Monday February 4th
1:04 PM PST: New Moon at 15°Aquarius45’
As we hit the midpoint of Aquarius season, the Moon wanes to new, offering us a moment to settle into ourselves. New Moons, or dark Moons, are periods of deep inner reflection. This vibration is not external so lay aside some time to spend with yourself, which may feel like a challenge under a Moon that is so focused on community. Consider doing some intention setting or quiet journaling in the company of a group that respects each person’s need to self-focus. Aquarius Moons have us struggling to feel emotions - this Moon would rather have us mentally untangle any mess. Be careful of spinning out to worst-case scenarios. Remember New Moons are like seeds - nothing has happened yet. You can pour water on the earth and wait for something to grow.  Luckily, Aquarius offers hope while assisting our process of detachment with love.

Lunations take on the vibration of whatever sign they’re in and this Aquarian Moon asks us questions about our relationship to the collective. Where are we sore from a group-think with which we don’t resonate? How can we better communicate and take action around our ideas for social progress and humanitarian work? Or perhaps, how can we shift our communities to better help us align with practices of co-support? Write a gratitude list that highlights the ways in which you feel nourished by your community. Note also, ways you want to be better understood, seen and held. Then consider what you might be able to offer that can benefit the group as a whole.

While Aquarius is known for group-work, it is also an emblem of individuality. Whatever part of our chart that is lit up this Aquarius season describes a domain of our life where we need to feel unique. Focus on how you can be your best self and surround yourself with people who hold space for the whole you without judgement or criticism. Thank them for their witnessing and practice returning the favor.

Thursday February 7th
4:33 PM PST: Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, both at 18°57’
As I’ve mentioned before, Aquarius and Sagittarius make great friends, both with an inclination towards social progress. Here, the Sun highlights systemic glitches while Jupiter brings us back to big picture goals. Notice spaces that aren’t offering everything they could be and ask yourself and others (kindly) about alternative solutions. Philosophize, dream big, and fix what you can in the moment. If you can’t fix it, jot down some notes about what you might create from the bottom up. Leave the rest for later.

5:25 PM PST: Mercury in Aquarius sextile Mars in Aries, both at 25°40’
Words fly quickly. Big and complicated ideas are expressed, but not necessarily completely thought through. This aspect can cause a fight if you’re not careful as its vibration is loud and full of vigor. That said, this is a great moment to have conversations that help you untangle issues and better understand systemic challenges. Communicate first that you want to have a dialogue that hashes out a problem. Ask questions with genuine curiosity rather than digging for a specific answer. Mercury in Aquarius can be dogmatic and/or detached. Mars in Aries is energetic, sometimes forceful. You can disagree and both be right. Be okay with the discomfort of being on different pages of the same book. Use phrases such as “You might be right”. Let enthusiasm take the cake as you offer and receive both/and solutions. Allow someone else to take charge and notice the relief you feel when others’ willingness to collaborate means you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Saturday February 9th
12:08 AM PST: Mars in Aries square North Node in Cancer, both at 26°32’
Squares to the Nodes of fate often offer choices. Mars in Aries wants to take action for self but Cancer is focused on community, home and safe spaces for dear loved ones. This can have us feeling unsupported by our fellows. Reflect on what you actually want out of this situation and consider the simplest way to ask for it. The answer might be no but at least you gave yourself the benefit of possibility. When faced with a choice, put your bodily instinct first. Aries is highly intuitive and Cancer is deeply connected to emotional sensation. You can trust how you feel to know what is secure for you. Choose the path that gives you the support you need, even if it means cutting away something you love. Note that others might be doing the same - just because you aren’t aligned in the moment, doesn’t mean things won’t evolve differently in the future. Focus on the best solution for the present.

2:53 PM PST: Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries, both at 29°06’
This has surprise written all over it but it’s not necessarily negative. Like fireworks - startling but stunning. When a planet transits the 29th degree of any sign, it is on the precipice of a profound transition. Uranus helps Mercury deliver unexpected messages. Share what you need to say to liberate yourself from any situation. Keep in mind that Uranus in Aries is an oxymoron of sorts. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, sign of communities, groups and long-term hopes and dreams. Aries is a self-focused self-starter. Consider how the information you offer or receive is beneficial to all parties, including you. Likewise, if you see someone struggling with a system that works against them, this is an incredible moment to be an ally. Stand up for what you see will be freeing for all involved. If you’re in a position of power or privilege, call yourself out and commit to what you can do better. Then actually do it.

Sunday February 10th
2:51 AM PST: Mercury enters Pisces
Mercury in Aquarius was a wiz with words but Mercury in Pisces is a prize-winner when it comes to poetry. Not known for its great attention to detail, nor for its clarity, Mercury in Pisces blurs lines and language. In this sign until April 16th, Mercury will station retrograde March 5th, making messes that are likely to be solved with a faith-based or spiritual stance. Be forgiving and compassionate when others get the facts wrong and be grateful when they cut you some slack too. Use this time to do some thorough creative writing. Solutions are always evolving, especially when you question reality. Pisces has the power to find value and make meaning from anything. Be careful of mixed messages, double check information and don’t count on it either way. This is a lesson in logic - or lack thereof. Thinking outside the box that contains your boxes will get you far. Any news that floods in can easily dry up in a drought, only to find you again when you most need it. Trust the process, even in the shadows.

Aquarius SeasonErin Shipley