Monday, May 7th
4:49am EST: Mercury 21°Aries14’ square PlutoRx 21°Capricorn14’ → What’s best for you personally might not meet up with the big picture scheme. Take this moment to blow off your own steam and walk away from any blood-boiling conversations. There’s a purpose to this tension - it wants you to succeed in the long term and is showing you how your right now goals need review. Patience might be hard to achieve in the moment so find a way to move the energy through you and release the anger so it’s not hurting anyone. Take note of where endurance through the pain transforms it into pleasure. Come back later with a plan B and C.

5:59pm EST: Venus 16°Gemini01’ square Neptune 16°Pisces01’ → While squares often bring tension, this one has the power to raise the messages we’re sending or receiving to a higher vibration. It lends grace and inspiration to our conversations, especially when they’re backed by a sense of spirituality or compassion. Unbalanced, we might see some tears but Venus in Gemini with this aspect can feel like the best friend that comes over with a bag full of jokes or a good romcom to make you laugh after an experience of feeling unseen and unheard. Let your emotions run up and down the boardwalk tonight. Like a sunshower at the end of a monsoon. Enjoy the mist clearing and the rainbow that follows.

Tuesday, May 8th
8:39pm EST: Sun 18°Taurus21’ opposite JupiterRx 18°Scorpio21’ → Oppositions to Jupiter can often bring a sense of overdoing. With the Sun in the sign of growth and wealth we might see or be the bearers of very energetic initiatives. The Scorpio/Taurus axis represents the principle of desire. Jupiter loves a good risk so get up and gamble on something you’re hungering for. You just might win it. Be careful, unbalanced this aspect can send us overboard without a life-raft. Make sure you’re equipped to take on the responsibility that comes with getting what you wish for.

Wednesday, May 9th
2:36pm EST: Venus 18°Gemini16’ inconjunct JupiterRx 18°Scorpio16’ → Now that you got that thing, you might be seeing another part of the story unfold. This aspect signifies an adjustment. Between two benefics like Venus and Jupiter, the necessary changes bring positive results. Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is overstating himself in the last degrees of Aries. Harness the courage that Mercury brings and use Venus’ charm to ask for what you need that will help form fit function.

Friday, May 11th
7:10pm EST: Sun 21°Taurus12’ trine PlutoRx 21°Capricorn12’ → The change that you’ve been working on all week is finally seeing some solid sprouts popping out of the ground. Think back to your April struggles (April 4th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, 22nd, and 26th) - it was perhaps a trying month. Admire how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. Then give yourself a pat on the back, wipe the sweat from your brow and plow on forward. You’re on fertile ground right now so best get planting.

Saturday, May 12th
1:05am EST: Venus21°Gemini12’ inconjunct PlutoRx 21°Capricorn12’ → Venus is dosey doe-ing between Jupiter and Pluto, shifting partners as she learns how to waltz and whirl with the big guns. The lessons here are around gossip versus sharing a little for the sake of understanding a lot. Make the moves that help you mime and keep your integrity intact. Be tactful rather than teasing to show how you communicate with charisma around changing plans. If someone makes a switch on you, be prudent around the powerplay. You can adapt without self-abandonment. You can show off your flexibility without pulling a muscle. Remember you get to choose who to tango with.

9:30am EST: Mercury 28°Aries32’ square Mars 28°Capricorn32’ → This aspect offers us a glimpse of our individual and collective upcoming Mars Retrograde story. Mars, god of war and conflict, will station retrograde June 27th at 9° Aquarius. He will backtrack for two months to this very degree (28°Capricorn) where he will station direct on August 28th. As Mars enters his retrograde pre-shadow, Mercury ruffles this fierce friend’s feathers. Pay attention to the information that comes in today, especially if it entails a fight. Know you’re in for a longer struggle than the length of this individual encounter. You will have ample chance to work it out and you only have the initial facts. Take some space to get clear on what you even want before you begin accidentally planning your own demise. Use this moment to observe the way YOU engage in conflict. This might not be about the other but it can teach you how you relate to friction.

Sunday, May 13th
1:25am EST: Sun 22°Taurus25’ semisextile Venus 22°Gemini25’ → The sun god takes his turn with the temptress, twirling across the room. Like the partner who swoops in and surprises us on the dance floor this aspect can send chills up our spine, butterflies into our stomachs or turn the lights on behind our eyes. Notice any astonishing ideas and watch how the awakening feels. If it’s frightful take some space but in all likelihood you’re enjoying the stunning sensations. Your body is an amazing beauty and beast. Talk tender to it.

6:49am EST: Mercury conjunct Uranus 29°Aries53’ → If the Sun’s blinding light wasn’t enough this memo makes mad noise. Mercury and Uranus are meeting in the last few minutes of Aries, the fire sign represented by the match. This last set of sparks can wrap up a story that was started in early March 2011. Think back to what you’ve learned over the last 7 years. Where have you jumped in too quick only to see something in your life explode? Where have things exploded in exciting ways that taught you incredible lessons? Uranus is a rowdy revolutionary and might show us where our need to be different causes us to lose lovers. But he also signifies how brilliance is best expressed when it becomes willing to break the barriers that education placed for us to learn something we’re now beyond. Let your freak flag fly. If you run into the law in flight then sprint at the speed of light in the other direction. Uranus gives you the juice to throw your jazz hands up while you jet.

8:40am EST: Mercury enters Taurus → The messenger settles down after his last hurrah. Fatigued from of what felt like a marathon of sprints in Aries, this magic mover wants to catch his breath, take a bath and lather up with a lavish meal. Our conversation might get slow and a little listless. Our minds might not process as promptly. We might not know what to say at this point. Try to speak with your body, your ability to sit still and listen, to offer a hug or a tender touch. Mercury only spends about two weeks in Taurus but here he’s in recovery mode. It’s okay to move slow when you don’t know what to do. Give yourself the time.