Monday, July 9th
2:14am PST: Mercury 13°Leo21’ square JupiterRx 13°Scorpio21’ → Mercury is shouting one last message to Jupiter before the planet of wisdom stations direct in the sign of psychological power struggles. Pay attention to synchronicities. You might receive a message from the universe that is so obvious it goes missed. Look for the signals and heed its caution. Mercury in Leo wants to help bring abundance in the form of something you love. Jupiter wants you to learn from the process of acquiring that thing. Synchronicity works when you believe in it.

7:32pm PST: Venus enters Virgo → While Venus wants to love, Virgo is concerned with purity. In this sign the goddess might get a little worried. If she can’t have it perfect then it might as well be a perfect mess. Notice where you become overly critical of details. Remind yourself where the critique is coming from. If you’re critiquing it then you probably care about it. Likewise, if you find someone getting nitpicky with you, it’s likely because they care. Know that this is a phase and Venus will through with it by August 7th. Use this time to practice progress towards perfection and watch where relationships and money get healthy and beautiful reviews.

Tuesday, July 10th
10:02am PST: Jupiter stations direct at 13°Scorpio20’ → Retrograde since March 9th, Jupiter now turns to take his final pass at the later degrees of Scorpio. He might be wrapping up stories around the me too movement, cryptocurrency clauses and anything you may have started since beginning of December 2017. Think back to lessons learned over this time. Note the area of your chart that contains Scorpio and set some intentions to apply experiential knowledge to transform your current state of affairs. This is a great moment to look at the psychological patterns that may be fueling you. Jupiter is part of the grand water trine this summer. Use this station to review feeling that are stirring beneath the surface. Practice diving down to retrieve them if you can.

Wednesday, July 11th
8:26pm PST: Venus 2°Virgo16’ trine Uranus 2°Taurus16’ → Unexpected acts of kindness in the form of service. Say thank you! If you feel a spontaneous urge to help, now is a good moment to follow it. Your work and worth is valuable.

11:08pm PST: Venus 2°Virgo24’ inconjunct ChironRx 2°Aries24’ → Don’t worry if you didn’t get the words of affirmation you wanted from the service you rendered. Pay attention to where you could be kinder and more affirming of those who are helping you. It’s okay to go out of your way to give yourself or someone else a pat on the back.

Thursday, July 12th
12:52am PST: Mercury 16°Leo21’ inconjunct NeptuneRx 16°Pisces21’ → An adjustment between how you create and the gutteral feelings fueling them. Mercury in Leo is functional passion. Neptune in Pisces is otherworldly. Getting these two to see eye to eye here can be difficult but if you can, focus on poetic gestures with practical pizazz. Think about a performer who connects to their role on an embodied level. Draw on the power of temperance.

3:04am PST: Sun 20°Cancer01’ opposite Pluto 20°Capricorn01’ → Insert power struggles here. The Sun in Cancer measures our sense of pride and worth by how much we care and protect. Our egos inflate over actions we took to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Pluto in Capricorn is stern in response, questioning the authority a caretaker might claim based on what they’ve given. Be aware of attaching meaning to others’ actions. Be more weary of attaching meaning to your own. Just because you did something for someone doesn’t mean they have to like it. Instead, focus on the deep care you can give to yourself.

7:48pm PST: Partial Solar Eclipse / New Moon at 20°Cancer41’ → Conjunct the Sun and opposite Pluto, this New Moon asks us to build some protective structures for our emotional well-being. Consider the forecast for Sun opposite Pluto above. Ask yourself where you might be overstepping your own capacity for caring and reign in any overdeveloped sense of responsibility to others. Cancer represents our private emotional center. Water is balanced with Earth. Set some simple, long term intentions that you can do one day at a time. Try outlining these intentions as 3-5 personal goals. They can be simple like “I will take one bath per week;” or “I will drink a cup of tea once a day and will not multitask with it. I will pay attention to how it moves through my body.” They can also be more abstract goals “I will care for myself before others. I will put my own oxygen mask on first.” Whatever it may be, look to the part of your chart that contains Cancer. Balance Cancer’s shadow energy by putting attention equally on both houses. Cancer might want to hide. A good goal could be “I will spend individual time with a friend at least once per week.” Capricorn will see this as structured networking and Cancer will feel tended to. Give yourself the gift of having healthy attainable goals.

Friday, July 13th
11:44pm PST: Venus 4°Virgo39’ trine SaturnRx 4°Capricorn39’ → Today is a beautiful day to put those goals you set under the new moon into action. Venus in Virgo is thorough in her pursuit of the ideal and Saturn gives her the bones to a perfect body. The shadow side of this trine can express itself as worry so if you feel some anxiety, know it’s probably blown out of proportion and will pass. Focus on tangible actions, one step in front of the other. Virgo is modest and doesn’t like to be over the top. You don’t have to do anything extreme; the best actions are humble ones.

Sunday, July 15th
2:39am PST: Venus 5°Virgo53’ semisextile North Node 5°Leo53’ → You might surprise yourself with your capabilities when it comes to getting what you want. On the other hand, it might seem like never enough. Comparing yourself to other people’s dreams is a dangerous hill to climb. Be careful of trying to be good but never believing you are. Spirit doesn’t operate on a prize or punish system. We each have our own unique path. It’s okay to love what you do without needed to show it to the world.