Monday, August 27th
7:05am PST: Mars stations direct at 28°Capricorn26’ → Mars first passed this degree (in forward motion) on May 10th/11th of this year. At that time, Mars set the stage for a refractive review of how we take the reins in the part of our charts that contain late Capricorn and early Aquarius. When the planet stationed retrograde on June 26th, it awakened inner frustrations and amped up spiraling thoughts around our long-term hopes and dreams. Mars’ journey, up until August 12th, was primarily mind over matter. Mars loves to sever and to separate. Think back to the things you snipped away because they didn’t serve your capacity to see clearly. Consider what you had to cut out in order to course through. Was it worth it? Are you better for it? Do you have the clarity now that fits the form of your process to the functional beating of your heart? When Mars re-entered Capricorn on August 12th, matter made itself matter. Notice how you have hunkered down to work in the past two weeks. What were you better able to accomplish with less on your plate? Did you continue to sit still and seek practical context? Are you beginning to draw a more purposeful contour of the body that will hold your work? As Mars stations direct, we are handed back the reins. We rev our engines into all-wheel drive. We begin to color in the lines we so carefully untangled before stroking them across the canvas with care. Take a moment to bask in the quality of your newly refined palette. Know that as you move forward on whatever you are working, you are equipped with coherency of taste. Your individual aesthetic is integral to your actions. Only you can shape the color and light of what you bring to the bigger picture. Happy painting with all the power you have procured.

10:31pm PST: Mercury 16°Leo40’ square Jupiter 16°Scorpio40’ → This aspect heightens the tension between the detailed artistry of our performance and the overall meaning behind the mystery in a dramatic play. As Mercury, now direct, makes his third pass at Jupiter, consider this the scene near the end when the red herring is revealed. Mercury wants Jupiter to concretize the protagonist’s plans into clear direction. Jupiter might rather improv, with a focus on intention. Focus on sharing (or performing) information in a way that inspires a desired effect from your audience. Enjoy delivering your lines without worrying about their reaction. All becomes clear in the end.

Tuesday, August 28th
5:00pm PST: Sun 5°Virgo37’ semisextile True Node 5°Leo37’ → This aspect is helpful while the Sun walks through the critical and sometimes worrisome waters of Virgo’s domain. The North Node reminds us of what is most important. It emphasizes true creative hunger. Allow your desire to experiment guide you through the details. Release anxiousness in favor of excitement. Permit yourself to enjoy your endeavors. Be of service to play-time.

Wednesday, August 29th
8:39pm PST: Mercury 19°Leo00’ inconjunct PlutoRx 19°Capricorn00’ → Often, when the messenger pays a visit to the Lord of the Underworld, he turns our ideas inside out and upside down. This is more like being tipped on your side. This is an opportunity to give yourself a little love, especially if your experiencing power struggles. Start by stopping any fights with yourself. Choose to lie down for a moment. Notice what it feels like to find the fetal position. How about flat on your back? Tummy side down? Try looking at your plan from various angles. Include the angle of rest and recovery. Then come back up for air, re-energized and ready to shift.