Tuesday, August 21st
3:52pm PST: Sun 28°Leo49’ inconjunct MarsRx 28°Capricorn49’ → Inconjuncts offer us opportunities to change our approach to situations we might not see clearly. The Sun needs space to shine while Mars, exalted in Capricorn, might be throwing stellar punches to win a match without first assessing the prize. Consider ego drives before taking action. Understand what you really want before defining how to attain it. Clear paths are carved by the heart.

Wednesday, August 22nd
2:09pm PST: Venus 15°Libra30’ inconjunct NeptuneRx 15°Pisces30’ → This aspect asks us to consider the illusive qualities in our relationships. Unbalanced, it shows us co-dependencies, ill-placed trust and dreams of lovers on pedestals they couldn’t climb. Balanced, it offers us a chance to bring our spiritual values into practice in partnership, securing safety in the power of the divine. Ask for help from something bigger than you.

9:08pm PST: Sun enters Virgo → While Leo season is quite the outward blast, the Sun in Virgo switches on our hermit hats. Virgo can be worried and a little overly critical but don’t underestimate the esteemable qualities of this sign. The next month can be brewed with acts of kindness, careful devotion to important tasks, special people and very classy gatherings where no detail goes unchecked. Sun in Virgo puts us in the mood to clean the close or organize our lives with emphasis on purposeful practical action. Use Virgo’s worry to worry about being a perfectionist as you practice progress instead of unrealistic expectations. Virgo is quite the powerful healer, known for its magical healing touch and its purity of intention. When in doubt, find a way to be of service.

Thursday, August 23rd
5:04am PST: Venus 16°Libra05’ semi-sextile Jupiter 16°Scorpio05’ → While this semi-sextiles often describe surprise, these two bring beneficial wisdom to our committed partnerships. Jupiter is in the mood to speak profound truths, analyse intentions and weigh impacts of power dynamics while Venus provides relationship support in the shape of gracious discourse. Treat conversations today as valuable trust-building exercises.

Friday, August 24th
7:50am PST: Sun 1°Virgo24’ inconjunct ChironRx 1°Aries24’ → This might be a critical sleight of hand that catches us off-guard with its sting. Mercury is still in the post-shadow of her retrograde and the Sun in Virgo is taking orders. Make sure you heard them correctly while you master the art of sticking up for yourself. It’s okay to express your feelings without pointing fingers.

Saturday, August 25th
9:38am PST: Sun 2°Virgo26’ trine UranusRx 2°Taurus26’ → The first of two earth trines today that bring a powerful surprise. Uranus is in the mood shake up ancient but sturdy ground and the Sun in mutable Virgo is all too happy to oblige. If you want to make a change, today carries all the manifesting power you need. Be humble as you think outside the box.

3:07pm PST: Sun 2°Virgo39’ trine SaturnRx 2°Capricorn39’ → Finishing off the Grand Trine in earth, Saturn swoops in to feed the Sun and Uranus with a new foundation that will replace outdated structures. This trine is lasting as we wait for Mercury to catch up so you have time to think about both short and long-term results. Practice the arts of action and patience simultaneously.

Sunday, August 26th
4:56am PST: Full Moon at 3°Pisces12’ → This Full Moon builds what we call a “kite” aspect pattern in the sky, feeding off of Saturday’s delicious earth grand trine. Pisces floods the earth with much-needed water, making very fertile soil. This day is ideal for calling in personal desires that connect you to big-picture consciousness. Be creative, if not daft and delusional. Go fly your kite as dreams begin to come to fruition.

12:21pm PST: Venus 19°Libra03’ square PlutoRx 19°Capricorn03’ → Venus holds her own against Pluto now, who is hungry for power in Capricorn. Venus puts the needs of the relationship before the individual. Unbalanced, this can be a bit obsessive in the game of desire. Give yourself permission to love intensely and be transformed not by the other person, but by the power of how you feel in relationship to them. Make fair and just choices for yourself. Penetrating conversations can be tough but could produce incredible compromises.

5:29pm PST: Mercury 15°Leo24’ inconjunct Neptune 15°Pisces24’ → Mercury and Neptune often create a paradox of one another and have a hard time seeing eye to third eye. Mercury rules our practical, detail oriented approach to information while Neptune wades in the waters of knowledge that is better explored through feeling rather than thinking. Use this aspect fight delusion by opening your mind and heart to foreign perspectives. Admire what your world feels like inside out. Consider the rules you’ve placed upon your ego and inquire about their rationale. Free yourself with forgiveness.