Monday, April 30th
2:17pm EST: Sun 10°Taurus21’ square True Node 10°Leo21’ → A fertile moment, faced with a choice that forces you to re-think short term satisfaction vs long-term pleasure. Pick the path that offers a you a considerate space for your creative growth.

Tuesday, May 1st
10:24pm EST: Venus 8°Gemini59’ inconjunct SaturnRx 8°Capricorn59’ →  The love goddess wants to be lively and seems to think patience and prudence are a killjoy. She dances out of his arms. She’s in the mood to play but not with a pietist. Find a way to make light of the tasks that seem to darken your day. Venus is quick with her wit here so use your smarts to polish your to-do list with a little performance in the production.

Wednesday, May 2nd
5:12pm EST: Venus 9°Gemini56’ sextile True Node 9°Leo56’ → Finally a job this dancer wants to tango with! This aspect helps you know what you want AND helps you stay chic and charming in your chatter. Say yes to the test and tender your expressions with bright eyes and open ears.

8:03pm EST: Mercury 15°Aries54’ semisextile Neptune 15°Pisces54’ → The messenger is clearing his shadow and turning on the lights. This can break illusions but you’re grateful for the new dream that this brilliance brings in. Ideas, excitement and fantasy found. Take action forward that follows up on any gleaming fancies. If you find you were deluded, look for the lesson in the test and let go of whatever you definitely didn’t need from that dream.

Saturday, May 5th
7:04am EST: Mercury 18°Aries49’ inconjunct JupiterRx 18°Scorpio49’ → You’ve had some time now to mull over the messages you received Wednesday evening. Mercury and Jupiter are both in Mars ruled signs and the war god is still in his favorite space for making strategic moves. This aspect helps you bring the information you learned to light and do something productive with it. The changes made probably required some kind of release. Jupiter is retrograde and tends to bring abundance on his path. Trust that the things or information you let go of now will find their way back to you in some form or another when you need them later.

Sunday, May 6th
9:56am EST: Sun 15°Taurus59’ sextile Neptune 15°Pisces59’ → Earth and water make fertile mud. Fire and water make magic. This aspect puts stars in our eyes and sweet songs of possibilities in our ears. Take this moment to make a note of any creative downloads for future designs. Also a morning to enjoy a dream fulfilled. This Sunday brunch is bound to be brilliant so spend it with someone you can daydream with.