Tuesday, July 24th
12:22pm PST: Venus 16°Virgo09’ opposite NeptuneRx 16°Pisces09’ → On the axis of the principle of healing, this aspect has the power to put our boundaries to the test. Unbalanced, we’re willing to give up anything for our love. Balanced, we’re willing to give up anything to heal. The line between these is thin and flexible. Examine the waves as they wash through you. Aim for forgiveness and compassion and find ways to be of service. Ultimately this is a fertile opposition for harmonizing anything that was out of tune.

10:33pm PST: Sun 2°Leo15’ trine ChironRx 2°Aries15’ → Like an electric shock, a current of energy that aims to heal, but hurts to practice. This might feel like a growing pain. Sun in Leo is courageous and warm while Chiron in Aries is a warrior to be reckoned with. A moment to practice reclaiming your inner fire. Feel the flame within you grow bright as you stand true to your passion and beliefs.

Wednesday, July 25th
4:35am PST: Sun 2°Leo29’ square UranusRx 2°Taurus29’ → The Sun brings energy now to the long-term T-square between Uranus and Mars since that we’ve been experiencing since mid-may. Following the path of Venus and Mercury, the Sun can arm Mars and Uranus’ charge with ample ammunition. Be wary of rigid perspectives as these three sit in the early degrees of fixed signs. Fixed energy, true to its name, is hard to move. Taurus will grow whatever Uranus wants to innovate. The Sun will give light to whatever Leo wants to love and create. Rather than growing an argument, focus on the power wrought by intricate root systems and beaming warmth. Offer a compliment, a sturdy shoulder, a flexible foundation and a large dose of encouragement to yourself and your cohorts. Tense aspects are tough but have the force to achieve greatness together.

10:03pm PST: Mercury stations retrograde at 23°Leo27’ → Mercury begins now to retrace his steps through the lair of the Lion. Think back to intriguing tips, tricks, and notes received since July 7th. Leo presides over love affairs, sex, children, realms of play, romance and creative prowess. Mercury retrograde is a magical time for revision. The part of our charts which contains Leo shows us where we want and need to shine. Observe your mane. This is a chance to give it a brush through, a gentle untangle, a trim or a chop. Wait till Mercury stations direct at the end of July to make major changes to vital life areas. Pay attention to appearances of ghosts from your past (in mortal human form or otherwise). The answers Mercury seeks will be found at the core of your heart. Trust it to guide you.

Thursday, July 26th
2:40pm PST: Sun 3°Leo51’ inconjunct SaturnRx3°Capricorn31’ → The heat of the Sun in its power bathes the cold Capricornian earth. These planets are both in their power and the flavor of this aspect is neutral but dynamic. Contenders unite or struggle, revealing differences in ways we feel responsible to love or ways in which we feel our loves should act responsibly. Think about accountability in loving partnership. Speak from the “I” perspective and own your warmth without needing to dominate another. Power-with forms have the potential to emerge through active listening and careful consideration. Love can be stronger through compromises and adjustments on both sides. Give yourself the space to be imaginative as you navigate shifts in what you think you or others “should” do in the name of passion.

10:13pm PST: Sun 4°Leo09’ opposite MarsRx 4°Aquarius09’ → The peak point of the Mars retrograde - the exact midpoint where fire faces off with fire. One of these is heavily intellectual, aloof, intelligent beyond compare. The other burns with the force of love for its sense of self and is strong as it lights the heart’s path. We have the potential now to become frustrated with the path we love, finding all kinds of rationale for leaving it. If you love it - then it is worthy beyond compare. Take a moment to get close to your heart’s center. Use the Mars in Aquarius “detach with an ax” mentality to cut away the brambles and misnomers that are keeping you from doing what you need. Find forgiveness. If you’re normally fiery and you feel a little extra, wait for a few days to pass before making any rash decisions you might regret later. If you’re normally more timid and “play-it-safe”, use this fuel to propel you forward. Be wary of eruptions from others and self-hate. Retrogrades turn energy inwards and are meant to. If you’re focused on someone else, pull attention to yourself and how you can get where you want to go without dependence. If you’re focused on yourself, add the ingredient of self-love to your cauldron. Be your own champion.

Friday, July 27th
1:20pm PST: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 4°Aquarius45’ → Eclipses obstruct light. Cover up. Darken. Occult. Eclipses shift us in ways we do not see but may feel on a deep level. Lunar eclipses mean the light at the climax, when the moon is brightest, is blocked. Under a solar eclipse, the seeds we are planting might be scattered. We might be unclear in regards to what the universe is growing for us. Under lunar eclipses, everything we’ve grown is obscured. The moon teaches us how to nurture, how to walk through the cycles of birth and death. When the light of the moon at its brightest is blocked, the full moon appears - as if a mirage - new. Thus, eclipses mark endings and beginnings in ways we can only begin to fathom. They are the changing winds of time, swirling rapidly to grow a new storm. An then they pass and everything is serene, but inexplicably altered. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse sits next to Mars retrograde on the South Node. The Moon in Aquarius is lofty and intellectual. Emotionally detached, it feels that feelings are below it. They are. Sitting with Mars, our inner mother can get frustrated. She can stop caring about the collective. Or she can care so much that she feels she has to cut away everything just to see her babies. However the universe is moving through you, use this time to think (Aquarius) deeply about the loves (Leo) you want to cultivate. How can you nurture more presence with yourself? How can you be analytical without losing touch with your heart? What have you hard worked for? Are you able to see the fruits of your labor? To pat yourself on the back? To give yourself a hug for all the humility you’ve found? Can you let the universe humble you with its power? Can you pay attention to where it wants you to go? Can you sit in the discomfort of uncertainty as matter swirls and changes. The most powerful act of magic is to shift consciousness. Power takes practice and this is your opportunity.

6:22pm PST: Venus 19°Virgo38’ trine PlutoRx 19°Capricorn38’ → Post eclipse but still profoundly affected by it, Venus in Virgo is the humbles of lovers, though her words sometimes come out as criticism. She only wants to help. Pluto is a powerhouse in Capricorn and might struggle to let her. Together, these two can do considerable damage in the realm of obsession. Be wary of spiraling self-criticism. On the other hand, they are working together to find healthy ways to function in relationship. Practice respect for others without being self-deprecating. Use Pluto’s strength and Venus’ eye for quality to speak confidently about what you value in the process of growing and merging. Pluto provides determination so focus clearly on what you want, then be that thing rather than trying to manipulate it into coming to you.

Saturday, July 28th
9:40am PST: MarsRx 3°Aquarius45’ semisextile Saturn Rx 3°Capricorn45’ → Mars and Saturn continue to dance backwards together in Saturn-ruled signs. Mars in Aquarius wants to break free from the pack but Saturn is stronger and concerned about overall logistics. Patience right now is a key player. Do some writing about what you don’t want to wait for. Play tag with your sense of urgency. What space can you create within time to give yourself the sensation of freedom? What do you need to let go of or focus on in order to find independence? Are you blocking yourself from having choices? Get out of your own way if you can.

5:59pm PST: Sun conjunct North Node at 5°Leo53’ → A breakthrough of bliss. Mars retrograde has made our focus hyper-vigilant in the realm of things we don’t like, don’t need and don’t want. It’s not fun to emphasize the negative. Aspects to the Nodes often bring choices and this one is clear cut, shifting perspective to shine light on the way forward. Notice what that feels “oh-so-right.” Perhaps stop trying to purge what will release itself without your effort. Instead, bond with the brethren that bring you joy. Watch who you meet. Whether the love is for a person, place, project or thing, happiness, creation and innocence abound if you allow.