Tuesday, March 5th
10:19am PST: Mercury stations retrograde at 29°Pisces39’
In an almost-too-casually-slick move, Mercury pivots at the last degree of the zodiac to pirate his way backward through Piscean seas. Retrograde until March 28th, the trickster might be playing tricks on himself. Mercury generally aims for clear communication, crystallized details, and strong organizational skills. In Pisces, Mercury loses threads of thoughts only to tie them in later with a poetic flare. Details might get lost in the ocean but that doesn’t mean the sea isn’t holding them. During this retrograde, Mercury will backtrack, soliciting some sophisticated schooling from Jupiter on March 15th before he ultimately retrieves sense of wholeness with Neptune on the 24th. This Mercury retrograde in particular will be about learning to find solace in what we don’t know and can’t clarify. It will be about surrendering the frustrations of trying to “figure it out” for the sake of faith which always gives way to a fortune of wisdom. It will be about learning to forgive lateness, the madness of mistakes no-one can control, and the communication mishaps that ultimately want to reveal our humanity to us. Practice seeing yourself and others as the perfectly imperfect beings that we are. Promote kindness over criticism and notice where it earns you an ensuing flow.

Wednesday, March 6th
0:35am PST: Uranus enters Taurus
Less than a day after Mercury’s shift in direction, Uranus drops into Taurus like an anchor that’s hit a sunken ship, sending a wealth of stories up to the surface. Uranus got his toes muddy in Taurus between May and November of last year but this part of the zodiac hasn’t fully seen this kind of power since 1942. Uranus is the rebel that likes to cause a ruckus so we can see what is broken in the system. It is the great illuminator with an intention to innovate. Taurus is fixed earth, tactile and tough, a sign of strong values, solid work ethic and a magnitude of wealth. Taurus doesn’t love change but Uranus is gunning for it. Over the next eight years, we’ll be awakening to unfair distribution of resources and seeking solutions to problematic systems that share with unjust strings attached. We’ll also be given the opportunity to assess and refine our own understanding of worth and what we value in the part of our charts that contains Taurus. Uranus is incredibly techy - we might see some genius revolutions in the ways we connect to and preserve our beloved earth. Clearly, this is a long transit with a breadth of subject matter and ample chance to animate and shake things up. Taurus often represents the material things we need to feel secure while Uranus likes to liberate us from everything we think we need but might actually be blocking us from a quality of transcendence. Meditate on the Uranian vibration in the physical realm over the next few weeks and look this week for the beginning of your personal Uranus in Taurus story and what it wants to teach you about everything you value.

8:04am PST: New Moon at 15°Pisces47’
The dreamiest New Moon of the year - this moon sits pretty with the Sun and Neptune, wading through the darkest depths of our consciousness. Let this be a time to slip into nonverbal communication. Soak yourself in the secrets that get stirred up for you when you sit in silence. Sink into the sweetness that life herself offers when you’re willing to witness her. Scatter seeds for wildflowers - let your intentions be open-ended and revel in the pleasure of how you’ll have surprised yourself in six months when they offer their scents and wild blooms. New Moons are moments for internal reflecting, meditating on what we’d like to ultimately grow. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we’re in a double-visioning dreamland. The trick with this Moon is not to aim for anything too solid, though a sweet sextile to Saturn helps ground us with a little earth and a lot of patience. Pisces leans naturally into the sacrifices it needs to make for the sake of merging into wholeness. Its suffering is a gateway to compassion. Consider what elements you’d like to let wash away. Notice where your pain brings you to the precipice of kindness if you’ll just turn the key it presses into your palm. Find solace in the fantasy of warmth and practice visualizing or embodying the thing you wish most would flood into your life. Don’t deny yourself the wonder when it actually arrives.

5:01pm PST: Sun conjunct Neptune at 16°Pisces10’
As the Sun makes its yearly conjunction to the planet of illusion, inner eyes are opened to our unconscious. This conjunction jumpstarts a new cycle for our dreams. Wherever this takes place in our chart is an area where we might be prone to delusion and depression as the Sun is highlighting our ability to empathize with and absorb emotions - of other individuals, entities and the collective. Paradoxically, it is also a space where we are most primed to find solace in our profound ability to trust our inner depths. Use this evening to practice true empathy. This means really feeling into someone else’s experience - without attaching meaning to what it means for you. It can be overwhelming to access emotions that aren’t our own but it is insanely powerful to witness or be witnessed in this way. Remember that Pisces doesn’t attempt to “fix”. It’s strength is one of recognizing we are all fish in the same school of life. No hierarchy. No comparing of pain. No measuring who’s joy or trauma tops another’s. Neptune is simply an ocean of compassion. Let it envelope you and anything you touch.

Friday, March 8th
11:10pm PST: Sun in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn, both at 18°25’
With so much water in the sky this week, this sextile provides welcome security and stable ground. Pisces and Capricorn together can be a match made in heaven, brought down to our earthly plane. Both Pisces and Capricorn draw from deep emotional waters. Pisces carries kindness while Saturn provides walls to lean on, earth to hold us, ample time and patience but clear deadlines so dreams don’t dry up unused. Sun in Pisces can be too much water, caught in emotional overwhelm and its pity party isn’t often a pretty sight. Capricorn can sometimes set out to build but end up controlling, exerting power in un/consciously abusive ways. When balanced, this aspect stops us from playing the victim. It also brings light to power dynamics, reinforcing a sense of generosity without strings attached. In its highest expression, this is a deeply creative experience, focused on manifesting fantastical visions in physical ways. This can be a wonderful night to dance, vision-board, collage, etc. Gather with friends or a partner and work to activate space. Welcome limitations and reality as a friend that helps you offer something to the present. Enjoy the physical magic that seems to move you from out of nowhere.

Sunday, March 10th
9:21am PST: Mars in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 16°18’
Similar to the Sun’s sextile to Saturn, this aspect brings energy to our dreams. Mars in Taurus can be slow but its pace is deeply seductive. In a sextile with Neptune, these two operate like lovers swaying and responding to each other’s bodies across a wide expanse of floor. Give yourself some space to move and swim. Neither of these planets are particularly verbal so if you can, leave conversation for later. Somatics take the gold in this game. Spend the morning reveling in the language of your own body. Draw what you saw in your dreams overnight. Mars in Taurus can be stiff-necked once it’s made a decision but Neptune softens its edges. Let this morning settle over you like sweet mist and wake up slow. Be gentle with yourself if you notice gut responses to what feels like any abandonment. Neptune might do a disappearing act but it always finds its way back. In fact, it often never leaves - like the water in a river that weaves its way on but somehow sticks around. Trust you have everything necessary to be secure in the moment. Faith does wonders when Neptune is involved. Mars will help you take action to address immediate physical needs. Plants can’t grow without water and light and neither can we. Feed and water yourself before you dig into any difficulties.