Tuesday, March 20th
12:03am EST: Mercury conjunct Venus at 16*Aries22’ → We’re talking the talk and walking with style. Everybody spreads enthusiasm but their interest starts with self. Passionate discussions with sparks flying. Compliments go a long way.
12:15pm EST: Sun enters Aries → Ego gets innocent and excited, perhaps rash, definitely adventurous. Lose the fear and make a splash.

Thursday, March 22nd
8:19pm EST: Mercury stations retrograde at 16*Aries54’ → Asks us to look back on information received since March 8th; resource, remedy and review, reconvene and rework. Gently untangle any messes jumped into too quickly. It’s okay to admit you want to alter something you started. Start by building a symbolic altar or creative space to help you process and re-organize thoughts.

Friday, March 23rd
7:13pm EST: Venus 21*Aries04' square Pluto 21*Capricorn04' → Passion meets power and this fire is landlocked. We could be in the dark for a while so might as well go deep and warm your hands and heart.

Saturday, March 24th
12:08pm EST: Sun 3*Aries04’ square Mars 3*Capricorn04’ → Ego versus will, both in exaltation. A war for the ages. Will is smart, ego is powerful. Use conversations and conflict for extreme growth and watch your seedling become a tree real fast. Opportune moment to focus energy into active listening and strategic direction.

Sunday, March 25th
5:08am EST: Venus 22*Aries49’ inconjunct Jupiter 22*Scorpio49’ → Happy surprises. Adjust to be more inclusive in this game. Another seat at the table is welcome perspective and possible abundance. Pull up another chair.