Tuesday, March 26th
12:43pm PDT: Venus enters Pisces
After a 25-day transit through detached but eloquent Aquarius, Venus sways impressively into the sign of her exaltation. A planet exalted operates extremely well; has access to every resource and then some to accomplish its most vital objectives. Venus supports us in understanding our values, defining a sense of worth, and initiating, stabilizing and maintaining fulfilling relationships. In Pisces, Venus’ feminine power is raised to ethereal levels. The spiritual sees itself in the erotic - they do not exist separately. Eros, meaning the personification of love, empowers our connection to self and thereby, others. In her essay Uses of the Erotic, Audre Lorde writes, “when we begin to live from within outward, in touch with the power of the erotic in ourselves, and allowing that power to inform and illuminate our actions upon the world around us, then we begin to be responsible to ourselves in the deepest sense.” Venus in Pisces affirms the life-force of our love as it emerges from a soul-centered space. Our inherent poetic politic is easily realized. Dreams are suited with sleek shapes and soft lining. Venus in Pisces reminds us that our relationships are not on a schedule. That time is essential only when we are in touch with the present. That reflecting on ourselves and our experience is the source point for connected and conscious love. From now until April 20th, use this time of heightened sensitivity to tune into the frequencies that bring you the most pleasure. Venus in Pisces helps us question conditioned realities around our ways of activating our eros. Practice trusting your intuition as a guiding light for offering and receiving in relationship. Emphasize spiritual merging that includes rather than dissolves your most holistic self.

Wednesday, March 27th
9:44am PDT: Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, both at 1°03’
Venus makes her first aspect to Uranus since the sky god entered Taurus, a sign of her rulership. Sextiles are harmonic aspects that are activated when we heighten our consciousness - in transit, they provide the opportunity which requires our choice to participate in order to reap the benefits of their collaborative vibration. This is one not to be missed. From the sign of her exaltation, Venus directs Uranus to sensual awakenings, bodily activations and earthly arousals. On personal and individual levels this can support us in raising physical touch to a higher frequency of loving connection. As Venus operates on a harmonic vibration of 3, this supports partnerships incorporating the divine into their communications, forming a triad with spirit. Think tantra, meaning “loom, weave or system”, activated through awareness practice. This can be sexual but it can also be applied to routines we normally find banal - such as washing dishes in the morning, watching light bounce off of water droplets, rivulets cascading between fingers, thrumming on the metal side of the sink. Through clear meditation, new ideas pour forth. Uranus is especially open to Venus’ direction so begin with spirit at the center of any activities this morning. Extract pleasure from source. Remember, Uranus always contains an element of the unpredictable. Follow curious threads of thought, especially if sporadic. Enjoy surprise.

Thursday, March 28th
6:59am PDT: Mercury stations direct at 16°Pisces06’
Mercury’s pivot point in the sign of the fish is closely conjunct Neptune, planet of illusion, sacrifice and suffering, as well as spiritual wholeness and profound compassion. Neptune blurs boundaries while Mercury delineates them. As Mercury turns again to migrate forward, he becomes clear that some boundaries are not meant to find clarity. That some stories don’t have finite endings. That naming things doesn’t always bring them to life - in fact, names often do more damage than we realize. Naming something out of desperation doesn’t make it so. While Mercury’s primary tool is oral or written tongues, Pisces rules in a nonverbal realm. Let go of needing to define something with language that can’t do it justice. Remember that language is a tool that must evolve with us, that faith is founded often with the absence of logic, that practical is subjective to conditioned terms to which we aren’t required to agree, no matter how much society implies our responsibility to conform. Follow your gut feelings as you sweep from one cycle into the next. Allow doors to be left open for your own sake. You never know when you might like to return to a person, place or idea with altered experience and novel perspective.

Saturday, March 30th
11:12pm PDT: Mars enters Gemini
Now that we’ve done the work to release the need to control foreign language, Mars dives into Gemini to help us learn dialects at a rapid-fire pace. Mars in Gemini is the ultimate sapiosexual. Loves puzzles and mind-games. Feeds its libido by gathering information and moving fast with it - like decent coffee and a croissant on the run - delightful, but little time to digest. Mars in Gemini finds its vitality in swift exchange, cursory and curious conversation. Frustrations are worked out easily on the page. Conflict creates solace through journaling solo or chattering away to an open ear. Mars in each sign needs to express itself before it arrives on anger overload - like a kid or an athlete that needs a good workout so it doesn’t get cranky or slow. Mars in Gemini loves to learn. Speaking of language - if you’ve got a list of tongues to toy with, now is a great time to immerse yourself in verb conjugations. Listening to Mercury in Pisces until April 17th, Mars in Gemini will be inclined to poetic undertakings, exotic prose, storylines that take wild twists and turns (I recommend reading Too Much and Not in the Mood by Durga Chew-Bose). Excite your mind with messages but be wary of attaching meaning too quickly. Write love letters and remember how to revel in relating. Listen to kids - especially when their words carry the wisdom of devil’s advocate. With Mars in Gemini, we naturally look for the other side to every story. Enjoy the act of reflecting but don’t get caught in the madness of funhouse mirrors. Ask why but don’t wait for an answer. Start a book club and see what stirs you. Practice changing your mind without feeling guilty. Consider how superficial and sympathetic can coexist. Revive your social life and appreciate its sweetness.