Wednesday, March 28th
8:47pm EST: Venus conjunct Uranus at 27*Aries19’ → Experience of shock and awe when you try something new. Doing it differently from everything that has steadily not worked will liberate you. This is an opportunity for creative genius when you embody your inner warrior princess. Emphasis on strong feminine energy.

6:01pm EST: Mercury 14*Aries50’ semisextile Neptune 14*Pisces50’ → Takes us back to conversations started on Friday, March 16th. You’re getting clearer; the dream has a lucid quality now and the information coming in is like the faint sound of sirens down the street that help stir you awake from a catnap. Be grateful you didn’t oversleep. A tip from a favorite Aries, Maya Angelou “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Take in the news and take your time. Sleep on what you want say in response.

Thursday, March 29th
10:16am EST: Sun 8*Aries50’ square Saturn 8*Capricorn50’ → A tension between your excitement to create and the checklist to cover all the cracks in the cement foundation. This aspect shines light on what is your responsibility vs. what is theirs. Keep your eyes on your own work and use the energy to propel you into healthy collaboration. Partnerships can sink or soar. An opportunity to see the structure before it’s built and a chance to change it if you choose.

Friday, March 30th
5:00am EST: Venus 28*Aries59' semisextile Chiron 28*Pisces59’ → She’s on a roll and she’s killing it but she’s so excited about her creative projects that she’s not thinking about you. Feelings of being forgotten amongst the frenzy. She’s keeping the focus on herself so you can learn to do the same. Tend to your wounds. Part of learning boundaries means only bringing your hurts to safe spaces where you know they will be received with extra gentle care. Remember wounds are here to help us heal our history.

2:22pm EST: Mercury 13*Aries32’ trine North Node 13*Leo32’ → The messenger sends a second letter to the one he admires but hasn’t gotten their attention yet. He’s honing his hello. Opportunity to meet someone extraordinary. Pay attention to who and what lights your fire and those who want to offer help. Or be the helper! There’s something coming back to you in the mail. Today is a great day for random acts of kindness.

Saturday, March 31st
12:54am EST: Venus enters Taurus → Warrior Princess grows into Epicurean Empress. The Goddess is thrilled to be back in her homeland and beauty blooms in everything she touches. Take a look at your resources and use this time to redefine what prosperity means to you. There are many ways to be “wealthy”  - if you focus on yours the treasures will begin to pile up. Venus is here until April 24th and wants to win your heart over and over until then so write some affirmations to the tune of abundance and grow baby grow!

8:37am Full Moon at 10*Libra45’ → The light is bright on our partnerships right now, asking us about what we want to receive in return for the effort we’re putting in. If they’re not willing to cut a rug with you then they might not make the cut. Love should be joyous. It requires some work but shouldn’t feel like constant labor. Review, release and trust that letting go lets the change of winds carry brilliant new birds of paradise your way.

Sunday, April 1st
1:53pm EST: Sun conjunct Mercury 11*Aries57’ → Aha moments abound! This is the lesson you’ve been looking for all week. Take what you like from the picnic, leave the rest and know you’re coming back to it later once the grass gets a little greener. It’s like taking a walk in the park with your friends and choosing to linger behind to smell the flowers. Learn what you can from the magical messages of mother earth as she wakes up in the spring Aries season. What’s in front of you right now needs your attention. Mercury is still retrograde but will soon be a speed demon. Don’t worry about being forgotten - you’ll catch up quick! The key to speed is the secret you’re uncovering! Only then will you see your pace is just right.