Monday, May 28th
6:17pm PST: Sun 7°Gemini39’ sextile True Node 7°Leo39’ → This aspect brings us an opportunity to talk about the things we most want to create in the world. Whoever is showing up in your life this afternoon/evening can provide critical and curious feedback for your ideas. Take their questions with a dose of optimism. Air (Gemini) fuels the fire (Leo). Enjoy the chat and the attention.

11:36pm PST: Sun 7°Gemini51’ inconjunct Saturn 7°Capricorn51’ → Now that you’ve been posed questions you hadn’t thought of, you have an opportunity to redirect your plan in a way accounts for varied outcomes. It might feel like an inconvenience but making the adjustment now makes your plan adaptable in the future when you get thrown the unexpected. Think creatively for the long-term.

Tuesday, May 29th
7:19am PST: Full Moon at 8°Sagittarius10’ → This moon is conjunct (next to) the fixed star Antares, across from the Sun conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran. These are two of the four Persian royal stars that marked the four directions as well as the solstices and equinoxes. In modern astrology, this full moon sits on the World Axis (7.5° of the mutable signs), and thus will likely create fireworks on both individual and collective levels. Look to the part of your chart that contains the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This polarity represents the principle of learning. Think about what you have learned over the past two weeks and what limiting beliefs (Sagittarius = philosophy) in that area of life might be holding you back. Acknowledge how the philosophy helped to serve and protect you. Light a candle, say a prayer, make an offering to the belief, thank it, and release it into the ether. Antares can be especially warlike so pyrotechnics are encouraged! Tears to wash the fire down can be a beautiful emotional bath - let it flow if your body feels it.

4:49pm PST: Mercury enters Gemini → Time to get curious about what new philosophies now have space to be ushered in! Mercury is thrilled to be in his home sign. Here till June 12th, Mercury in Gemini helps us communicate with clarity, curiosity and an excitement for chatter. Careful of gossip! Our thought processes can be quick-witted now. Allow yourself and others to change your minds as many times as you like. Gemini loves variety. This is a great period to test various ideas and skill-sets. Gemini, also rules the hands, disguises and mimes. Find a project that allows you to get crafty. Macrame, french braiding, costume making, charades, rubix cubes, jigsaw puzzles, jenga and bananagrams all come to mind as healthy ways to play with others.

Wednesday, May 30th
1:21am PST: Mercury 0°Gemini45’ semisextile Uranus 0°Taurus45’ → Our first shock from the copycat. This aspect can bring in words that ask us to change a plan we had our mind set on - and to change it quickly. Whoever is provoking this shift can seem like a hypocrite. Gemini helps us see another point of view so take a moment to ask yourself if you’ve been in the other person’s shoes, or to notice if you’re the one pointing fingers for something you’ve been guilty of in the past. Then find a solution that grounds the intellect with any of the other five senses.

2:21pm PST: Mercury 1°Gemini53’ sextile Chiron 1°Aries53’ → Did you react too quickly? It might be coming back to bite you in the butt. Chiron in Aries represents lessons learned from rash movement. Mercury here wants to help us understand how to think before we speak - or at least before we do. Use this time to evaluate the process. Try a trace and erase: write down everything that happened. Start from where things seemed to erupt and keep going backward until you get to the root of the explosion. Mercury in Gemini moves quickly so this should be a short list instead of long phrases. Learn and let go.

Friday, June 1st
7:13am PST: Mercury 5°Gemini32’ trine Mars 5°Aquarius32’ → Conversations are active! Could be a fight or a bright idea. All this air puts feelings on the backburner for the moment. Cautious of being critical of someone’s ideas. Aim for an open mind and come from the philosophy that there are multiple ways to be right, even if opinions differ.

7:28am PST: Venus 15°Cancer31’ trine JupiterRx 15°Scorpio31’ → Here comes the flood. If it was a fight, this is where the tears join the party. The good news is that Venus and Jupiter are both benefics. Making space for emotions on all sides brings a more profound connection between you than you have perhaps ever been able to access. Neptune is in a close trine with these two in Pisces. A grand trine in water offers fluidity and compassion to relationships. Careful to maintain your boundaries but let yourself be liberal with your love and note where it comes back tenfold because you took the time to listen.

Saturday, June 2nd
1:21am PST: Mercury 7°Gemini09’ sextile True Node 7°Leo09’ → Somebody swoops in to trigger the brilliant idea that’s been stirring inside you. A true “aha!” moment. This might come in the night while you’re sleeping so take time in the morning to let your mind move quickly and creatively over dream residue, either by hashing it out with a friend or writing down creative intentions in a journal.

1:26am PST: Venus 16°Cancer25’ trine Neptune 16°Pisces25’ → Neptune, god of the sea and spiritual love, is sometimes considered the “cosmic upgrade” of Venus, goddess of love and value. Venus is more grounded in the physical world and individual partnerships while Neptune heightens Venusian powers to ethereal levels. With these two love birds flowing together in water signs this is a night for sweet dreams. Take a bath with flower petals. Load up on sweet scrubs. Light candles and extend sensual acts of kindness. Slow dancing is especially tender. Even watching a beautiful film allows this love to express itself. Merging with a partner is extremely accessible with this energy - make sure to create a sacred undertone that helps divine intention circulate.

6:16am PST: Mercury 7°Gemini36’ inconjunct Saturn 7°Capricorn36’ → The night before was a whirlwind and we might wake up wondering how to integrate all that sensual sentimentality into our everyday lives. Take some time to process through writing or puttering about the home. Ground into reliable practices you’ve created to help yourself find stability. Clarity comes from the persistence and practice of patience.