Monday, June 11th
5:23am PST: Mercury 27°Gemini12’ semisextile Venus 27°Cancer12’ → This aspect blindsides Venus who’s happy to play it be safe as stay-at-home mom. Mercury wants her to come out and chat but she might need some coaxing away from tending her cauldron. If the world extends an unusual opportunity for plans that feel like fun it’s okay to say yes.

10:14pm PST: Sun 20°Gemini44’ inconjunct Pluto 20°Capricorn44’ → This aspect brings clarity to the changes that need to be made regarding exchange of power. Mercury in Gemini often provides the clarity and questions that help us with the finer details while Pluto reigns over the domain of obsession. Be wary of perfectionism as you make adjustments. It’s okay to make a few changes. Then step back, embody your best Brené Brown and say “good enough is really effing good.”

Tuesday, June 12th
1:00pm PST: Mercury enters Cancer → In Cancer until June 28th, Mercury in this sign offers us space to reflect on the most private landscapes of our internal mental and emotional processes. Communication slows and our ability to express ourselves can be cut off by fear. Unbalanced, Mercury in Cancer can feel like a brooding teenager turning all its energy into thinking about how to find its clique and fit in. This often means a series of insults directed inwards or poetic outpours filled with grief and angst. Balanced, Cancer is protective and caring, careful and conscious. When it’s not beating itself up it’s working on creating spaces where people can be safe to be themselves.

Wednesday, June 13th
4:40am PST: Mercury 1°Cancer22’ sextile Uranus 1°Taurus22’ → Use this opportunity to ask a question you want the answer to. Expect the unexpected and remember you’re the one who asked for it. Cancer wants to be loved while Uranus is breaking down budgets in Taurus. Uranus might (there are no definites with Uranus) show you what they think you’re worth. It can feel amazing or unbearable. Remember that value is a matter of opinion. Regardless of what they think, create a safety net for yourself when you go into the conversation. List three things you already love about the way you move through this world. When you ask, you already know the answer you’d give. Use their feedback as fuel to get where you’d like to go.

12:43pm PST: New Moon at 22°Gemini44’ → New Moons are powerful moments for intention setting. Occurring when the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky, the moon appears dark to our human perspective. Darkness invites us to silence, to contemplation, to sift within our shadows for the most viscerally felt desires. Gemini rules the news, the messages, the information exchanged that connects us to one another. Take this moment to think about the message that you want to convey to the world. Gemini loves to write so jot down some guidelines that will keep that message at the forefront of your mind over the next two weeks. This is a great time to call in to the spirits for clarity on anything that feels uncertain. Pray each morning for the thing for which you’re searching to be crystal clear and watch for the synchronicity that shows you your next strategic moves.

2:28pm PST: Mercury 2°Cancer13’ square Chiron 2°Aries13’ → Prayers for clarity sometimes are answered quicker than we expect. This aspect might cause us to wince. Think about a kid who broke the rules before they knew what the rules were and got punished for it. Take a step back from the situation if you feel hurt and you feel like it was your fault. Recognize that this was new territory for you. You’re not supposed to get it perfect. You’re supposed to make mistakes now so you can get it right later AND be able to offer suggestions of prudence to your pack.

2:54pm PST: Venus enters Leo → Normally thrilled to be able to express her exuberance in love, this lioness is in for a wild ride. In Leo until July 9th, Venus in this sign wants nothing more than to create, shake out her mane and dance the night away. This time around, Venus is in for some abrupt awakenings from Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius. This feminist artist is pissed when men invade her studio and make a mess of her space. On the upside, she’ll have plenty of angst to fuel her art. Channel your anger into creative projects - she’s happy to help you make magic.

Thursday, June 14th
2:04am PST: Venus 1°Leo26’ square Uranus 1°Taurus26’ → The first of Venus’ interruptions, Uranus steps on the lion’s toes, tripping her up as she walks through the door to her dance class. If you have planets at the early degrees of fixed signs this aspect can cause tensions in relationships, perhaps because one or both of the partners aren’t honoring the other’s interests or creative pursuits. Agree to disagree and take space to honor your own work. Venus here needs some adoration. You can’t make them love you but you can recognize where you could show a little more fondness for their fancies. And if you just can’t bring yourself to like something your partner insists is important, then maybe it’s time to review your relationship. If you’ve got a highly creative friend, they might be affected by this transit so show that/those individuals some extra TLC - times are tough out there and there’s no such thing as too much tenderness.

Friday, June 15th
1:24pm PST: Venus 2°Leo16’ trine Chiron 2°Aries16’ →The wound that got scratched or irritated on Wednesday might find some new juice to help itself heal under this aspect. Venus brings a visionary approach and she’s a little boastful about her inspired bag of tricks. Chiron in Aries really wants to do it all himself. It’s okay to learn a thing or two from this love goddess. She’s got your best interests at heart. If help is offered, take it, become proficient in it, and know how to do it yourself next time. On the other hand, this might be Venus’ first venture into creating art about her unease. If it’s powerful, let the poetic energy flow.

4:25pm PST: Mercury 6°Cancer30’ semisextile True Node 6°Leo30’ → This aspect has the potential to bring in a soul who’s here to help you nurture your heart’s path. Pay attention to who you meet...and who you’re not sure you want to know. Go where it’s warm.

6:47pm PST: Mercury 6°Cancer42’ opposite Saturn 6°Capricorn42’ → Mercury might want to hide under the covers away from Saturn’s glowering. Saturn is asking Mercury to be responsible. Own up to your emotions. Hold them, take responsibility for them, talk to them and recognize they are real, temporary and they don’t own you. Then take Saturn’s accountable lead and act yourself into right feeling by doing the thing you know will give you a sense of accomplishment and worth.

Saturday, June 16th
6:03pm PST: Mercury 8°Cancer38’ inconjunct Mars 8°Aquarius38’ → With Mars on the South Node this may indicate something you thought you had let go of but seems to find its way back to you. It’s likely based in the feeling and thinking realm though it can be an actual person. Cancer has a strong emotional memory and often holds onto things longer than their time. Take an action to release this thought that you don’t need. Locate any guilt, shame, fear or anger that is holding you back from letting it go. Write down the thing and the feeling. Then take an action (Mars) to release it into the ether either by burning it with a sacred thank you, ripping it up, dipping it in water, burying it in the ground or shouting it to the skies. Move on.