Monday Jan 7th
3:19 AM PST: Venus enters Sagittarius
After an extremely enduring stretch in the sign of Scorpio, Venus swaggers into Sagittarius with an inclination to give a lot less effs. While Venus in Scorpio is a stickler for whatever dynamic she’s determined to design, Venus in Sagittarius intends to grow rather than maintain any sort of status quo in the realm of relationships. She breeds luster rather than lack though her spontaneous nature means she might not stick around long enough for you to see her shine. Venus in Sagittarius expands our hearts by opening up our minds. She broadens possibilities by elaborating on the faith that you’re going somewhere. She’s in the adventure for the long haul, but forever can get cut short for the sake of a her newest crusade. Venus in Sagittarius activates the part of partnerships that care about a quest for something bigger than basic. Take relationships to the next level by introducing different interests. Examine the elements of your connections that bring up boredom. Take note if everyone in your inner circle looks exactly like you. This is an indication that you might want to shift your social strategy. Venus in Sagittarius learns loads when she spends her time with an assorted array of associates so mix up your mating and enjoy the high ride of novel ideas and intimates.

Tuesday Jan 8th
2:05 AM PST: Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Aries, both at 4°56’
Mercury in Capricorn walks the line between classy and curt. Is concerned with precision and practicality. Sets a precedent for patience and beckons others to follow. Mars in Aries, by contrast, is all action. Unable to wait. Enthusiastically directs, commands center stage, and lifts the curtain all at once. Mars in Aries might not work up to Mercury’s severe standards in Capricorn but you certainly can’t condemn it for being indecisive. Mars in Aries isn’t perfect but it has its own aptitude for accomplishment that comes from a willingness to jump in. Under this aspect, arguments can arise that emphasize different ideas of practicality. Unite your excitement for the next step with comprehensive consideration. When transcended, this aspect reorganizes quickly, repairing processes and streamlining systems to benefit both parties. You might have to try out a few things before you hit the mark. Soften any frustration by remembering that testing is one technique that will ultimately help you get it right.

Friday Jan 11th
3:36 AM PST: Sun conjunct Pluto at 20°57’ Capricorn
The Sun’s annual conjunction to Pluto kick-starts a new cycle around power dynamics and the systems that uphold them. Take this time to consider the organizations, practices, methods and establishments of which you are a part. Where are these aligned with your values? Are they reflective of the reputation you want to cultivate for yourself? Notice any compulsion to penetrate communities, spaces and authorities. Does this compulsion have a repulsed counterpart? Pluto teaches us about the extremes of desire by opening our eyes to any singular entity that awakens attraction and disgust at the same time. The people, situations and work ethics that cause this contradiction to arise in you are worth your attention. They are an indicator that you have work to do. In evolutionary astrology, Pluto is equivalent to the soul. When the Sun aligns with Pluto, it shines a spotlight on the development of our individual and collective unconscious. This aspect asks us all to make changes, however subtle, to the part we play in power. Pluto wants to return to the source. Divorce yourself from a need to exert power-over by sharing space, an idea or an element of control you’re afraid you can’t live without. You might be surprised when that power rolls back to you tenfold.

Sunday Jan 13th
5:31 AM PST: Mercury conjunct Saturn at 12°51’ Capricorn
While this aspect isn’t the most “fun” it is incredibly productive. Together in Capricorn, Mercury and Saturn can bust out quite the prolific planning session. Saturn directs while Mercury takes notes on all the tiny details. Loose ends get tied up rather than lost. Take this day to have constructive conversations you might have been putting off. Neither of these planets have strong emotional ties; they can focus on a mutual goal without getting caught up in extraneous particulars. Above all, this is an opportunity to emphasize mutual respect for different experiences. Acknowledge all the different talents brought to the table. Work together and focus on affirming, out loud, what you value about your collaborators. Validation doesn’t have to be a bad thing; Saturn thrives when its hard work is recognized. Be the bearer of praise and honor your ability to affirm what you believe is truly good work.

11:01 AM PST: Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, both at 14°23’
This is the first of three squares that Jupiter will make to Neptune this year. While squares generally carry a challenge, these planets are both happy in their home signs and embody a similar spiritual outlook. At worst, we aim high, dream too big and have a long way to fall from aspiration to awakening around where we were deluded. At best, we overshoot for the stars and achieve far more than we ever thought possible. This first square initiates us to our 2019 Jupiter/Neptune story. Consider where you can have a little more faith in yourself. A creed of self-confidence can up your ability to earn. Careful not to overspend money or any type of energy while you aim high. Saturn in Capricorn is still grounding us into the practice of reserve. The key to getting the Jupiter/Neptune conversation to work for you is translating the trust that it will all work out into movements that actually instigate growth. Daydreams feed the fire but you still have to fan the flame with the fact of tangible action.