Monday, February 25th
10:54pm PST: Venus in Capricorn opposite True Node in Cancer, both at 25°58’
Old habits die hard. Venus in Capricorn is a traditionalist. Whether courted or courting, she demands your high regard while doing it. Venus in Capricorn slipping over the South Node has us walking down paths with old karmic kindred and quite possibly letting them go. Venus in Capricorn is clear on her hard lines. Exemplifies a self-defined standard of class when it comes to her own knowing. This aspect asks us to draw power from deep within our physical bodies to help us understand our own boundaries and communicate them clearly. It requests our self-respect. Desires we make a choice that puts the tribe we want to support over the need for external validation. When you find yourself in the discomfort of conversations that don’t feel key, remember that Capricorn has a potent physical connection. Listen to your queasiness, your fear, your anger at situations that are operating under power dynamics that have to go. Trust Venus in Capricorn’s valid instincts. If there’s anything Venus in Capricorn understands, it’s the inherent worth of every being. She will either sugarcoat gross discrimination, smoothing over a mess out of a concern about looking good, or she’ll find a way to politely point out what she sees is clearly right and will look smart even when she’s calling out what’s ugly about our world. The North Node in Cancer asks us to choose the family we want to see grow. Use Venus in Capricorn to help you lift them up.

Wednesday, February 27th
6:33pm PST: Sun in Pisces sextile Mars in Taurus, both at 9°13’
This aspect sings with sensuality. Sun in Pisces is dreamy, sometimes fantastical and enjoys the support of Mars’ active grounding in Taurus. The Sun and Mars are both traditionally fiery in nature, but Pisces and Taurus soften their flames. Mars in Taurus naturally activates our embodied experience of touch, sound, smell and taste while the Sun in Pisces lifts the physical to a more mystical plane. Let this be an evening where you admire the connection beyond what is in front of you. If you’re enjoying a lavish meal, tune into the threads of transport, labor and earth that got it to your plate. If you’re seeing live show, consider the quiet moments leading up to the performance of refined craft. If you’re spending time with a loved one, admire the liminal space between - even emptiness is a connector. Pisces works with the non-material and Taurus is generally non-verbal. Take a chance at bridging gaps in interesting and unexpected ways. With two masculine planets in feminine signs, this aspect can also support experimenting with gender-bending, switching up the balance of masculine and feminine or finding your body outside of a binary. Let yourself flow in an alternative direction.

Friday, March 1st
4:31am PST: Venus in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, both at 29°47’
Venus square Uranus is often interpreted as a cataclysmic break-up, but it doesn’t have to be. Capricorn unbalanced and Aries unconscious can both lend themselves to qualities of abuse. The first step to transcending the tension this aspect bears is by observing your own role. What kind of power do you hold in a dynamic? Do you have a one-up in knowledge, time, resources, or some kind of privilege? Venus seeks balance and fair play while Uranus jumps at the opportunity to jet. Uranus thinks quickly, outside the box, and in Aries will often leap and forget to look. Uranus will transition, escaping its own body without even realizing it is self-abandoning. But Uranus in Aries is also fearless in its fight for freedom. Venus in Capricorn can be a grounding force for conversations. Work to have a dialogue that’s filled with respect for another’s needs or process. Consider that what one person needs to feel “free” might be different from your own. It’s okay to disagree, you can still both be right. Outline, innovate and test some guidelines that help you and whatever partner find liberation so you can come back together refined and revived.

8:45am PST: Venus enters Aquarius
Just after her square with Aquarius’ ruler, Venus enters the sign of all things queer. Aquarius is quirky, known for its individuality and aloof seduction. Venus in Aquarius is the detached match. She’s bright-eyed brilliant, interested in collective connection, and an advocate for “free love” guided by clear commitment. Let this be a time when you re-evaluate what commitment means to you. Attempt to think outside of heteronormative systems and conditioned monogamous practice. This isn’t an invitation to go sleep with everyone you meet on the street. It is, however, a time to examine your own values and those of your partner(s) when it comes to the freedom you need to feel in relationships and how you access that quality. Remember, it’s different for everyone. Meditate on the idea of detaching with love. Learn the difference between detachment and abandonment. See how you can stick around and still take space that gives you room to grow. Pace yourself as you make radical changes. You’re always enough.

9:55pm PST: Venus in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries
The first major aspect to Chiron since he re-entered Aries early last week, Venus brings some salve to the wounded healer. Chiron in Aries teaches us about the pain we cause ourselves. Step one: detach from whatever you’re trying to control that is consequently controlling you. Step two: seek refuge, solace, perspective and care in community. This can mean giving yourself a task where you can be of service and feel useful to the group or it can be as simple as leaning on more than one person. Remember that having whole team is a surer way to be held, even when one individual can’t show up the way you want. Chiron in Aries will continue to be a lesson of accepting and admitting we need more support than we’re normally willing to offer ourselves. If you can’t access a group space or if your people are a diverse bunch, give yourself the gift of calling more than one of them to check in. You never know how much they needed to hear you thought of them. Moreover, asking for help is a sign that you respect and value what someone has to give. Step three: make a list of things you love about you that make you unique. Venus in Aquarius may be detached but she’s a fiend for intrigue and an admirer of all things kind. The qualities that make you different are your greatest strength. Let go of the unnecessary effort of trying to pick someone else’s pocket and play the cards already nestled in your own.