Saturday, August 18th
8:36am: MercuryRx 1°Leo33’ sextile Venus 11°Libra33’ → Just before Mercury finishes up his review session, he receives a gentle melody from Venus in her home sign. Often we spend Mercury retrograde living through and sorting out all the things we DON’T want. Through trial and error we engage experiences that can be filled with frustration; fretful, albeit fertile pauses. This last aspect offers us a hint of insight to what we DO want to see in our relationships. Take note of what’s working and how you showed up to fuel this delicate fire. Repeat your practice to perfect it.

9:25pm PST: Mercury stations direct at 11°Leo32’ → Turning around for one last pass through the sign of Leo, Mercury hits the point he first passed on July 6th. Consider what has been done and undone in the name of passion since that time. In what ways have you found creative freedom? What about creative complications? What have you stopped doing so you could focus on what you love? Where have you made sacrifices in the name of what you know is right for you? What passions have been under scrutiny? Where have you needed courage to stand up for your wants? Gather your strength now. Mercury’s final journey forward through Leo lends us ample opportunity to romance ourselves. Third time’s the charm and this lion is all about enchanting aspirations into vibrant realities.

Sunday, August 19th
12:44am PST: Jupiter 15°Scorpio36’ trine NeptuneRx 15°36’ → Speaking of good things coming in three’s, Jupiter in Scorpio makes his last of three trines to Neptune. These two watery bodies are welcoming flooding of all kinds, helpful and harmful. Unbalanced, this aspect could lean towards addictive tendencies so make sure your emotional and spiritual cup is full to the brim. Jupiter in Scorpio is answering to Mars, now exalted in Capricorn. Mars enables Jupiter to take action on something he may have wanted for a while but was afraid to admit. On this third try, Jupiter is now wise to Neptune’s powerful waters. This can be a day of dreamy mystery, merging and marvel. With so much water, we’re in the mood to be mutable so pick someone you love spending time with and let the day unfold how it may. Intellect falls under Jupiter and Neptune’s realms, though perhaps not the pragmatic type of wisdom with which we often associate our brains. Jupiter is higher-minded while Neptune can see all that falls unseen between the seams. Look for signs and symbols in the everyday that add meaning to your life and show you how and where to flow.