Monday, April 2nd
11:44am EST: Mars conjunct Saturn at 8°Capricorn57’ → This aspect brings us face to face with the things we might not want to do that WILL get us where we want to go. Focus your willpower on a sense of patience as you outline a challenging but exciting to-do list. Use this energy to be diligent at discerning what you are capable of. This aspect is one that asks us to take on more responsibility than we are used to BECAUSE we are capable of clearly strategizing our time and our energy. Use the assertiveness available to you to be clear about where you can’t, to delegate where you can, and to own your authority over your actions. Capricorn LOVES a practical challenge. The end will justify the means of your hard work if you take a slow, strategic and aware approach. With Mercury making eyes at these malefics it’s important to stay behind the scenes for now. You’ll have ample opportunity to strut your stuff come mid-April so don’t let the cat out of the bag yet.

4:15pm EST: Sun 13°Aries01’ trine North Node° 13Leo01’ → A moment to connect profoundly with your heart’s path. Watch who you meet this afternoon, they might help you to your destination. Put out warm fuzzies and see where you receive them in return. Curiosity is the key to joy. Opportunity to discover something you didn’t even realize you wanted. Permit yourself to feel desire, admire the fire coursing through your veins and let it help you own how hot you are regardless of what’s lighting your candle. It’s YOUR flame so carry it with you.

Wednesday, April 4th
3:05am EST: Mercury 9°Aries50’Rx square Mars 9°Capricorn50’ → We might be receiving difficult messages right now - the first step is to make a container for them so they can’t overwhelm you. Throwing clay on a wheel doesn’t make it a pot. You have to take the time to shape it. If you’re molding at breakneck speed, slow down. The second step is understanding the message you’re receiving. You don’t have to like it but you do have to work with it. Make sure you’re clear on what you want to say and how you want to say it. Channel any frustration into reconnecting to your higher self and how you want to show up on a public level. What container can you provide for others? Focus on creating for your target audience.

6:10pm EST: Sun15°Aries05’ semisextile Neptune 15°Pices05’  → The floodgates are open and we’re white-water rafting. The film could either get ripped apart or fully funded. The Sun and Neptune are thrilled to be in their respective signs. Find a way to mix the enthusiasm and drive that the Sun provides with the fluid adaptability of Neptune’s waters. You’re very creative right now and not easily pigeonholed. Beautiful opportunity to practice going with the flow even on this bumpy ride. Use the energy to find fantastic solutions to surprise problems and enjoy the thrill as you watch yourself navigate downstream.

Thursday, April 5th
4:22am EST: Mercury 9°Aries01’Rx square Saturn 9°Capricorn01’ → This has happened before (March 11th) and it’ll happen again (April 25th). You’re being told to do something you don’t want to do. Choose the responsible and patient action or it will come back to bite you. Do the groundwork of checking your math. Acknowledge when you don’t know or don’t have all the unknown variables yet. It’s okay to be a beginner, especially if you’re doing your homework and learning the lessons. Operating on false positives doesn’t make it add up. Ask a teacher and pay attention to their instruction. The lesson is hard but it’s here to help, especially when it comes to your hearing.

Friday, April 6th
1:05pm EST: Mercury 8°Aries01’Rx semisextile Venus 8°Taurus01’ → The petals are unfurling stunningly but all this pollen is making us sneeze and we’re caught off guard by how something can be so beautiful and so frustrating at the same time. You can still enjoy the cherry blossoms. Take a moment of space away to restabilize so you can breathe deep. If the natural ways of the earth take time to wake up then you can too. Slide back into the garden with gratitude for all you’ve yet to learn and see.

Saturday, April 7th
9:36am EST: Venus 9°Taurus03’ trine Saturn 9°Capricorn03’ → Each in their respective home signs, these planets are thrilled to help us catch our equivalent of a stunning morning sunrise! Productive and pleasurable, there’s a flow when you focus on the work that brings a little beauty and a lot of wealth to your days. Remember wealth is a concept and trust your gut around what you personally find valuable. Admit abundance where it flows. Make a sacred physical offering to the goddess while setting an intention to slowly savor the meal she’s helping you prepare. Venus wants you to indulge all of your delicious desires while Saturn helps you stop when you get full. Somebody else will clean the plate and that happy pup might even give you cuddles and kisses in thanks. Plus you’ll be satisfied when you realize you have space in your day for dessert - this could be any type of sensual pleasure that pleas for your attention.