Monday, May 21st
2:47am PST: Sun 0°Gemini18’ semisextile Uranus 0°Taurus18’ → This could be the nightmare of shock and awe or the dream the surprises you with its story. Take note of any narratives that told themselves while you were asleep, especially if there were multiple renditions of the story. Hold onto the elements that broaden your ability to connect and release outdated and stubborn tales that keep you small. It was only a dream after all.

Tuesday, May 22nd
7:13pm PST: Mercury 16°Taurus17’ sextile Neptune 16°Pisces17’ → Mercury in Taurus has the endurance to sit through the depth of a fight or to follow the long and sacred thread to the center of a labrynth. Like a slow but stunning film, this aspect helps tease out our conversations till we’re fully soaked in our wants and wishes. Imagine being a little girl again, hair tied in knots. Now imagine the gentle sensation of an older sister working her way through the tangles. Allow the grace to find you here.

10:54pm PST: Mercury 16°Taurus35’ opposite JupiterRx 16°Scorpio35’ → This conversation seems endless and it’s bringing you pleasure but is it going anywhere? Enjoy it for what it is or pull away for a breath. Too much indulgence could have you oversharing. Acknowledge what can’t be achieved today and head to bed before you find yourself up and still chipping away at the crack of dawn.

11:48pm PST: Sun 1°Gemini38’ sextile Chiron 1°Aries38’ → This aspect lends us the courage to talk about a situation in which we may have jumped in too quickly. Find someone with a softness you trust to hash it out with. Notice what their reflections can teach you about yourself. Use their thoughts to guide you as you heal your relationship to trusting your gut and going after what you want.

Wednesday, May 23rd
7:39pm PST: Sun 2°Gemini54’ trine Mars 2°Aquarius54’ → If the conversation was slow and low it’s been given a gusto of gumption. This aspect pulls out our chatter boxes and asks us to engage the most intellectual parts of ourselves. There’s a focus on facts over feelings so try to avoid taking words personally. Instead, use this energy to reflect on how your systems are working and how they could function better. You’ve got the smarts to sort it through and the guts to follow through so put on your big girl shoes and lay the framework for a better tomorrow with baby steps you can take today.

Friday, May 25th
2:52am PST: JupiterRx 16°Scorpio19’ trine Neptune 16°Pisces19’ → If there were ever an aspect for flooding this would be it. Jupiter brings wisdom and expansion to our secrets in Scorpio while Neptune cultivates a spiritual dream (or an illusion) in Pisces. A trine helps two planets work together in symbiotic harmony, opening doors for energy to move freely. If you’re prone to addiction, this is a good night to find a buddy and help one another connect on a spiritual level. Think tea ceremonies that unleash your inner mystic. Depending on where this hits in your personal chart, this aspect can inundate us with emotions, cause us to overdo or help us to embrace the process of feeling, grieving, and permitting love to find the darkest corners. It can also bring a poetic bent, scattering a story like seeds in the wind. You’ll find luck with this partnership by placing a spiritual lens on your camera. Neptune is highly psychic, but often distorts the vision. You’ll see what you want to see so aim for eyes that are backed by an open mind and plenty of optimism, especially when wading through murky waters.

6:38am PST: Mercury 21°Taurus02’ trine PlutoRx 21°Capricorn02’ → Thankfully this aspect adds some fertile earth for all the flow that Jupiter and Neptune brought for us. We’re still in flow here, but able to take the feelings that came forth as information that fuels our power to manifest. This aspect sees the goal and gives us the wherewithall to put puzzle pieces into action. Take the day to make lists and start checking them off, draw outlines or diagrams, find a partner who’s with you for accountability’s sake. Remember you can make plans but you can’t plan outcomes. Make sure you make the plan adaptable to shifting tides.

11:40pm PST: Venus 8°Cancer02’ opposite SaturnRx 8°Capricorn02’ → Kill your darlings. In other words, you know what you want now in the long run and your short term safety net isn’t going to cut it so you’re going to have to cut it loose. This aspect helps us to separate from things that might feel safe and comfortable, but are actually stopping us from growing. Saturn in its home sign has the upper hand here. Even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment, side with logic and realism when it comes to your relationships. Let go of anything that isn’t bringing home the dough. Sometimes our dough is the loving witness, soft-spoken terms of endearment or a gentle touch. Sometimes it’s the actual cash money. Sometimes it’s the structure we need to have both. Pick the more refined pleasure even if it takes you longer to get it.

Saturday, May 26th
1:24am PST: Venus 8°Cancer7’ semisextile True Node 8°Leo7’ → You may have killed one darling but a new one could slide in quick with this aspect. Crack the door open a little wider! Venus brings lovely things and this one might just be as adoring as you need. If you’re blindsided by butterflies for a new person, project or place, get curious. It might kill the cat but it won’t kill you. Venus in Cancer scuttles like the crab. Bring the thing in closer so you can see if you’re really interested. Make long term decisions later. Enjoy the new toy now.

9:51pm PST: SaturnRx 7°Capricorn59’ inconjunct True Node 7°Leo59’ → It’s later and Saturn wants you to reality check again. What did that experience teach you? Are you repeating passive aggressive patterns or redesigning your reference for what you value? Make an adjustment based on what you learned. Look at the things you value for the sensation of safety that they bring. Be honest about your boundaries with others and more importantly, with yourself. If you draw a line remember that you might have to also draw the sign that makes sure it doesn’t get crossed. If it gets knocked down put it back up. The only thing holding it there is you. Hold fast in your power (Capricorn and Leo both contain a ton) and embody the strength of a sturdy evergreen with deeper roots than you can know.