Wednesday, March 13th
7:25am PDT: Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 22°44’
Normally the Sun in harmonic aspect to Pluto can indicate a power play - especially as Pluto in Capricorn is focused on building a structure that allows it to exert some kind of dominance. Flowing aspects are traditionally seen as positive but it’s important to remember that painful things can happen just as rapidly or fluidly as joy. In Pisces, the Sun will sacrifice itself for Pluto’s greater scheme. Pisces lends the Sun a vibration which allows it to find loopholes - seeping into crevices and corners generally unseen. Pluto here encourages us to consider who has the upper hand in any situation. Remember that there are many spectrums of power in every relationship. See dynamics in 3-D and acknowledge how each individual or group brings a different set of resources to the table. Yielding and forcing are both ways to overcome. Consider how the repetition of water on rock erodes the physical over time. Once you’ve been able to hone in on and honor the value of each part to play, select someone or something that can give unbiased direction and delegation. Pisces gives the capacity to shape-shift. If you’re confused, take a step back and consider whether you prefer (in this moment) to be active/directive or receptive/submissive. Remember there is power in receiving.

6:29pm PDT: Sun in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 23°11’
While any aspect to Jupiter can lend itself to overdoing, this conversation in particular can point to burnout. It won’t necessarily feel bad as Jupiter brings buoyancy, an ability to spring back or out of any difficult situation, usually propelled by the joy of vitality. Still, Sun in Pisces adapts, offers, suffers for the sake of bringing energy to Jupiter’s game. On the plus side, this is an aspect in which you can set a high goal and the energy of hope might motivate you into accomplishing a great feat. Just leave yourself some space for the “comedown”. If possible, use this evening to make a list of the things that bring you faith in your most empty moments. Under this aspect, we are all more capable of clearly seeing what lifts us up. Tuck the list in your pocket for hard and rainy days.

Thursday, March 14th
2:19am PDT: MercuryRx in Pisces trine True Node in Cancer, both at 24°50’
Mercury flows into the Node of Fate for the second time during his retrograde journey. Notice who has shown up in your life recently who sparks a soul kind of consciousness. Mercury is ultimately a messenger, a planet that brings us information and direction - news and clues to follow. Think back to Mercury’s first trine to the Node on February 26th. Remember, when Mercury stations direct, he’ll give you one more clue to the destiny you’re meant to select this time around. Focus on the community and family you want to build. Take steps to communicate, even if it feels vulnerable, about the home you ultimately want to hold you.

3:01am PDT: Mars in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn, both at 18°48’
This aspect is highly productive - workhorses if you will. While Mars and Saturn are both considered malefics, we can’t judge them for not getting anything done. Any challenges you’re currently experiencing are actually the key to the accomplishment. Mars in Taurus will stick it out for the long haul. In a trine to Saturn, Mars might be more open to practical lessons but will need time and patience to understand and change its course of action. It might also bite you when you throw the obstacle in its face but it probably won’t draw blood. Saturn will require our diligence to show up to the work that calls us, whether that work is activism, relationships or a day job. Saturn demands our maturity. Take this as a time to tackle the hard stuff head-on. Don’t forget to affirm your work when it’s well-done.

6:48pm PDT: Cazimi point - Sun conjunct MercuryRx at 24°Pisces11’
In the middle of every Mercury retrograde, Mercury finds itself “in the heart of the Sun”. If Mercury is the courier gone back to correct a mixed message, the Cazimi point can have two kinds of effects. The first is blinding. Stare directly into the Sun and suddenly it’s all you’ll see - flashing lights blinking out at you from every direction. The second is the effect of awakening and strengthening. Generally under a Cazimi point, the two go hand in hand. Depending on where you are in your soul evolution and where it takes place in your chart, Cazimis can swing on the spectrum from delightful to painful. Either way, it will have an “aha” effect. Sometimes one persons “aha”, especially with a Cazimi in Pisces, arrives with a potent outpouring of emotional experience. If someone starts a fight, take a step back and recognize that they’re probably just desperately screaming to be seen. Actively listen - it’s okay to pause and have your own aha moments while reflecting. A Cazimi is known in ancient astrology as a moment of luck, when the strength of the Suns rays support whichever planet it envelopes. Let this time strengthen your inner and outer clarity. If you have to have hard conversations during the retrograde period, this is the time to do it.

Notice what awakenings arrive for you today - around your own process and/or that of someone in your life. Try to see a pattern from another point of view. With the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, it’s a good idea to put a lens of faith on any problem. Consider a valued mentor and ask yourself what they would do in your situation. Put effort into acknowledging the core of any issue and work outward from there. Focus on the outcome you want - not the physical manifestation but what that outcome would mean for you. Would it liberate you? Prove you are loved? Do you need this to be lovable or worthy? Would your envisioned outcome be evidence of some accomplishment or creative power? Now consider how your current pattern isn’t getting you to the heart of your true desire. You still have time to shift into more refined clarity before Mercury stations direct. Cautiously communicate as you review, revamp, reassimilate, and reaffirm your process.

Friday, March 15th
10:41am PDT: Sun in Pisces trine True Node in Cancer, both at 24°51’
After the crazy Cazimi the Sun sings sweetly to the Nodes of Fate to smooth things over. Cazimi points can often have us trying to get things just right. Even if yesterday didn’t go your way, let the world help you out a little bit. Pisces and Cancer together hold incredible emotional space. They are wise to each others’ vulnerability with a flood of feeling intellect. Trines to the Nodes put us in the right place at the right time. Look up and notice who’s here to hold you when the going gets rough. Thank the skies for the hands they lend. Remember you only have to do 10% of the work it takes to get you where you’re supposed to go. The wild web will take care of the rest. This doesn’t mean stop working but it does mean you can stop judging yourself for things outside your control.

4:17pm PDT: MercuryRx in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 23°20’
Ever notice when you try to give someone something and they block your offering with harsh words, a snap or some kind of backhanded criticism? Do you feel offended, rejected, confused about something you thought was right that now feels wrong? Jupiter in Sagittarius is benevolent to the max but MercuryRx is still fighting - desperately trying to face facts that aren’t there because the fact is that trust and faith are the message this retrograde wants to offer. When people experience patterns of trauma or repetitive abuse it can take incredible consciousness and tons of time to retrain the brain and body instincts to be able to feel safe and held. It can be difficult to believe the rug won’t be ripped out from underneath again. Whether shallow or deep, this square speaks to a similar emotional experience. Notice where your gut instinct to receiving support is to block yourself from it. Pay attention when those you love who might do this to you in small or big ways. Register that it isn’t because they don’t love you or don’t want to accept what you have to give. Lean into the trust that it might take them some time to soften into an embrace when fear says it might disappear. Realize they might need your own effortful faith in their process, your affirmation of their incredible energy, light and warrior-like work they are always doing to heal. Practice seeing rather than saving. MercuryRx won’t shy away from doing things multiple times - it’s okay to say you love someone as many times as it takes for them to hear it.

Saturday, March 16th
6:11am PDT: MercuryRx in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 22°47’
Mercury is making his way back through the mud. This aspect supports us in the practice of acknowledging and shifting power dynamics. After witnessing an imbalance earlier this week when the Sun and Pluto plowed their way through a too-wet field, Mercury is asking for more earth. More realness and action. This aspect requires we hold ourselves accountable to the collective. To speaking out for what we see is right, not for the sake of any validation, nor with a need to be affirmed for our effort. Pisces, while sometimes appearing confused and superficially a pushover, is quite the warrior for anyone who suffers. Mercury shares information that needs to be disseminated. This aspect offers us opportunities to speak truth to power and to learn how to better respond to criticism by questioning the gut instincts that tell us who we see as the underdog. It wants us to understand that when someone speaks up for themselves in a difficult experience, questioning the person already doing the labor, rather than turning to who should be held accountable, is an enormous problem.

I see this pattern often wherein people with privilege (yes, generally white, but this goes for all dynamics with marginalized individuals and groups), especially supposed allies, are called out or “criticized” for unjust behavior and witnesses, even friends, will often respond to the person who did the calling out with “well are you sure they meant it?” This propels the underlying message that we don’t believe someone when they say they experience racism, transphobia, queerphobia, sexism, etc. Mercury in this situation requires us to practice immediate compassion, empathy and understanding. It also asks us to put our privilege on the line. After saying “I believe you”, take an action that directs next steps to the abuser (Pluto). Whether conscious or unconscious, if the impact is harmful it should be named. Calling out abusers doesn’t have to mean swearing someone off and it definitely doesn’t mean not having dialogue. Mercury wants to talk and in Pisces wants to heal. Cutting off conversations doesn’t often give space for reparations to be made. Be the one who starts the critical chat and sticks up for what’s right through the end.

Sunday, March 17th
8:23pm PDT: MercuryRx in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus, both at 21°17’
This is the aspect that takes Mercury’s work with Pluto and affirms all we want to value. Think of your actions like an investment. Mars in Taurus asserts itself towards whatever it sees as worthy. Mars in Taurus will work with endurance to grow something precious. Again, Taurus and Pisces together are sensual, but nonverbal. Instead of trying to have a conversation, keep a tab on your tongue. Actions speak louder than words. Use them. If you’re trying to convince someone of something magical, practice seduction as an act of love rather than an act of manipulation. Make sure it’s genuine.