Monday, June 18th
6:40am PST: SaturnRx 6°Capricorn30’ inconjunct True Node 6°Leo30’ → Saturn retrograde has been doing a little dance with the Nodes. While the True Node in Leo wants us to find and access our heart’s path, Saturn is here to back it up with accountable actions that help us walk it. Inconjuncts represent a diversion or adjustment. This aspect offers us a choice. Look for the fork in the road and pick the direction that pairs your soul’s passion with the principles and actions which support it.

4:27pm PST: Neptune stations retrograde at 16°Pisces30’ → Retrograde until late November of this year, Neptune is unraveling the dream we’ve been activating in Pisces. Those who have planets or points between 13° and 17° of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will be most affected by this transit. Outer planetary stations are usually felt for about 5 days before and after they happen. Unbalanced, Neptune sends us into confusion, blurs boundaries so we struggle to maintain our sense of self and falls into addictive patterns. Balanced, it is deeply spiritual, capable of magical merging, highly psychic and able to envision and embody utopia and peace. Give yourself some structure with routines that help bring the latter into your life. Focus on meditation, movies (Neptune loves fantasy) and if you can, immersion in bodies of water to help Neptune energy work through you. A bath, a pool, a lake, an ocean, or simply drinking plenty of H20 will do!

Tuesday, June 19th
3:54am PST: Venus 6°Leo27’ inconjunct SaturnRx 6°Capricorn27’ → We’re reviewing some of the decisions we made around May 25th that may have had us pull the trigger on breakups and breakthroughs. If you’re feeling regret from a separation, take this moment to reflect again on what you really wanted from that relationship. You have an opportunity to shift your decision (or your perspective) right now. Call them back or move forward flying solo.

5:38am PST: Venus conjunct True Node at 6°Leo32’ → Venus in Leo is full of creative juice! Now that you’ve reviewed your desire and the actionable steps to get there, notice where your visionary self is flowing. Follow the rhythms of the day, watch who you meet and especially who’s giving you attention. They might be an ally in your artistic experiments!

12:42pm PST: Mercury 14°Cancer00’ trine JupiterRx 14°Scorpio00’ → This water trine can bring a flood of feelings pouring out into puddles of poems. Make sure the person you’re sharing with is a supporter who won’t criticize you for prattling. Cancer is sensitive and sometimes beats around the bush. If you can feel a friend in need, offer an ear or a shoulder if you’re up for it. If you don’t have the energy to hold space, set a boundary and perhaps offer a helpful suggestion of where they can find solace.

Wednesday, June 20th
8:58pm PST: Mercury 16°Cancer30’ trine NeptuneRx 16°Pisces30’ → Did you set that boundary? It may have gotten blurred. It’s okay to set it again. On the other hand, this aspect might make you want to merge. Use Mercury’s sensitivity and Neptune’s compassion to share your feelings, even if they’re confused. Make sure to clarify to the other person when you don’t know how or what you are actually experiencing. Try not to make decisions that create structure or hard lines under this transit - it might be like taking the bread out of the oven before it’s had the chance to bake through. These aspects are especially mystifying and it’s okay, even helpful, to admit doubt and uncertainty. Practice acceptance and holding space for yourself and others instead of action.

Thursday, June 21st
3:07am PST: Sun enters Cancer → In Cancer until July 22nd, the Sun turns our energy from Gemini thinking to Cancer feeling. People get sensitive and protective, seeking familiar comforts and nostalgic affairs. Cancer is cardinal water and rules the imum coeli (or bottom of the sky) in our charts. This is the most private part of our lives, the place where we come home. Cancer season tugs us into the past and stimulates keen emotional memory. It is a time to check into the tenor of your home and family and to practice instinctual choosing of people and situations that help you feel safe and held. Cancer crabs are clever and tenacious maneuverers. If you can’t go through, see where you can squeeze in, wrap around, tuck under or scuttle over to bring things closer and THEN determine whether to keep them close or release them into the tides.

9:54am PST: Venus 9°Leo03’ opposite Mars 9°Aquarius03’ → Venus here wants to play while Mars is aloof in Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs. This is a magnetic preview of the Mars retrograde (begins June 26th) and Venus retrograde later this year in Scorpio (also a fixed sign). Mars and Venus are closely conjunct the Nodal Axis. While the lovers are seeing eye to eye, they are looking from entirely opposite perspectives. Mars wants to see what he can get rid of while Venus wants to jump in, create and play. Use this moment to walk away from intellectual pursuits and obsessive thinking. Turn up the volume on Venus who loves a good love affair in the heart of the lion. Shake out your mane and focus on flirting with whatever (or whoever) is striking your fancy. If they’re not into it, remember that fire they lit is YOURS not theirs. Take it with you.

Friday, June 22nd
10:58pm PST: Sun 1°Cancer45’ sextile Uranus 1°Taurus45’ → Cancer’s heavy emphasis on the past might be bringing old sentiments to surface while Taurus’ tendency towards touch, taste and other sensual pleasures enlightens past loves. Take this surprise in stride. If memories come flooding it’s okay to enjoy them. Bring back the good as Cancer’s tides come in and hold onto the thing you forgot you enjoyed. If it feels like you’re spinning in circles, remember that life is more like a spiral. You might be back at the same point in the circle but you have new tools and experiences to handle it this time. Use prior insight to propel you forward.

Saturday, June 23rd
2:26am PST: Mercury 20°Cancer28’ opposite PlutoRx 20°Capricorn28’ → This aspect can cause conversations that confront challenging power dynamics and the psychology that puts propane in the trouble tank. Mercury in Cancer simply wants to be heard while Pluto in Capricorn is focused on controlling the situation. See where you can practice active listening without attaching meaning to what the other person is saying. Separate yourself from their feelings. If you’re the one with the drive to dominate, focus on where you find power within yourself rather than over the other person. Manage with consciousness and compassion instead of commands.

2:39pm PST: Sun 2°Cancer22’ square Chiron 2°Aries22’ → This tense square might leave us feeling rejected or hurt if we went out on a limb to be our truest and most flamboyant selves. Take it in stride and go your own way. You don’t need to prove to another person how worthy you are of being yourself. Try stepping back, taking a deep breath and whispering “oh honey” to the little kid inside you that wants to be heard. Notice how your body responds to a voice that is gentle and affirming of its emotions and the soul that is feeding them. You have enough, you do enough you are enough.