Monday, November 5th
10:40pm PST: Sun in Scorpio trine NeptuneRx in Pisces, both at 14°
We experienced the first wave of this water trine back in early July Cancer season. Trines move energy fluidly and this aspect has the potential to release pent up emotion and let it flood. The Sun in Scorpio shines light on hidden places we’re afraid to share while Neptune in Pisces elevates our daydreams to fantastic delusions or encompassing oneness. This aspect asks us to wade through the murkier waters of our emotions. Scorpio likes the suspense that leads to a climactic pressure point. If part of you feels blocked, pick an emotion (such as anger, hurt, desire, fear, lust) that you are having a hard time accepting within yourself and push it to a new levels by channelling it in a letter to someone that you don't intend to send. The point is to uncover the feeling underneath the feeling. You might be surprised at what comes up. Again, I encourage you not to send but to keep the letter for yourself; use the exercise to help open the floodgates. Releasing any blocked energy will help you prep for the wild array of shifts that follow this week.

Tuesday, November 6th
9:58am PST: Uranus Rx in Taurus square True Node in Leo, both at 0*
At the supreme last moment of their journey through Leo and Aquarius for the next 11 years, Uranus steps in for one last enlightening lesson. The Nodal Axis represents two polarities of a path filled with choices. In this moment we will want to choose an orientation toward a problem that frees us from it. Try to see your experience from an angle where it doesn’t have any power over you. Uranus in Taurus has the capacity to be an emblem of surprise growth. Known for breaking down structures that do not serve, Uranus sometimes causes explosions (physical, emotional, spiritual). As he squares the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius, he asks one more time for us to integrate our unique style of loving in a physical way that reaches for the warmth we need. Sometimes that means giving yourself the power to be your own fire. Sometimes it means acknowledging you need to accept help, and maybe even asking for it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you want love and aren’t getting it, now is a great time to try doing something different.

10:09am PST: True Node enters Cancer
Since mid-May of 2017, we’ve been focused on what and how we love, our creative pursuits, personal sense of play and our way of romancing life herself. As the Nodes enter Cancer/Capricorn, our focus turns to the physical, mental and spiritual structures that keep us safe. We come into this phase with a strong eye for rules and responsibilities, a list of shoulds and a diligent demeanor. Our task over the next year and a half will be to release rigidity and soften into cycles. We will shed shells that are too small and look for new ones that fit just right, perhaps outgrowing a few as we go. There is an emphasis on family and ancestors (of origin and chosen; in this life and in past ones). We align ourselves with the occupation of finding or creating our personal tribe. Moreover, we begin to exercise the atrophied muscle of caring. In a world where codependency has become a negative term, our capacity for caring might need a healthy review. Consider the definitions of care below. Use them as a meditation as you review your current relationship to this concept. Set some intentions for what you want to learn about the force of nurturing and being nurtured over the next eighteen months.

1 the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something
2 serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk
• an object of concern or attention: the cares of family life.
• a feeling of or occasion for anxiety: she was driving along without a care in the world.
verb [no object]
1 [often with negative] feel concern or interest; attach importance to something
• feel affection or liking
• (care for something/care to do something) like or be willing to do or have something
2 (care for) look after and provide for the needs of

10:59am PST: UranusRx enters Aries
The great sky god returns to Aries for one last hurrah. Think back to May 15th and shifts that have happened in and around your life since that time. Themes that proceeded that period (in the last 7-8 years) arise again for us to reprocess. Uranus in Aries teaches us about claiming our individuality. About having the courage to express ourselves fully. About fighting for our rights to be seen by breaking down the social and political structures that force us to conform, align or hide. If there is a piece of you that remained hidden but wants to arise, Uranus in Aries will help you to break the blocks that keep you from yourself. In Aries until March 6th, 2019, Uranus’ last trek through Aries illuminates flaws in systems that are more dogmatic than they are progressive by lighting the fires of individuals who can no longer stand to sit still or sleep in the face of force.

Wednesday, November 7th
7:47am PST: Jupiter in Scorpio trine True Node in Cancer, both at 29°
The first aspect to the Nodes since their entrance into Cancer and some of Jupiter’s last words in the sign of Scorpio. This can be piercing in that it may have us revealing ways we don’t feel nourished or tended. It can also have us hearing from those we care about that we aren’t showing them support the way they need. Jupiter’s wisdom is well-intended. When seemingly harsh words are exchanged, often the people participating in the exchange don’t really want to end the relationship. Rather, they are looking to improve it, alter it, love it into new form. Allow any insight you gain to help you transcend what isn’t working and align with something new that might. Consider a different way to care. Ask yourself if changing the way you give or receive support will really be as draining as you believe. Is it possible that bending boundaries is a way of forming new ones? Allow knowledge to bring you closer as you learn to listen to what someone is really saying without making it about you. Then decide if and how you want to participate. Cancer comes in phases. When in doubt, remember that high tide is always followed by the fall to low and vice versa. The trick is to flow with the energy as it comes.

8:02am PST: New Moon at 15°Scorpio11’
The first New Moon since the Nodal shift sits in a tight trine to Neptune, giving it a little extra umph from the ocean of oneness. New Moons in Scorpio ask us to set intentions in areas where we know we need to acknowledge and release control. They ask us to consider what we’re currently most focused on and most afraid to lose and to understand the impact of letting them go. Scorpio governs the principles related to desire and loss - we might even argue that they fall on the same polarity. Imagine the the things you most want to manage take the form of a bird, held protectively in your two hands. Visualize taking one hand away. Now, open your palm upward so the bird can still rest there if it wants a space to land and be held. Scorpio also teaches us about the concepts of sharing and merging. Moreover, it guides us through the changes in perspective that we need in order to find power with our desires instead of over them. This week, as the skies experience more simultaneous shifts than that to which we are accustomed, use this New Moon to open to internal shifts that will help you integrate the astronomical external change. Read through the rest of this overview to understand how the fresh energy might offer you opportunities.

*Join me for a New Moon in Scorpio Ceremony this Wednesday evening in the San Francisco Bay Area**If you’re can’t make it to the live ceremony and want to set intentions under this moon, you can become a member and receive in depth information on this new moon, how it affects you personally, and guided rituals for working with this lunar cycle

10:20pm PST: Jupiter in Scorpio quincunx UranusRx in Aries, both at 29°
While Uranus is especially excited to be trailblazing back through Aries, Jupiter sneaks in famous last words in Scorpio for the next 11 years. Jupiter in Scorpio has been cutting open seams and airing out areas where power has been abused. On a communal level, Jupiter in Scorpio was characterized by the #metoo movement, bringing women forward to share stories of hurt and pain that fed our collective strength by refusing to be silent. On personal levels, Jupiter in Scorpio cracked open the parts of our charts where power plays an important role. We’ve become aware of our privilege and our detriments, and have begun to understand where these are inflicted upon us by ourselves or by cultural, sociological and political conditions that needed and still need a severe review. Uranus in Aries is about claiming our right to be fully ourselves. This last conversation gives us the courage and the fire to make one final and sweeping claim to our stories. It is a moment when we can take an honest look at our personal power, privilege and our voice and choose how we want to use it, for better or for worse. Break the mold they made you in.

Thursday, November 8th
4:38am PST: Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Thrilled to be in his home sign, Jupiter in Sagittarius is an expansive benefactor. A bearer of wisdom, a carrier of the torch that brings clear vision to every quest. Swift and sweet, though perhaps over-the-top and sometimes self-righteous. Nevertheless, this is a year where we might locate some luck. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, optimism feeds opportunity. Theories are tested, beliefs are bested, and we are given time to explore creeds that help us go high and higher. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a year for study that sweeps us swiftly to new sights. As Sagittarius is a mutable sign, it asks us to be open to rapidly shifting faith as we uncover avant-garde truths. The part of our individual charts that contains Sagittarius gets a fire lit under it - and any personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars) that you have in Sagittarius will be under the tutelage of Jupiter’s expansive knowledge. Let go of the details and learn to operate within the big picture. What is your truth? How do you engage it? How do the ends justify the means? What are the means to make ends meet? Where does ambition align with adventure? How does your effort impact the quality of your experience. These and many more questions come to the forefront as this great seeker soars through the sign of his source.

Friday, November 9th
7:12am PST: VenusRx in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, both at 26°
This is the last aspect that Venus will make to Mars during her retrograde journey and luckily, it’s a harmonic one. Libra emphasizes the balance in personal partnerships while Aquarius is a devotee of the group. This conversation brings the feminine principle of creative nurturing to a community level. Mars asks us to take action that help couples (romantic, platonic, business, or otherwise) show up in public spaces. Consider how your partnership dynamics change in the context of more and varied company. What laws and rules govern your behavior? What makes you stand out? What helps you blend in? What do you need to feel hopes and dreams for a future are nurtured? The conversation doesn’t have to find a solution (and probably won’t with Venus still retrograde) but this is a good time to engage dialogue and ask for directions rather than getting lost.

Sunday, November 11th
7:22am PST: Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 19°
This aspect is like a powerful goblet of pomegranate punch. The Sun is listening to Pluto and may let the latter tell him what to do. The two brothers, one who rules the heavens, the other the underworld, are exchanging messages. While they may not be the best of friends, their dynamic in this round indicates a collaborative process on big decisions. Considering Venus’ retrograde journey, this might be the moment when the Sun God determines Persephone will spend part of the year in the underworld (see my post on Venus sign horoscopes for an in depth look at this story). When well expressed, this aspect helps us integrate two extremes with healthy compromise and strategic sharing. Give a little, release a lot - acknowledge where choosing to let go is your choice and watch where your own power, time and investment returns tenfold.

Scorpio SeasonErin Shipley