Monday, July 2nd
4:48pm PST: Mercury 5°Leo28’ inconjunct SaturnRx 5°Capricorn28’ → Both power signs with slightly different goals, Leo and Capricorn are forces to be reckoned with. Leo has strong intuition while Capricorn contains all the tools in the box for long-term strategy. Mercury is like a trickster, all fun and games, while Saturn is backtracking for a bigger, better long-run plan. Get close in this moment to your heart. What do you actually want out of this situation? Knowing that desire will help you revamp your process to achieve the desired result. You can have fun in a smart way if you choose it.

Tuesday, July 3rd
2:43am PST: Mercury conjunct North Node at 6°Leo01’ → This can play out in a many different ways. An aha moment! Someone is finally saying what you want to hear. A creative idea that lends direction to desire. Anew acquaintance who happens to have the connection you’ve been looking for. Watch who you meet. Ask for what you want. Mercury helps us communicate. Don’t underestimate the power of the spoken or written word. Write down that thing you want and tuck it away somewhere safe and sacred. Notice how it manifests when you name it. It’s not an accident if you intended it.

Thursday, July 5th
4:04am PST: Sun 13°Cancer23’ trine JupiterRx 13°Scorpio23’ → The Sun comes through to activate the Grand Water trine that is flowing all summer long. Those of you with planets between 12 and 17 degrees of the water signs will feel this most strongly but the nature of water might mean you’re aware of how affected you are. Jupiter expands everything it touches so note that this is an extra sensitive moment. Water needs earth to balance it. Lean into the structures you’ve built to keep yourself safe. Set 15 timers to get work done, give yourself allocated space to cry or rest, or even take a dance break. If you can’t put yourself directly in nature, physical tasks like organizing and sweeping can help you ground in. On the other hand, if you have lots of planets between 12 and 17 degrees of earth, you might be radically enjoying this flow. Allow the water to make your soil fertile and admire what you can create.

4:48am PST: Mercury 8°Leo45’ opposite MarsRx 8°Aquarius45’ → Mercury is tracing over Venus’ steps. The love goddess made this aspect two weeks ago with the race for RAICES. Mercury now calls attention to injustices under Mars retrograde. Oppositions are aspects that ask us to integrate polar ends of a spectrum. Mars is conjunct the South node in Aquarius, an air sign, potentially causing a ton of frustration with our situation and asking us to let go of thoughts that don’t serve us. He may also be calling attention to the ways in which you serve the others at the expense of yourself. Use Mercury’s courageous logic in Leo to help you find a balance between how you protect the community while also trailblazing a path for yourself to do what you are here to do. Heed Mercury’s attentive call and head towards the place of discomfort and deep desire.

9:46am PST: Chiron stations retrograde at 2°Aries25’ → When Chiron jumped into Aries on April 17th it tore the band-aid off of old wounds and perhaps stuck a needle in them. Now it’s backtracking through the head of the Ram before it enters Pisces again at the end of September. Use these months to review the giant leaps you made into new territorty without much thought. Observe with curiosity instead of judgement. On a big picture level, notice how the world is moving at a rapid fire rate. Pay attention to rash actions that have had destructive effects. Knowing the location and nature of the wound is an integral element to healing it. Create awareness now so you can optimize curative measures when the Centaur enters the sign of compassion in September.

Sunday, July 8th
7:42am PST: Sun 16°Cancer23’ trine NeptuneRx 16°Pisces23’ → The Grand Water Trine perfects again under the Sun’s rays. At its worst, this aspect can cause an overflow of emotion, send us spiraling into addictive patterns and delusions. At its best, it can enhance psychic abilities, create magic everywhere you look and infuse you with inspiration and dreamy food for thought. Again, all this water needs some earth. Grab a notebook and put your energy into poems or prose. Take a hike or a long walk. This can be a great day for a dreamy date (with a lover, friend or yourself). Infuse it with earth by adding a lavish meal that attends to all the senses; is as beautiful as it is delectable as it is fragrant as it is soft as it is carried by the tunes of jazz in the background or the pitter patter of rain on a roof or the rustle of wind in the trees. Serve yourself with sweet but small bowls and note how delightful the container can be for portioning and holding your feelings.