with whom you’re spinning.

Friday, May 31st
8:26am PDT: Venus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn, both at 19°44’
Incredibly fertile, this aspect marries strong aesthetic with hard work. Venus and Saturn in flowing aspect bring merit and stamina to long term projects. In their home signs, both in earth, this is an ideal moment to produce or work within exquisite spaces. This aspect reminds us that creating a working environment in which we feel secure, comfortable, visually and sensually activated, can lend us the stamina and inspiration to endure in the process of content creation that is both meaningful and fruit-bearing. Struggle is not always the source point of a magnum opus. With patience, persistence and grace we can expect our result to mirror the ease of a natural process.

3:02pm PDT: Sun in Gemini semi-sextile Mars in Cancer, both at 10°10’
As mentioned before, semi-sextiles tend to bear the element of surprise. The Sun in Gemini brings news that has the potential to irk Mars in Cancer’s emotional waters. Remember that the Sun in Gemini embodies the ability to change. To see many sides. To shift ideas and opinions as information comes through. Mars in Cancer translates the information that the Sun brings into feelings. May internalize words on a level that can become emotionally attached while the Sun moves on quickly. Notice what ideas present themselves to you that transform into feelings. Mars in Cancer can be passive aggressive when it feels punctured. Remember that surprise isn’t necessarily or even naturally a bad thing. Look for words that surprise you with their tenderness, or be the one offering them.

8:14pm PDT: Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, both at 22°50’
As Mercury moves into this adjusting aspect with Pluto, consider how the way something is communicated can completely alter its meaning. You may hear something now that you’ve heard before but strikes you differently this time around. Pluto personifies the process of metamorphosis. When Pluto presents itself, it does not instigate rebirth for you to begin the same life again. A caterpillar does not ever re-become a caterpillar after it has transformed into a butterfly. Complete change - as in you can’t go back to the way it was. As Mercury aspects Pluto, they offer information that you can’t unhear or unsee. Make the change that you know is necessary with information presented.

Saturday, June 1st
2:20am PDT: Venus in Taurus inconjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 20°39’
While it might take a moment for us to see the good that’s arrived, this aspect encourages us to adapt or open a door that admits gifts into our lives. At the 2019 Northwest Astrology conference, astrologer Sam Reynolds, on the topic of diversity in the astrological community, discussed the difference between stepping out of the way of the door, and opening it. It’s one thing to remove a block and a whole other thing to invite the good in. Inconjuncts ask us to change the way we’re seeing or operating. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants to expand horizons, learning what we can from experiences outside of our comfort zone. Venus in domicile in aspect to Sagittarius teaches us that experiencing the unfamiliar, inviting it in with warmth will ultimately be a source of valuable wisdom and consequently, security.

Sunday, June 2nd
8:38pm PDT: Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, both at 22°48’
Similarly fertile to Venus’s conversation with Saturn on Friday, this aspect brings sweetness to our shadow side. Pluto in Capricorn has been slowly revealing elements of our internal and collective structure that are motivated by fear, driven by depression and provoking power struggles we might not need to have if we were better at examining our personal part in the balance of relationships. This aspect helps us to more easily own the elements of our personal values that we might not like because we’ve been socially conditioned to believe a certain way of feeling is more politically correct. It’s not good to be selfish, lazy, compulsive, critical, etc. But where are these verbs given negative connotation? What do you not like about yourself because you actually don’t like it or because the world tells you it’s a “bad” way to be? Where can you recognize you don’t actually want to share? Where can you own your ability to judge (what’s right for you) without needing to pass judgement on it? Where are you compulsively grasping at something outside of yourself to help you feel okay? Whether it’s validation or permission, it needs to come from you. Internal problems aren’t remedied with external solutions and vice versa. You can’t “fix” something that isn’t yours to fix even if it doesn’t align with your values and you think it would be better if it were different. You can choose to walk away from patterns, people and situations that you know aren’t aligned. This is a moment to invite in your ability to see what you’re doing that you don’t actually like. You can’t free yourself if you don’t know you’re imprisoned. Before you attempt to define what you want to change for someone else, outline your values for yourself? It’s okay if learning new information shifts means your priorities earned a shift.