Monday, October 29th
4:05am PST: Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 29°Scorpio
The detail-oriented meets big-picture heart-mind. Mercury is the ambassador of data. The transmitter of information. Mercury doesn’t have an opinion. Mercury carries facts in figures to and from worlds. Jupiter, on the other hand, makes meaning from Mercury’s messages. Jupiter is our emotional and spiritual intelligence. Jupiter often has a bias and insists on its rightness. Because Jupiter often is. But Jupiter has a hard time holding multiple rights, more than one piece of information at a time, especially if the content is conflicting. 

In the sign of Scorpio, these two work together on integrating their approaches. The sign of Scorpio heightens our ability to surrender to other options. Enhances our capacity for sharing control. Raises our options to another octave when we consider combining our consciousness.

Scorpio is also studied as a steward of secrets. The keeper of the keys and grounds to what is hidden. This aspect helps us understand what is hidden between the lines. It compels us to find meaning a seemingly chaotic set of data. Mal-expressed, this can cause us to attach meaning to someone’s actions that actually aren’t true. It can make us compulsive in our digging for the dirt.

When evolved, this aspect helps us to recognize how much we don’t know. It opens the door for faith to show us something unexpected. It helps us leave the door of our understanding unbolted. When we allow new specifics to make their way into the story. Or when we operate from faith in the lesson unfolding. 

Over the next few days, engage the idea that you are learning something bigger than the situation in front of you. Consider the principle made up by the particulars. What are you being asked to see? What are you being asked to admit? What can you relinquish? What can you receive?

6:57pm PST: Mercury in Scorpio trines ChironRx in Pisces, both at 29°
Mercury is a master at categorizing while Chiron is currently focused on healing through compassion. This is an opportunity to identify feelings and surrender them through speaking or writing them down. Allow your mind to focus on a feeling without criticizing it. Naming an experience honestly initiates us into a new phase of working with it.

Tuesday, October 30th
10:13am: VenusRx in Scorpio square North Node in Leo, both at 1°
Squares to the nodes offer choices. Venus will make a choice now but will have the opportunity later to change her mind and revise later when this aspect repeats itself in Libra and Cancer respectively, post-retrograde journey. Choices involving the nodes ask for our ability to integrate the planets lesson with skills from the past that help us move toward the future. The South Node in Aquarius asks for Venus to detach from feelings of inadequacy in the face of stabilizing her desires. The North Node in Leo encourages us to choose from the heart. Take action that emphasizes your self-worth and allows you to feel more love on a personal level. Focus on creative goals.

9:39pm PST: Mercury enters Sagittarius
As the messenger enters the expansive sign of the archer, we become much more inclined to share thoughts and feelings. Our disposition to suppress our experience is softened. As this pendulum swings from withholding to giving way, we might begin boldly with brutal honesty. Undeveloped Mercury in Sagittarius has a tendency to blurt without considering consequences. However, an evolved Mercury in Sagittarius carries an expansive fondness for faith-based thinking and sharing. Focus on the wisdom inherent to the process of learning. Pay attention to where people are seeking your feedback and suggestions. Maybe start with asking them if they even want your thoughts or if they simply need to be heard. Listen for where the lessons you might be helping others learn contain the answers, explanations and solutions to your own issues. Notice when your advice for others doesn’t apply or hold up to your personal struggles. Open to the idea that any belief or creed can be limiting when applied situationally. Ask yourself where you need to shift your theories so they honor the truth of what’s in front of you before dishing out rules that ruin instead of relieve.

Wednesday, October 31st
1:45am PST: VenusRx in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, both at 0°
Just before Venus returns to her home sign of conscious connection, she confronts the last major break she’ll need to bear during her retrograde motion. With all we’ve learned about our process in the astrology of the last week, this aspect helps us take our enlightenment to a level in which it actually liberates us. This can show up on the physical plane in the form of fractures that have us leaving situations, relationships or things that aren’t aligning for us. However, this can also arrive in the form of realigning our approach to the evolution of an alliance. We can choose to see something differently. To redefine the way we connect. To burn to rebuild. Uranus always has an unpredictable quality to it so rather than attempting to anticipate something stable, align with opportunities to acquire awareness. Then innovate based on the excitement of your circumstances.

9:51am: PST: Mercury in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo, both at 0°
While Venus’ choice with the Nodes on Tuesday had the potential to cause some personal tension, Mercury’s trine helps the energy we decided on to develop. This aspect helps us concretize our choice with the information and creed to back it up. Unconciously used, this can bog us down in too many details and a sense of self-righteousness about the approach to heart’s path. Balanced, we can have conversations and draw up plans that feed our dreams with love and fill them with light. See any feedback as a form of support. If someone takes the time to offer you a lesson, they care about and believe in your goals. You get to decide if their guidance will help you grow but hold their effort as an affirmation of your goodwill.

12:42pm PST: VenusRx re-enters Libra
As Venus re-enters Libra we’re able to integrate all the ash that’s settled after any eruptions. We can sift through the dust and discover what magic survived the storm. Energy never dies, it is simply transformed to something else. Libra loves to make peace. Allow yourself the liberty that leads to serenity, that composes connection to your core and emanates out as compassion for others.

Thursday, November 1st
10:36am: Jupiter in Scorpio trine ChironRx in Pisces, both at 29°
After an overwhelming week and a half of shifts, Jupiter brings the lesson full circle with Chiron, encouraging us to master the healing lesson we’ve been working on. Practice makes progress. This aspect can have us feeling into where we had fallout. It can also bring us the “secret offering” intrinsic to Buddhist meditation.

There are many ways to meditate but mostly I find that meditation is a form of practiced listening. We can listen with our hearts, our eyes, our ears, our skin, our minds, etc. In some Buddhist practices, we make physical outer offerings (altars, physical rituals like lighting a candle, etc.) and mental inner offering to the divine (setting intentions or surrendering thoughts). The secret offering is the thing that comes from the practice of listening. Of sitting with an experience and watching it change. Of watching our ability to watch and learning from it. The secret offering is the teaching we learn. 

Chiron was a great teacher. In astrology, he is the teacher and the lesson attached to our core wounds. Jupiter brings wisdom and expansion wherever he goes. The flow of pain when we experience a wound with awareness is proportionate to greater understanding and growth. As Jupiter prepares to leave the sign of Scorpio, his last aspect to Chiron can flood us with compassion for lessons learned. All you have to do is practice listening for the wisdom that is above and beyond the tangible experience of struggle in front of you.