Monday, June 25th
10:19am PST: Venus 13°Leo41’ square JupiterRx 13°Scorpio41’ → This aspect has a tendency towards overdoing. Venus is especially flirty in Leo while Jupiter is backtracking seductively in Scorpio. They might ask more of you than you would normally say yes to and you might be prepared to hand it out. Jupiter likes to take risks and Venus in Leo is prepared for flare and fanfair. Just make sure the offer is fair. You might see this arrangement adjust itself later this year when Venus clears her retrograde shadow in Scorpio. Adjustments could be made but for now, enjoy the benefits brought by this power couple.

Tuesday, June 26th
2:05pm PST: Mars stations retrograde at 9°Aquarius13’ → Retrograde until August 27th, Mars in Aquarius seeks to wreck connections that aren’t working and enliven us to action in the part of our charts that contains Aquarius. Retrogrades flip energy inwards and ask us to go back and review (think back to May 10th when Mars entered his pre-shadow). If your chart contains more yang energy (fire and air) this retrograde can turn up the heat on an already very active volcano - be wary of explosive anger and being over the top in self-destructive ways. If your chart contains more yin energy (earth and water) this retrograde has the potential to give your flame a little umph. Use this time to hunker down on tasks that need a push. Retrogrades are free passes to mess up. You’re supposed to not get it perfect the first time around. It’s not learning the hard way, it’s learning the way that nature wants to teach you. Let this lesson infuse you with ignition (Mars) to rethink progress in humanitarian and innovative (Aquarius) ways so that when Mars dips his toes into Capricorn’s fertile earth on August 12th, you’re ready with the principles to manifest a stronger and more soul-centered strategy.

Wednesday, June 27th
6:28am PST: Sun 5°Cancer51’ opposite SaturnRx 5°Capricorn51’ → While the Sun lights up the place where we seek comfort, Saturn comes out with a list of chores and a mental whip. The Sun wants to relax into safe space while Saturn wants us to work. Find a healthy balance of work and pleasure. You can’t work without feeling nourished and well-rested. And if you’re working just to work, then your life lacks meaning. Saturn loves a good goal and purpose-oriented pathways. The Sun is here to help shed light on WHY we put the things that we do on our to-do list. There’s nothing wrong with effort in exchange for emotional and physical security. In fact, Saturn and the Sun require it.

11:42am PST: Sun 6°Cancer04’ semisextile North Node 06°Leo04’ → While the Sun was busy listening to Saturn’s timely lesson, the Node is like the child crying for attention. Consider this a preview for the Lunar eclipse in a month on August 27th. Saturn is asking us to be responsible but the nodes want us to focus on our heart’s path. What do you need to do, act on, release in order to clear space and put energy towards the path that your wants for you? Can you take a break to hear what it’s saying? The astrology right now pushes us into desire for action but action without wisdom can lead us down wily winding roads to nowhere. Make sure you’ve got soul wisdom to back up those stepping stones you’re building.

8:41pm PST: Venus 16°Leo28’ inconjunct NeptuneRx 16°Pisces28’ → Venus and Neptune both find themselves in highly creative signs but this aspect means they might have a difficult time seeing each other. Fortunately, they are both inspired to love. Neptune causes some confusion about which tasks to tackle first. Venus is holding down the fort but inspired by Neptune’s spiritual dance. If you’re collaborating and struggling to find common ground, start by offering your colleague or partner a unique and fortifying compliment. This aspect brings welcome relief from the heavy emphasis on work ethic lead by the Full Moon and Saturn today. Take a moment to breathe in spiritual solace, filling up your chest with air of compassion. Breathe out negative energy, imagining it dissipating as it leaves your body. Adjust the work to contain spiritual guideposts and notice where ease abounds.

9:53pm PST: Full Moon at 6°Capricorn28’ → Sitting closely with Saturn, this Full Capricorn Moon highlights everything we’ve amounted to and everything we haven’t shown up for. Capricorn is King of guilt trips. Take a moment to notice anxiety concerning the things you didn’t do. Recognize regret AND that workaholism isn’t a virtue. Full Moons are culminating energies and are great for releasing. If you don’t have that thing that you need to work for, make a list of three fears that you need to release in order to get down to business. If you focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger. If you focus on the solution, the solution gets bigger. Use the rest of this moon cycle to let go of any work or task that you actually don’t feel your soul is in.

Thursday, June 28th
10:17pm PST: Mercury enters Leo → Out of the realm of quiet and sensitive Cancer and landing in a field of flames, Mercury in Leo is expressive and jubilant. Consider a broadway actor strutting down the street howling his or her favorite tune to nobody in particular. In Leo until September 5th, with a retrograde in between, Mercury’s entrance into this sign announces his right to express with courageous candor. Let friends and lovers be lovers. Mercury rules intellect while Leo is much more artistic. Open yourself to sharing and receiving communications about triangular romances (you can have an affair with creative projects too!) and be boastful about your wants. Give yourself and others the chance to have their wishes shift as they feel through unfolding territory. Leo helps us notice and nurture our ego and encourages us to address our worth. Dress to impress, dance, express joy and move to the rhythm of your own drum. Leo loves compliments and is usually full of them for others. When sincere, pleasant praise can go a long way.

Saturday, June 30th
6:01am PST: Mercury 1°Leo59’ square Uranus 1°Taurus59’ → Mercury makes his grand birthday entrance into Leo but Uranus throws him a surprise party. This can create a tension between your actual values are and HOW you explain them to others. These two planets are highly intelligent and in these signs care deeply about their purpose. It might lend to conversations in which you’re trying to prove your worth or the principles behind your work. Do your best to understand other points of view. Acknowledge and accept them while knowing that you don’t have to change your own way to align with theirs. If you listen, you might begin to see the value in shifting principles and decide to make a change. Or you might see more clearly how your practice keeps you firmly behind what you preach.

1:10pm PST: Mercury 2°Leo25’ trine Chiron 2°Aries25’ → Trines are flowing energy and a trine in fire can quickly grow a flame. Both of these planets want to be seen and heard, even validated. Fiery outbursts, tentatively with hurtful exchanges. Chiron wants us to master the rapid reaction rate that Aries exhibits. Remember that anger and fear are usually surface level signals of deeper wounds. If you’re angry, consider what is causing it. Don’t be afraid to talk about why you feel hurt, especially if you can dig beyond the present moment. If it’s hysterical, it’s probably historical. Use this as an opportunity to explore and heal trauma.

4:29pm PST: Sun 9°Cancer07’ inconjunct MarsRx 9°Aquarius07’ → This is Mars’ first aspect since its station on Tuesday. Inconjuncts are adjusting energies. Mars generally wants to fight while Cancer is more concerned with care and protection. What are you willing to fight to protect? What or who do you rally for? What heat will you endure to transform the way you maneuver your will in a fight? It’s okay to experiment, even okay to miss the mark and get hit. You’ll get a chance at a comeback later in the campaign.

Sunday, July 1st
4:59am PST: Venus 20°Leo17’ inconjunct Pluto 20°Capricorn17’ → Aspects between Venus and Pluto usually denote some type of obsession around a desire. In this case, the two planets are having a hard time seeing each other. This can cause a compulsion to “figure it out”, leaving us spinning with powerlessness over wanting to know the exact change to make it get it right. Be gentle with yourself. Let the story unravel in time and know it’s not all on your shoulders to give the narrative everything it needs.