Tuesday, September 18th
Mars in Aquarius square UranusRx in Taurus, both at 2°, 4:01pm PST
Third time is the charm as they say. Mars in Aquarius is encouraged by Uranus to break up and break through patterns and power-clashes that just don't fit us anymore. This is the third and final square Mars will make to Uranus since he first entered Aquarius mid-May. Uranus wants us to uproot the old so we can make room in our garden to grow. When faced with choices, this is a good time to give yourself permission to break free. Cut the cord from whatever or whoever is holding you back from experiencing a strong sense of vitality (It doesn't have to be someone else - it could be habits that need a routine revamp). Give partners the opportunity to explore and adventure. Let persons, places or things go. Revel in the freedom you feel from releasing control of what you actually can't control. Take up your personal reins and gallop off into your own divine intervention.

Thursday, September 20th
Sun conjunct Mercury at 28° Virgo, 6:52pm PST
Similar to the point these two made mid-retrograde, Sun and Mercury together heighten our sense of "rightness" or "righteousness." Virgo finds divinity in the details. Notice where you are harping on ingredients that feel key but can't fit in the cauldron. Ask yourself if the argument you're making is worth it in the first place. Sun combust Mercury can feel like an aha moment but you might need a few days to let the news stew and settle, especially if it stings. Just like a bite from a spider, let the swelling calm down before you douse yourself in harmful ointment. Let your feeling body do the work that your mind might make a mess of. Trust the wisdom of time to heal all wounds.

Friday, September 21st
Mars in Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn in Capricorn both at 3°, 2:20pm PST
Mercury enters Libra at 8:39pm PST

Mercury in Libra opposite ChironRx in Aries, both at 0°, 10:55pm PST
This day offers us an opportunity to look at how we manage expectations of ourselves and our loved ones. Post-breakthrough, Mars is blindsided by Saturn, reminding us that every maneuver we make comes with more responsibility. Meanwhile, Mercury enters Libra and emphasizes our consciousness and consideration of partnerships. As Mercury opposes Chiron, we might be hearing how we've hurt others in our fight for freedom. Take responsibility if you cancelled on commitments. Acknowledge where you can be kinder to others but also to yourself. It might be about tracing the stem to the root of an issue. Where are you taking on more responsibility and commitments than you can handle? Say no earlier so you don't have to reach breaking point. Saying "no" and "I don't know" is sometimes the most considerate thing we can do for ourselves and others, even if it's not what someone wants to hear.

Saturday, September 22nd
Sun enters Libra at 6:54 pm PST
Mercury in Libra quincunx UranusRx in Taurus, both at 2°, 7:46pm PST
Sun in Libra opposite ChironRx in Aries, both at 0°, 10:01pm PST

As the Sun enters the sign of harmony and partnership, we get a lot more conscious of others' thoughts, feelings and actions. Sun in Libra stimulates opportunities to activate our awareness of how we navigate space and relationships. We're given social graces and a drive to dance through the next month with more than just dignity. Mercury makes adjustments around how we talk about the growth that freedom brings. Meanwhile the Sun opposes Chiron to teach us quickly about the obstacles that are created when we assume and project. Make sure you ask more questions and remember that clarity can be kind. Libra enhances our ability to compromise. It's important to understand each others' wants and needs so you know you're not compromising for naught. You know what they say when you assume...

Sunday, September 23rd
Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, both at 3°, 10:46am PST
Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, both at 3°, 6:29pm PST

Mercury wraps up the week with bold moves to the malefics. His square to Saturn highlights the actions behind our words and asks us to not only speak truth to power but to seek harmony in our bodies by acting ourselves into right thinking and feeling. Remember that it can be empowering to say what you're going to do and then do it. Mercury's trine to Mars helps us put that power to the test. Practice praying instead of preaching. Give yourself a pep talk and jump in. Mercury wants to communicate but Mars is still breaking free. Make sure you're talking to someone who talks back. Heed your need for reciprocity and your right to independence. Allow others the same liberties you want to take, and maybe the ones they want too.